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Show #344 "Fire Stanley McChrystal" Demonstration at Yale University in protest of its hiring of General Stanley McChrystal. McChrystal covered up "friendly fire" death of Pat Tillman. Also David Rovics great new song plentifully illustrated.

Rally at Yale against McChrystal (Malatesta, Heller, Lugo)
Animal Rights demo at the same streetcorner
David Rovics sings about the Mavi Marmara

salam_rally2 (21K)

Show #343 "Solidarity March in Albany" after the United National Peace Conference Project Salam led a march in solidarity with Muslim prisoners. Also the NYC cruise for Gaza.

Opening and introduction
Hundreds March in Albany. Faisal Hashmi speaks.
Marlene Jenkins, mother of man jailed on terrorism charge
Stephen Downs talks about "Preemptive Prosecutions"
Albany Common Council member Steve Calsolaro speaks and Stanley Heller talks about the case of Dr. Rafil Dhafir
On the NYC Cruise to Raise money for the U.S. Boat

zee (12K) gauv (10K)

Show #342 "Should There Be a Left Right Coalition?" Stanley Heller again comments on the idea of a Islamic Center near ground zero and the hypocrisy of Newt Gingrich. The main part of the program is a discussion at the United for Peace Conference in Albany of whether the Left and the Liberterian Right should work together. Kevin Zeese, Chris Gavreau, Glen Ford and Madea Benjamin

Our new opening and Heller's comment on Gingrich and Saudi Arabia

Zeese part 1
Zeese part 2
Chris Gauvreau
Glen Ford
Madea Benjamin
the audience responds
the speakers comment on each other

mongi_d (22K)

Show #341 "Islamophobia in Bridgeport" In Bridgeport, CT Christian fanatic asks Muslims to give up their religion for 30 days. Mongi Dhaouadi of CAIR comments. Stanley Heller weighs in on New York Islamic center near future "Freedom Tower". Also opening talks at the July United National Peace Conference in Albany. Medea Benjamin, Michaael Eisenscher, Glen Ford, Chris Gauvreau and Kathy Kelly.

Medea Benjamin, Michael Eisenscher, and Glen Ford at the United National Peace Conference
Chris Gauvreau and Kathy Kelly

brenner-unspoken (15K)
Show #340 "The Unspoken Alliance" Historian Lenni Brenner talks with Stanley Heller about the explosive new book "The Unspoken Alliance", which exposes dealings in the '70's and '80's between Israel and racist South Africa. In NYC Central Park July 2010

Brenner part 1
part 2

say_no_racism (25K) nichols (14K)

Show #339 "Protest Anti-Latino Haters" Protesters in Boston against appearance by Arizona Gov. Brewer who favors trampling rights as a way of throwing out undocumented immigrants. Rally organized by A.N.S.W.E.R. and other organizations
Also John Nichols who co-wrote "Death and Life of American Journalism"
Part 1
Part 2

The march

John Nichols in New Haven - What the U.S. Should Do to Sustain Public Media
wright_dogan (12K)
Show #338 "American Citizen Murdered" Conclusion of Ann Wright's talk, also John Nichols on American journalism (part 1)
Intro and opening comment
Ann Wright talk about the Marmara (Hartford)
Wright talks about what happened once they were prisoners
Also John Nichols, author of "The Death and Life of American Journalism"

BTW this was not on our show, but it highlights something Stan Heller wrote about, the theft of property from the Flotilla (Iran's Press TV)
NEW Ha'aretz reveals Soldiers suspected in theft

To see Ann Wright's speech from start to stop click here

Show #337 "Flotilla - Ann Wright's Experiences" Ann Wright 3

chi_teach_10 (22K)
#333 "Chicago Says 'No' to Corporate 'Reform'" 1) Chicago teachers protest attacks on public education in a large rally before electing a new union reform slate. 2) Internationals and Mazin Qumsiyeh resist the destruction of land for a wall around al-Walaja. 3) conclusion of David Zirin's talk about his "History of Sports in the United States"

Chicago teachers fight for public education
Parts 3 and 4 of Dave Zirin's May 2010 talk in West Haven, CT (Go back one show for parts 1 and 2)
part 3
part 4

mongi_hart_10 (20K)
#332 "CT Protests the Gaza Massacre"

Hartford, CT Protest
"Your statement, Congresswoman, was Despicable"
Dave Zirin - author of "A People's History of Sports in the United States"
part 1
part 2

nyc_flot_10 (20K)
#331 "NY Protest of the Flotilla Massacre"
Protest in Times Square
Brief New Haven protest
Unrecognized Villages in the Negev (1)
Unrecognized Villages in the Negev (2)

gaza_needs_aid_10 (26K)
#330 "Before the massacre" - NYC demo -

"Gaza Needs Aid - End the Blockade"

flotilla_banner_10 (16K)
#329 "Flotilla" 1) the ship the "Rachel Corrie" sets sail to join the Freedom Flotilla 2) demo in New Haven, CT calling on the President to sink "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" 3) NYC discussion in April on ethnic cleansing in Palestine

Rachel Corrie sets sail
Eyad Burnat denied permission to leave the Occupied West Bank
May 18 demo "Obama, What's the Holdup?"
Lt. Robin Chaurasiya speaks out
Al Ricco's stirring speech
Nathan Moore speaks at demo
Hurriah, Lowkey, McIntyre asked about ethnic cleansing

bulldoz_10_walaja (21K)
#328 "Facing a Bulldozer" activists try to prevent land theft in a town near Bethlehm, Mazin Qumsiyeh arrested. Dave Zirin talks about athletes who get political and stand up for peace and human rights.

