Rally and March for Palestine and Colombia 5/22/21 New Haven

start of march 5_22 (962K)
Up Chapel Street

IMG_1812 (1080K)
Free, Free Palestine - Free Free Colombia

IMG_1886 (906K)
They Say Decouple Judaism from Zionism

Michael Jefferson May 2021 (393K)
Prominent Attorney Michael Jefferson Calls for Unity

FBI Building in background (679K)
Denouncing the FBI

we want to live (186K)
"We are a people who want to live" - a message from Gaza

Don't ever (518K)
Don't Ever Let Me Catch You with Sabra Humus on You

Yale Student Body President (66K)
Yale's First Arab Student Body President Speaks at Protest

us companies dripping blood (609K)
U.S. Companies Steeped in Blood

Heller at New Haven City Hall (512K)
Trying to Reach Rosa DeLauro for Decades on Palestine - In Vain

ceasefire (56K)
Ceasefire Back to Ethnic Cleansing? NO, Keep Fighting for the Oppressed

when police train with the IDF (76K)
This is What it Looks Like when Police Train with the IDF

text this number (55K)
Get Congress to Support this Bill for the Sake of Palestinian Children

More Coming

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