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February 5. The huge city of Aleppo is close to being surrounded and being put under total siege. BBC video.

February 3. Russian drone shows devastation of Homs. It looks like Berlin 1945.

February 1. Photo of one boy, Malik Assad, who died of starvation in Madaya.

January 29. Doctors without Borders reports 16 died of starvation in Madaya despite 3 aid convoys reaching the town. "There are an estimated 320 cases of malnutrition in the town of 20,000 people, of which 33 are severe, meaning those people are in danger of dying if they do not receive prompt and effective treatment."

January 17. Stanley Heller "Forum" article in the New Haven Register

January 6. We're seeing horrible photos from Madaya, Syria which has been under siege for months. The U.S. new site VICE printed an article "'Children Are Eating Leaves Off The Trees': The Nightmare of The Siege of Madaya, Syria". It states that 31 people died in the last month either from starvation or trying to run through the lines of the Iranian Hezbollah soldiers inside Syria. The Guardian (UK) reports that "rice is sold by the gram because a kilogram costs as much as $250 (170). Some have killed and eaten their pets." Zabadani and Moadamiyeh are also under siege by Assad aligned forces. On the other hand Syrian state media has said two towns near Idlib, Kefraya and Fua, have been besieged by anti-government fighters for two years.

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Some of the photos are infinitely worse than this one

Sometimes there are attempts at ceasefires and easing of the sieges, but they break down again and again. In Madaya where Hezbollah has the upper hand there is currently no talk of ceasefire. A message scrawled on a wall says "Starve or Kneel".

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This is all in total violation of the decisions of the U.N. Security Council which are supposed to have the force of international law. Back in February 2014 the Council demanded an end to barrel bombs and said it "demands that all parties allow the delivery of humanitarian assistance, including medical assistance, cease depriving civilians of food and medicine indispensable to their survival, and enable the rapid, safe and unhindered evacuation of all civilians who wish to leave" Security Council #2139 of (2014)

The "demands" have not worked. The warring parties have not relented.

So the U.N. should take the obvious next step, air drop supplies to all the besieged towns. There are certainly enough planes in the area.

Air drop food and medicine. End the Inhuman Sieges

from a Syrian's Facebook page

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Here's what the RAF did in 2014 to end a siege in Iraq
Food Not Bombs!

It would be best if the United Nations took this action to avoid charges of favoritism and outside interference, but while the question is decided planes in the area should airdrop supplies.

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