Intro to the show
Palestinians and internationals face bulldozer in Al-Walaja
Dave Zirin in 2007 about Steinbrenner and more
Zirin part 2

deek_nyc_10 (9K)
#327 "Rights to Exist" MECC sponsored walk to Congressman Murphy's office from our New Britain billboard. Najla Said, Lamis Deek, Jody Mcintyre, Lowkey, Norman Finkelstein, NYC in April. Finally more of DC on March 20. Intro to the show
We visit Congressman Murphy's office
Najla Said and Lamis Deek talk about
Israel and Palestine's "right to exist"
Jody Mcintyre, Lowkey and Norman Finkelstein on the same issue.
more coverage of DC anti-war demo

more DC

two shot in no-go
#326 "The No-Go Shootings" ---Israel shoots those who go within 300 meters of the Gaza Ghetto wall. --- New Haven demo on Gaza. --- Juan Torries about the death of his son at Bagra. ---- Interview with filmmaker Udi Aloni.

the no-go zone shootings
New Haven "Lift of Siege of Gaza" rally
Juan Torres about the Death of his son at Bagram
Udi Aloni (part 1)
Udi Aloni (part 2)

abulhawa_2010 (317K)

#325 "Mornings in Jenin" Activist and author Susan Abulhawa reads from her book "Mornings in Jenin" at Central CT State University. Show opens with information about Mayday and a short look back to Mayday 2006.

Immigrants at Mayday
Abulhawa part 1
Abulhawa part 2
Abulhawa part 3
Maypole and close of show

BAMN_rally (497K)

Show #324 "Defend Education Rally" On April 10 a rally in DC condemned the "reforms" of the Secretary of Education and called for massive aid for the schools.
Joyce Schon of the Detroit chapter of BAMN starts the rally
Nathan Saunders, General VP of the Washington Teachers Union
Radio Riham
Lauren Deslonde speaks for Philly BAMN
Stanley Heller, West Haven (CT) Federation of Teachers
Shanta Driver, National Director of BAMN, speaks at the April 10, 2010 "Defend Public Education" rally in Washington, DC (in three parts)
Driver, part 1
Driver, part 2
Driver, part 3
the march from the Department of Education to AFT headquarters

targets_2010 (327K)
Show #323, "Gaza Journalist " Fida Qishta shows video and talks about attack on Gaza

Show intro, Heller comments about reavealing video of an AIPAC official
Fida Qishta shows video from a film about the Israeli attack on Gaza 2008-9 that she is editing

Fida Qishta (part 2)

Fida Qishta (part 3)

Udagama_2010 (328K)

Show #322 "Breaching the Wall, Breaching the Siege"
Video of the Palm Sunday march that was mentioned 4/7 by Bronner in the New York Times. Interviews with Helaine Meisler who went on the Gaza Freedom March and Anton Udagama who made it into Gaza briefly with Viva Palestina.

Show intro
Demo Breaches Apartheid Wall
Trying to Break the Siege of Gaza Anton Udagama recounts the winter Viva Palestina convoy Part 1
Anton Udagama recounts the winter Viva Palestina convoy Part 2

dc_march20_10 (321K)
Show #321 "Thousands March Against Obama's Wars" Excellent Washington, DC demonstration 5,000 to 10,000 marchers. ALSO man beaten in Palestine and U.S. teachers to rally in Washington, DC.

Colonel Ann Wright (Ret.) introduces family members whose children were killed in the Bush/Obama wars
Code Pink Speaks
Cindy Sheehan Speech
Eight minutes of the march
Cindy Sheehan arrest slide show
Beaten-up in Palestine
Fed Up Teachers to Rally April 10

early (319K)
Show #320 "Unions Today - Steve Early" After photos of the NYC demo against the Israeli general who lead the assault on Gaza we have video of labor activist Steve Early author of "Embedded with Organized Labor"

Intro to the show
the demonstration at the Waldorf-Astoria against the Friends of the Israeli Army

Steve Early's talk at the Labyrinth bookstore in New Haven
Early part 1
Part 2
Part 3

mazin2 (11K)
Show #319 "Mazin Qumsiyeh in Stamford" Palestinian-American activist talks about the history of non-violent resistance in Palestine and the current threats in his town.
Heller introduces show and threat to Mazin Qumsiyeh
Mazin Qumsiyeh - Popular Peaceful Resistance
Olives, Beit Omar and Security Zones
Qumsiyeh talks about what's been going on in Beit Sahour

gas (12K)
Show #318 "Ush Gharab and Dr. Qumsiyeh"
Tear gas of Palestinian demonstrators, trade union issues, Guantanamo
Intro and tear gas attack in Beit Sahour
Detroit Federation Pres. Squashes Recall vote
Support Stop and Shop workers
Pardis Kebriaei talk about Guantanamo
Pardis Kebriaei talk about Guantanamo (2)

Show #317 "Gaza Situation"
medicare (12K)
Gaza filmmaker Fida Qishta, activist Ali Abunimah.from a January conference. Doctors Carol Paris and Margaret Flowers are arrested for trying to get President Obama to remember single-payer.
Fida Qishata
Ali Abunimah on his time in Cairo
Abunimah refutes an Israeli government myth
The Sign He Did Not Want to See

bil'in_avatar_2010 (247K)...ush_ghrab_2010 (235K)
Show #316 "The Fight for Ush Ghrab"
1) Bil'in proest. 2) opposition to Jewish settlers trying to build a new Jewish only city in the middle of a Palestinian town on the West Bank. 3) Labor in central NY state 4) Ford on the Patriot Act
Video of the "Avatar" protest in Bil'in
Settlers want to build a Jewish City as Ush Gharab
Jon Flanders on labor in NY state
">Glen Ford on Obama and the Patriot Act part of "In Palestine

ratner_2010 (317K)
#315 "Beyond the Gaza Freedom March"
Renowned attorney Michael Ratner and high schools student Jenna Bitar talk about their experience during the Gaza Freedom March and after
Michael Ratner part 1
Michael Ratner, part 2
Jenna Bitar

ford_mit_2010 (324K)
Show #314 "Glen Ford on Imperialism's Favorite Candidate"
Glen Ford of BlackAgendaReport.com talks at the January 2010 MIT Anti-War Conference.

Glen Ford part 1
Glen Ford, part 2

Zinn_2010 (329K)
Show #313 "Abunimah on the Lobby"
Palestinian-American media critic Ali Abunimah from his speech at the 2009 BDS conference at Hampshire college. Also tribute and interview (2007) with the late Howard Zinn.

