3rd Letter to Ruger CEO Killoy

Chris Killoy
Sturm Ruger and Co., Inc.
April 12, 2018

Dear Mr. Killoy:

I trust you have received my communications about Ruger rifles and Israel. Just in case this has not happened here are links to the two letters.

first letter via your website Contact Page

the second one I sent via a print letter and via your website

Now that your CEO line of communication has been reopened I thought I'd try to reach you directly.

By your silence I'm assuming that Ruger is still selling sniper rifles to Israel and that the moral issues of using rifles for "riot control" do not trouble you.

I want to bring you up to date about the sniper killings in Gaza. Over 30 since March 30.

The latest incident in the media concerns a killing that may have happened recently or in December as the Israeli army claims. Take a look at the video that has gone viral. A motionless man, far from any crowd or riot is picked off by a sniper. Was the rifle that was used a Ruger? Does it matter to your company? Does Ruger monitor how its weapons are used or is it all the "bottom line"?

Once again I say if the ethics don't bother you eventually there may be legal consequences to Ruger for supplying rifles to a regime notorious for human rights violations, weapons that are clearly being used in a criminal fashion.

Stanley Heller
Executive Director
Middle East Crisis Committee
Host TV news magazine "The Struggle"

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