Ali Abunimah on the Lobby part 1
Ali Abunimah on the Lobby part 2
tribute and 2007 interview with Howard Zinn
continuation of interview with Howard Zinn
last word on Howard Zinn

abunimah_ny_2010 (282K)
Show #312 "Abuniman on the Failure of the Zionist Project"
Show starts with video of tear gassing of demonstrators (and accidently of IDF troops) in Bil'in. Featuring Palestinian-American media critic Ali Abunimah from his speech at the 2009 BDS conference at Hampshire college

Intro of show…video of IDF tear gassing people in Bil'in
Ali Abunimah: Zionist project is a failure part 1
Ali Abunimah: Zionist project is a failure part 2
Ali Abunimah: Zionist project is a failure part 3
Jan. 30 conference in MIT

Braverman_2010 (232K)
Show #311 "Resisting the Fatal Embrace" featuring Mark Braverman (author "Fatal Embrace" who tells Christians the situation for Palestinians is so dire that they should criticize Israel even at the risk of losing Jewish-Zionist cooperation with their churches. Stanley Heller talks about George Galloway and Viva Palestina. Radio comment by Glen Ford about Obama and jobs and news about the upcoming anti-war conference Jan. 30 at MIT in Cambridge. Finally a few seconds of a demo in NY state.
Mark Braverman
Mark Braverman
Glen Ford
demo in White Plains, NY

nada_09 (308K)

Show #310 "In Solidarity with the Gaza Freedom March" Dec. 27, 2009 in Hartford, CT. Plus news on U.S. led troops shooting dead 8 Afghan children.

Stanley Heller's remarks at the start of the event
Brittany Florio of Code Pink and Aram Ayalon and Haidar abu Shakra
Nada Khader of the Westchester (NY) Peace Action Center
video of march, Heller comments about new atrocity in Afghanistan

no_more_09 (406K)

Show #309 "Protesting Obama's Afghan War" remarks by Todd Dewey and Stanley Heller during a street protest, Zoya's words in Boston, analysis by historian-activist Lenni Brenner

Protest in New Haven
Zoya talks about Afghanistan
Lenni Brenner on Afghanistan: Sex, Drugs and Imperialism
part 1 ...Part 2
Plans for Jan. 30 conference at MIT, Cambridge

remi_2009 (237K)

Show #308 "Remi Kanazi at SCSU" Program starts with British rapper Lowkey's music video. Poet Remi Kanazi with new and old poems about Palestine, Iraq and other topics.

Lowkey's music video "Long Live Palestine"

Remi Kanazi
Part 1... Part 2... Part 3

There's an attempt to get it into Amazon's top 10 and win Palestine new publicity. Buy the mp3 of the song for about a buck. Click here to get to Amazon.

hedges_2009_ny (292K)

Show #307 "Gaza, Remembering the Massacre"

Show introduction
Michael Heart's brilliant song "We Will Not Go Down"
Chris Hedges talks during the Gaza Massacre
Part 1
Part 2
Heller talks about the Gaza Freedom March and the Dec. 27 meeting in Hartford Also Rich Siegel performs "In Palestine" (lyrics Dave Lipmann)

chiroux_2009 (275K)

Show #306 "Two Illegal Wars" Interview with Matthis Chiroux, Iraq Veterans against the War, after he spoke at the anti-war rally in Boston in October.

Matthis Chiroux
Scahill exposes the hypocrisy on ACORN
Scahill on how the Obama Administration carries on Bush torture policy
Susan Nye of United for Jusitce and Peace about Gaza

scahill (212K)
Show #305 "Scahill on Congress Loss of Nerve" Jeremy Scahill, Polk Award winning journalist talks in Middletown, CT about escalating Afghan war and the ongoing Iraq occupation and the collapse of Congress' peace faction. Interview with Zoya couraeous Afghan woman rights leader of RAWA.
part 1.. Part 2.. Part 3

wolff_hamden_oct_09 (450K)

Show #304 "Wolff on the Great Recession" Professor Richard Wolff (University of Massachuetts emeritus) spoke in Hamden, CT in November 2009 after a showing of his film
"Capitalsim Hits the Fan"
He talked about the causes of the continuing Great Recession, the unfortunate fact that the Obama Administration refuses to create millions of jobs like FDR did in the past and why we need to go beyond capitalism

Part 1... Part 2... Part 3... Part 4... Part 5

sarah (319K)

Show #303 "Gaza Visitors 2009" Medical doctor Saeed Aghari about his trip to Gaza in March. Sarah Roche-Mahdi who also went to Gaza, but in a different delegation. Journalist Dahr Jamail recalls what he saw of Israel's devastating attack on Lebanon in 2006.

Part 1.. Part 2..Part 3...Part 4

uri_gordon (22K)

Show #302 "Anarchist" Interview with Uri Gordon, Israeli activist, about his new book "Anarchism Alive" and the group Anarchists Against the Wall (Sept. 2009). In part 2 we talk about the Israeli activist peace movement. The interview was conducted in Hartford, CT . Part 3 is an interview with New Britain, CT activist Mary Sanders and a blistering audio critique of the health care plan by Glen Ford.

Part 1.... Part 2.... Part 3....

shministim-usa2 (18K)

Show #301 "Shministim in the U.S." Brian Jones of the International Socialist Organization about the recent capitalist turmoil. Maya Wind and Netta Mishly who are activists in Shministim an Israeli youth group that refuses to take part in the draft. Anna Baltzer who received national attention after her appearance on "The Daily Show"

Part 1......Part 2 ...... Part 3
(other parts of Brian Jones talk will be uploaded. Check back in a few days)

jeff_g20_09 (245K)
Show #299 "G20 Protest" Video of anti-war demo in front of the White House where scores were arrested. Jeff Bartos talks about the G20 protest in Pittsburgh and what he saw there. Then Beth Angel of the CT Single Payer coalition. Glen Ford of blackagendareport announces a major rally in Washington in November called "Black is Back". Part 1, ..Part 2,.. Part 3, ...Part 4..., Part 5

and don't miss this audio interview with Zoya on Oct. 17
siegel2 (262K)

Show #298 "In Palestine" United Electrical worker Political Action Director Chris Townsend talks about his union's view on health care and the wars, Rich Siegel and David Lippman present their new song "In Palestine"
Part 1 .... Part 2.... Part 3.... Part 4

51_doc_09 (167K)
Show #296 "Zionist Deals with the Nazis" interview with historian Lenni Brenner upon the issue of his "51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis" in paperback

part 1... part 2..... part 3.....

Lenni Brenner interview complete with lots more damning evidence (50 minutes)

part 1 ..... part 2..... part 3..... part 4..... part 5..... part 6.....

trumpka (290K)

Show #295 "Will Unions Get Fired Up?" Richard Trumpka, new AFL-CIO President as he was in 1989 when he led the Pittston strike, interviews with workers who led the 2008 sit-down strike at Republic Window and Door, new feature RADIO commentary of Glen Ford of "BlackAgendaReport.com", interview of Medea Benjamin of Code Pink after her February trip to Gaza. part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6

shaun (201K)

Show #294 "Honduras Witness" Shaun Joseph of Rhode Island talks about his visit to Honduras in August to see popular resistance to the coup. John Wilhelm national president of UNITE Here talks about his dispute with Andy Stern and how employers use "divide and conquer" on immigration issues. Video of "Olive Tree Circus" in Palestine.

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

brenner_09 (16K)
Show #293 "The Real 911 Truth" Historian Lenni Brenner doubts the so-calls "911 Truth" movement while talking about what was really covered up. Brenner has written or edited 5 books including "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators". Talk by movie producer
Valarie Kaur on the persecution of U.S. Siks after Sept 11, 2001. THEN journalist Dahr Jamail interviewed in 2005 about Fallujah

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

khoury (8K)
Show #292 "Visit to 'Prison Gaza Strip'" talk by Khoury Petersen-Smith about his 24 hour visit to the Gaza on the Viva-Palestina-US trip led by George Galloway. The trip was delayed purposely in Egypt by Mubarak's regime.

part 1
Part 2
Part 3

east_haven_09 (22K)
Show #290 "Israeli Gall" The Israeli government has the gall to say their shooting of Tristan Anderson was an "act of war", news about Ezra Nawi, Israeli facing big jail time for defending Palestinian Bedouin, march of 150 in East Haven, CT to protest racial profiling, poetry of Stephen Bloom

Part 1- News on Tristan Anderson, and Ezra Nawi
Part 2 - the East Haven Profiling Protest March
Part 3 - Poetry of Stephen Bloom
Part 4

greeman_bookstore_09 (17K)
Show #289 "Richard Greeman, Radical and Internationalist"
Talk in Middletown, CT by Richard Greeman, author of "Beware of Vegetarian Sharks, Radical Rants and Internationalist Essays" He talks about the men and women who led him to his anti-Stalinist socialists and anarchist radicalism, his activism at Yale and Wesleyan.(including inviting Robert Williams who wrote "Negroes with Guns" to speak at Yale!) and what "urban renewal" really meant for New Haven, CT.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Greeman was an activist in the famous 1968 student strike a Columbia University. Later he became translator and authority on Marxist/Anarchist Victor Serge. You can download Greeman's whole book for free by clicking here. AND FOR MORE ON GREEMAN see my interview on show #276.

bartos_2009 (11K)
Show #288 "PTSD and Our Soldiers" Jeff Bartos, CT Secretary of Iraq Veterans Against the War, talks about what PTSD is doing to U.S. soldiers and veterans. Also interview with Rick Colbeth-Hess about the new website www.ItIsApartheid.org and Cindy Sheehan talks to Stan Heller about the Palestinian Right to Return
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

al-Rowwad theater gsm (24K) ......... al-Rowwad theater2 jsm (11K)
Show #287 "Al-Rowwad and Palestinian Theater" Interview with Abdel Fattah Abu-Srour, founder and director of the al-Rowwad Theater of the Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, Palestine,
July 18, 2009 in Falls Village, CT, USA

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 3 (Irwin Corey)
Corey at the Sheehan event

mezvinsky (5K)
Show #286 "Mezvinsky's Final Lecture" Professor Norton's Mezvinsky's final lecture (before retirement) at Central CT State University had a number of surprises including how he encouraged Yasser Arafat to set up a public affairs office in the U.S. Also on the show news about the Galloway-U.S. Convoy to Gaza.
Part 1
Part 2

sheehan_09 (11K)
Show #285 "Cindy Sheehan in NYC" Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan give a talk in New York City about her new book "Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution"
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Show #284 "Providence Iran Protest" June 28 protest in Providence, Rhode Island calling for an end to the attacks on demonstrators in Iran AND hands off of Iran by the U.S. Also Harriet Fraad, psychotherapist talks about what should be done to deal with the effects of the Great Recession.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

fraad_09 (13K)

Show #283 "Families Can't Cope" Psychotherapist Harriet Fraad of NYC talks about how the Great Recession is shocking family life leading to violence (72 murders in one month) and terrible stress on women. Lots of new and surprising information.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

smahsed_2009_3 (14K)...redgrave2009_2 (10K)
Show #282 "At Rosa's Door" June 19, '09 Protest at Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro's home over her silence on Israeli home demolitions. Also Vanessa Redgrave and Najla Said condemn the Gaza Massacre.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

galloway1 (19K)
Show #279 "Galloway Calls for U.S. Convoy to Gaza" Powerful speech by MP George Galloway, in Brooklyn, NY where he calls for 500 U.S. trucks to defy the siege of Gaza

liberty_before_attack (36K)
Show #278 "Survivors of the Attack on the USS Liberty" Ernie Gallo and Richard "Rocky" Sturman, decorated survivors of the June 8, 1967 Israeli attack on the ship "The Liberty" talk about what they saw that day.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

finkelstein2 (19K)
Show #277 "How Israel Took Gaza and the West Bank" Norman Finkelstein explodes myths about 1967, Columbia student talks about Palestinian solidarity work there, scenes of Aida camp (where the Pope spoke), York Prof Sam Gindin on the futility of auto worker concessions. part 1, part 2

Greeman2 (19K)
Show #276 "Vegetarian Sharks" Interview with Richard Greeman, author of "Beware of Vegetarian Sharks", 40 years of radical essays. Greeman was an activist in the famous 1968 student strike a Columbia University. Later he became translator and authority on Marxist/Anarchist Victor Serge. Stanley Heller talks about the Arab haters out to get professor William Robinson of UC, Santa Barbara.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Show #275 "Kovel and Shapiro" Interview with anti-Zionist Joel Kovel at the Left Forum in New York City. Talk by Adam Shapiro at the Forum. Heller talks about the shooting in Bil'in of 25 people.

feeley (18K)
Show #274 "Nationalize Auto?" Labor writer Dan La Botz and retired auto parts worker Diane Feeley on the problems of the Big 3 "U.S." auto companies and why a public takeover might be a good idea. Stanley Heller blames Obama, Dodd and Congress for the murder of Bassem Abu Rahme in Bil'in.
part 1
part 2

Show #273 "The Bitter Death of Ghada Abu Halima" Report on the death of Ghada Abu Halima who suffered 12 weeks from phosphorus burns from an Israeli shell during the Gaza Massacre, video of Joel Kovel anti-Zionist professor fired by "liberal" Bard College, Mayday 2008 featuring poetry and interview with Remi Kanazi

Show #272 "Coffins Past the Pentagon" part 3 in coverage of the March 21, 2009 Washington, DC anti-war rally.IVAW speakers Martha Stevens and Matthew Schiaro, Francis Villar, Col. Ann Wright(Ret.), Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, Chris Gauvreau of the National Assembly, Son of Nun, still photos of the rally

Show #271 "Marching Against the Wars" interview with Jeff Bartos of Iraq Veterans Against the War, speeches at March 21 anti-war demo, Mike Ferner, President of Veterans for Peace, Marty Webster, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, new Obama era poem by Remi Kanazi, rebroadcast of Nada Khader speech (Khader to speak April 11 in Hartford).

270 smaller (441K)
Show #270 "March 21 in DC Protesting the War" Starting the 7th year of the Iraq war and occupation thousands protest in DC. Interview with Medea Benjamin of Code Pink of her recent trip to Gaza. Remi Kanazi and Son of Nun. Speakers from Military Families Speak Out and Al-Awda. Also news about Tristan Anderson, who was shot and gravely injured by an Israeli special high velocity tear gas shell.

269 smaller (441K)

Show #269 "Shooting Tristan" video from Ni'lin of the shooting of Tristan Anderson, protest of the assault in New Haven, CT, David Rovics songs including his Rachel Corrie song, [Dave will be doing a benefit for Gaza on Thurs. April 16 in Old Lyme, CT), interview with Rudy Scott of ACORN which is organizing against foreclosures, photos of Hartford protest calling for immediate halt to foreclosures and evictions by Peoples Bailout CT

268 smaller (441K)

Show #268 "Billboard" trailer of "Billboard from Bethlehem" a film about the creation of a billboard for the Palestinian/Israeli group Combatants for Peace. Bruce Barrett who donated the billboard and Elik Elhanan of Combatants talk. We mark the 6th year after the murder of Rachel Corrie with video shot in 2003 about the killing from the film "The Killing Zone"
CHOMSKY smaller (324K)

Show #267 "Chomsky '09" Scenes of DC demo on Gaza massacre in January, Noam Chomsky speaking in Boston, George Galloway and the (successful) Gaza Convoy, a young Palestinian in Gaza speaks. Finally, a powerful UN video about the Gaza situation.

finkelstein (9K)

Show #266 "Finkelstein on the Gaza Massacre" Norman Finklelstein, careful scholar and critic of Israeli Zionism details the massacre, takes apart Israel's excuses and tells what he thinks is the real reason for the attack. Feb. 2009. On the economy Stanley Heller comments, "Demand jobs".

Show #265 "Abunimah on One State" Protest at Wesleyan University of ethnic cleansing apologist Benny Morris. Ali Abunimah's June 2008 talk about solving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict by creating one state for both nations. Yoram Gelman talks about how he changed from a Zionist to strong critic of Israel.

Show #264 "We Will Not Go Down" Two versions of the video about Gaza "We Will Not Go Down" by Michael Heart. If you watch it he asks you contribute to UNWRA. http://www.un.org/unrwa/ Also video of the Olive Tree Circus, a group of Americans who went to the West Bank to teach circus skills to Palestinian kids. And some video of a talk by Liam Madden of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Heller comments about Afghanistan.

Show #263 "Schaghticoke Protest" The Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, who have a reservation in Kent, CT, held a protest January 29, 2008 in Hartford. Later that day Richard Velky, the Chief of the Schaghticoke and
Russell Means longtime Indian activist were interviewed by Stanley Heller. Parallels with treatment of Palestinians were discussed.

Show #262 "Melinda Tuhus on Palestine Trip" Stanley Heller comments on the unparalleled viciousness of Israel's attack on Gaza. CT journalist Melinda Tuhus' talk at the New Haven library about her 2008 trip to the West Bank.

Show #261 "Second NYC Protest Against the Gaza Massacre" Interviews with people marching in New York City in protest of the Israeli massacres in Gaza. Also a part of an interview with David Truskoff, veteran civil rights activist, who died this month (Jan. 2009)

Show #260 "Three Weeks of Atrocities" Heller talks about the fanatic rabbis in Israel who call for genocide, coverage of three CT rallies against the Gaza Massacre.

Show #259 "NY Protest Against the Gaza Massacre" Jan. 3, 2009 protest in New York City: Lamis Deek, Remi Kanazi, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Michael Letwin and others. Video of the march. Anti-war folk singers Amy Martin

Show #258 "Gaza Massacre" 2 New Haven protests. Interview with Mazin Qumsiyeh

Show #257 "Israeli Dissidents" Susan Nathan of Israel talks about conditions for its Palestinian citizens. Bishop Paul Verryn of South Africa on the Palestinian situation. Stanley Heller upbraids TV's Brian Williams.

Show #256 "Want Money? End the War" Continuing coverage of the Dec. 7 anti-war demonstration. Fernando Betancourt, John Harris, Carlos Villanueva, Jamshid Marvasti, Denisa Jashari, Mazin Qumsiyeh. Also covering of Dec. 18 rally in front of Hartford's soon to be closed Goodwin Hotel of hotel workers insisting on severance pay and recall rights. Hotel worker Vincent Walker interviewed.

Show #255 "December Protest" On a cold and windy Dec. 7 CCSU professor Mike Alewitz electrified the crowd in Hartford, CT with his denunciation of the war and his words puncturing the fantasies of those pressing for a New "New Deal" . Other speakers were CT AFL-CIO President John Olsen, Dave Ionno of Veterans for Peace, Jerrimarie Leisgang of Queers Without Borders. Featuring interview with Mazin Qumsiyeh who teaches at Bethlehem University and who was on a short visit to the US.

Show #254 "Neta Golan" News about the siege of Gaza, but featuring a 2007 interview in Ramallah with Neta Golan one of the founders of the International Solidarity Movement. The interview focuses on how an Israeli who as a teenager knew little about the Palestinians became a strong supporter of Palestinian rights. [Note in Dec. 2008 Golan was arrested coming back from Gaza to Israel. Israelis are forbidden to go to Gaza 'for their own safety']

Show #253 "Press Conference Against Siege of Gaza" November press conference in West Hartford protesting siege of Gaza, Frank Gorman, Imam Mahmoud Mansour, Liz Aaronson, photos of picketing on highway divider, Stanley Heller reads from report by Israeli Gideon Spiro who is in the Gaza Strip.

Show #252 "Wasfi on Iraq. Steel on La Revolution" Dahlia Wasfi speaks out against the War in Iraq. Mark Steel, author of "Vive La Revolution" gives an energetic entertaining account of the beginning of people power in 1789.

Show #251 "John Carlos". Dr. John Carlos who became world famous in 1968 for giving a black power salute during his Olympic Award ceremony talks about fighting racism in his early life. Stanley Heller reads a "Letter to Obama" from a woman from Machsom Watch, the group of internationals and Israelis who keep watch at Israelis' anti-Palestinian checkpoints.

Show #250 "Palestinian Voices" Enas Massalah, opera singer, Nada Khade, anti-racist activist and Nihad Awad, Executive Director of CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Show #249 "Lubna Hammad" At an October 2008 forum in Greenwich, CT Palestinian lawyer Lubna Hammad talks about her experiences growing up, the things she saw in Palestine this decade and the importance of boycotts, divestment and sanctions. On Oct. 27 the CT group named "Fight the Hike" stages a protest of another proposed electricity rate increase."

Show #248 "Wall St. Collapse and the War" Dina Makdadi, a Palestinian-American talks about life on campus for an activist. Max Fraad Wolff talks about what the War is doing to our economy and what's ahead for working people in the recession.

Show #247 "Acre Pogrom" Stanley Heller reports on the attacks and rioting in Acre, Israel. Video from Nablus on the search of an American, video from Bethlehem/Jerusalem, a walk through the checkpoint, New Britain anti-war demo on Oct. 9. Finally some of the rally against the idea of a CT Constitutional Convention.

Show #246 "Susan Nathan in Greenwich" Nathan is the only Israeli Jew living in an Israeli/Palestinian town. She talks about the mistreatment of these Arab citizens of Israel in her Sept. 2008 talk in Greenwich, CT

Show #245 "Scott Ritter on Iran" Ritter's talk in Sept 2008 in West Hartford, CT. He talks (amusingly) about how he became an "expert", what he thinks of the Iraq "surge" and our failure in Afghanistan. He demolishes the "evidence" of Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Show #244 "The Assassination of Shaden Abu Hijleh" Shaden's son Saed who was injured in the attack describes the murder of his mother in 2002 in Nablus. Then video from Hartford, CT's Hope Out Loud. Dave Ionno, Vietnam War veteran, talks about the worth of "victory", Rev. Henry Brown about violence in Hartford and what can be done. Stanley Heller comments on the $700 billion giveaway plan. (audio interview about the economy at http://www.thestruggle.org/podcasts/feed.xml )

Show #243 "Rebuilding a Home" Video from 2007 in Anata, Jerusalem of volunteers from the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitons as the rebuild a home. Also interview with Uri Davis on housing apartheid within Israel.

Show #242 "Liberty Survivors Tour" As three survivors of Israel's 1967 attack on the USS Liberty tour CT and New York we present sections from the video "Loss of Liberty" [see www.thestruggle.org for tour dates]

Show #241 "Sports, Racism and Protest" Anthony E. Prior, former NFL back and current author speaks about racism in the NFL. Sportswriter Dave Zirin talks about oafs like Steinbrenner and athletes who protest the war.

Show #240 "End the Siege of Gaza" March and rally in Hartford, CT on the day the "Free Gaza" and "Liberty" made it into Gaza City. Hear Haidar abu Shakra, Mongi Dhaoudi , Imam Mahmoud Monsour, Frank O'Gorman, June Pinkin and Jamshid Marvasti. Also poetry of Mahmoud Darwish read by Ahlam Shalhout. And two anti-war songs.

Show #239 "The Mind of a Suicide Bomber" Dr. Jamshid Marvasti talks about his book "Psycho-Political Aspects of Suicide Warriors, Terrorism and Martyrdom" rejecting the usual explanations for the growing problem.

Show #238 "Let Them In" Protest in New Haven, CT calling for an end to the siege of Gaza. Part 2 of Jeremy Scahill talk about his book "Blackwater".

Show #237 "Blackwater" Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater; The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army talks about the creation of this powerful soldiers for profit corporation. Stanley Heller details how false information obtained under torture helped kill Americans in Iraq. (not yet posted to the web. Check back tomorrow on our site.)

Show #236 "Outlawed" Our show is almost entirely given over to a video produced by human rights group "Witness". The full name of their video is "Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition, Torture and Disappearances in the 'War on Terror'" It's about jailing people and sending them overseas to be tortured during interrogation. For more www.TheStruggle.org Stanley Heller comments about how American torture cost American lives.

Show #235 "Persecuted Village" Heller attacks the New York Times for printing the awful Benny Morris call for war. Interview with Melinda Tuhus about terrible treatment of a village near Hebron. Joe Gerson on US plans for Africa. Richard Siegel on how a once strong Zionist became an even stronger critic.

Show #234 "Back from Palestine" Melinda Tuhus talks about her trip to Palestine in May and what it was like among the brave people of Bil'in. Stanley Heller comments on the deal Olmert made with Hezbullah, the same deal he could have had in 2006 before the Lebanon invasion.

Show #233 "PTSD and Iraq" Jason Hurd, a US Iraq war veteran, talks about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Riad Jarrar, an Iraqi now living in the US, tells about what it was like in Baghdad during the invasion. Also a portion of video shot in 2007 in Jerusalem with veteran Israeli peace activist Michel Warschawsky. Stanley Heller asks him about Israel's law banning Palestinians from living in Israel with their Israeli Palestinian spouses and about boycotts of Israeli products.

Show #232 "Blockade Means War" Stanley Heller comments on HCON 362, a bill in Congress which demands a blockade of Iran and would certainly provoke war. Iraq war veteran Matt Childers talks about abuse of prisoners by his fellow Marines. Also Amy Goodman and Cong. Dennis Kucinich about Winter Solidier. Active duty soldier Ronn Cantu speaks about fearing to exercise his rights. Jason Hurd on a horrific attack at a checkpoint. Bishop Desmond Tutu and Canon Naim Ateek at the 2007 Boston Sabeel conference.

Show #231 "The So-Called Rules of Engagement" At "Winter Soldier" Marine Jason Wayne Lemiuex talks about how the rules were discarded. Continuation of interview with Rev. Allie Perry and Patty Nuelsen about Iran, this week talking about "parliamentary theocracy", treatment of women and nuclear issues. Stanley Heller tells how the government is cooking the books on unemployment and inflation numbers.

Show #230 "Jews in Iran" Rev. Allie Perry and Patty Nuelsen of New Haven, CT who visited Iran in May '08 answer the wild charges that Iran is on the point of a genocide against Jews. Several young people in Hartford talk about their feelings on the war. Heller talks about Israel, Iran and pistachios.

Show #228 "Stephen Walt on the Israel Lobby" Walt and Mearscheimer are in Israel right now stirring up a storm. Obama bowing before AIPAC is another example of the Lobby's power. See Walt's talk. Also our 90 sec. spot for the National Assembly.

Show #227 "Tony Blair Protest #1" Tony Blair, co-conspirator in the genocide by sanctions of Iraq and in the "shock and awe" invasion spoke at Yale. Citizens protest. Also shocking video of how Israeli police/soldiers treat their Palestinian citizens. Stanley Heller talks about the National Assembly coming up in Cleveland on June 28.

Show #226 "A Poet for Palestine" Featuring Palestinian-American poet Remi Kanazi as he spoke on Mayday 2008 at the New Haven Green. Interview with Remi Kanazi. Also poem about Sean Bell killing. Stanley Heller speaks at Mayday about threats of genocide.

Show #225 "Let Me Stand Alone" In Washington, DC, Cindy and Craig Corrie, parents of Rachel Corrie, who was murdered by an Israeli military bulldozer, read from a new book of her writings. The book is called, "Let Me Stand Alone". April 2008

Show #224 "US War Deaths Undercounted" Stanley Heller reports on how figures for US deaths from Iraq/Afghanistan wars have undercounted by 4,500. Barbara Bearden from Peace Action tells about this anti-nuke and anti-war organization. Alison Weir talks about how an attempt to censor her failed when she talked in Greenwich.

Show #223 "Iraq/Afghan Veteran" James Gilligan of Iraq Veterans Against the War talks about depleted uranium, the surge and how the US can get out of Iraq in 72 hours.

Show 222 "Ghada Karmi at Yale" Ghada Karmi, Palestinian-British citizen and professor, exiled from Jerusalem in 1948, talks about the April 9, 1948 massacre at Deir Yassin and her ideas on how there can be a permanent peace…the one-state solution. [slight tech glitch in first seconds]

Show 221 "Our Spring Break" Students of Wesleyan University talk about the direct action anti-war protests in DC on March 19, 2008. Also April 2008 interview with Adam Kokesh of Iraq Veterans Against the War. New Haven's Mayday 2008 celebration is coming. Stanley Heller supports Jimmie Carter's decision

Show 220 "Stop Loss Congress" Interviews with students who took part in the Stop Loss Congress campaign in DC on March 19, 2008, trying to get Congress to bring the troops home now. Iraq Veterans Against the War trailer about the Winter Soldier Testimony. Joel Kovel speaks about why the Israel Lobby is so vicious.

Show 219 "War Resister" David McReynolds, veteran anti-war activist is interviewed in New York City, John Dugard UN Rapporteur on Palestine talks in Boston, video from Feb. 29 in Bil'in from the Occupied West Bank and Jewish-American Joel Kovel on attempts to suppress his book "Overcoming Zionism".

Show 218 "Pakistan Plus" Junaid Ahmad - President of the Muslim Law Students Association speaks about Pakistan. Interview with Bill Weinberg on the Iraqi "civil resistance" anti-occupation,l anti-religious fanatics, defending their neighorhoods. Video from the UK about a demo for the Palestinians

Show 217 "A Protest and a Firing" March 19, 2008 anti-war protest in New Haven, exclusive video of statement by Debbie Almontaser, NYC principal fired for being an observant Muslim and a dual language Arab/English public school, also Mona Eldahry, Director of AWAAM: Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media tells how Almontaser witch hunt harmed her group.

Show 216 "It's the Oil" Michael Schwartz of SUNY at Stoneybrook shows how the desire for plentiful cheap oil lead to the Iraq invasion. Stanley Heller sums up the 5 year disastrous Iraq invasion and occupation.

Show 215 "Operation Gaza 'Shoah' " Professor Richard Wolff of UMass talks about how the mega-debt based US economy is toppling. Palestinian-American Mazin Qumsiyeh talks about the situation in the Occupied Territories in February. Stanley Heller comments on the brutal Israeli attacks on Gaza starting at the end of February.

Show 214 "Recession" Professor Richard Wolff explains how the greed and exploitation of our beloved economy has brought us to what he believes will be the worst recession since '74 or '37. Also two Remi Kanazi poems.

Show 213 "Eyewitness in Palestine" An interview with Melissa Lane who was in the Gaza Strip just before the settlers left in 2005 and then in the West Bank in 2007. Also the scandal of Israeli strip seraches of Palestinian women and children presented in the video "The Easiest Targets" which was produced by If Americans Knew

Show 212 "But When I got to Iraq" Adam Kokesh an activist in Iraq Veterans Against the war talks about how serving in Iraq turned him even more against the war. SDS member Kristine Richard and sister of an Iraq war veteran is interviewed. News about the Winter Soldier testimony by Iraq Veterans Against the War in March.

Show 211 "Displaced in Israel" The show opens with video of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter on the 20th anniversary of the dismissal of all charges against him, then an interview in Nazareth Israel with Daud Badr, a leader of the movement of Palestinian citizens of Israel who were thrown out of their homes during and after the 1947-1948 war and never allowed back, concluding with an interview of Eric Triffin, West Haven, CT Health Department Director on the continuting Tobacco Settlement Funds scandal.

Show 210 "Combatants Tour Stop" Bassam Aramin and Yonatan Shapira of Combatants for Peace on the Orange CT stop o f their northeast tourn. Combatants are former Palestinian and Israeli fighters. [Both these men were interviewed on ABC NYC/NJ interview program.]

Show 209 “More John Pilger” Stanley Heller salutes Palestinians for destroying the wall between Gaza and Egypt. More of the talk by John Pilger. Bassam Aramin of Combatants for Peace talks about how his ten year old daughter was wantonly killed by an Israeli soldier.

Show 208 “Pilger on ‘Professional’ Journalism” Legendary journalist and documentary maker John Pilger. Also Attorney General Blumental speaks at a press conference blasting CT for not spending money on preventing tobacco addiction. Stanley Heller talks about the stock market meltdown and why a depression might be on the way.

Show 207 “Refugee Camp” In Askar Camp near Nablus Stanley Heller interviews Amjad Rafai. Also in upscale North Haven, CT Unidad Latina En Accion pickets an Outback Restaurant calling for a boycott until it reaches a settlement with women who claim their were fired after complaining about sexual harassment.

Show 206 “Defying Demolitions” Interviews in Anata near Jerusalem with supporters of ICAHD, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitons, Linda Ramsden a former Christian-Zionist, Lilian Gonzalez of San Franciscto and Salim Shawamreh, who has had his home demolished four times. Also more of the interview with Dr. Uri Davis an Israeli anti-apartheid activist who explains why even a major Israeli court victory may not help Israeli Palestinians rights to live in most of Israel.

Show 205 "Bethlehem 2007" Photos of Bethlehem on the West Bank with commentary, interview with three speakers at the Nov. 2007 Tree of Life Conference in Old Lyme: Mary Qumsieh a women from Beit Sahour dance troupe, Martin John Nicholls a singer/songwriter and Christian Aid worker and Hajo Mayer, a Jewish survivor of the Auschwitz death camp and a harsh critic of Israel. Closing with Stanley Heller's comment about the scandal in CT how the state refuses to spend Tobacco Settlement money on tobacco prevention ads and programs. (Front page news in CT 1/2/08)

Show 204 "Varieties of Racism" In Plainfield, CT demonstration in front of City Hall on account of lack of arrests in incident where family was driven out of town by mob of racists. Also interview in Jerusalem with Dr. Uri Davis who has been writing and challenging Israeli apartheid for decades.

Show 203 "Diamond Store Picket" In New York in early December Adalah-NY sponors picket of diamond store owned by Lev Leviev, builder of settlements on stolen Palestinian land. Also Hebron 2007, Stanley Heller interviews Lorin Peters in Hebron on the West Bank in July, also scenes of the deserted streets banned to Palestinians.

Show 202 "Remembering" In Tel Aviv Norma Musih of the Israeli group Zochrot talks about efforts to teach Israeli Jews about the Palestinian Nekba (catastrophe). Also coverage of a demonstration in Middletown, CT against the war. Ashley Casale interviewed. Closing with Medea Benjamin's speech on Oct. 27 about Code Pink's "bloody hand" protest in front of Sec. of State Rice.

Show 201 "Boston/New Haven Rallies" Howard Zinn at the Oct. 27 anti-war rally in Boston, also Meriee Najimy and 8 minutes of marchers. Then three speakers at the Nov 26 rally in front of the New Haven Correctional Center protesting CT governor Rell's ending of parole for people convicted of violent crimes: Shelton Tucker, Barbara Fair and State Rep. Bill Dyson.

Show 200 "Confronting Dershowitz"Protest in Oct. 2007 at the appearance of Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law professor, originator of the idea of a "torture warrant", infamous apologist for Israel. Also Palestinian-American poet Remi Kanazi and Matan Cohen of the Israeli group "Anarchists Against the Wall"

Show 199 "More of the Boston Rally" Our second show about the New England rally against the war on Oct. 27, 2007. CT. Melida Arrendando, a Gold Star stepmother whose son was killed in Iraq, Salma Abu Ayyash on Palestine, Cate Levin sings "Imagine", Rostam Pourzal on Iran, CT AFL-CIO president John Olsen, Stanley Heller talks about Bush's "success" in Iraq

Show 198 "Jenin 2007" Interviews in Jenin in the northern part of the West Bank in July. Also remarks of Jenin filmmaker at Yale in October. Esam Alawni, Chief ... all » Afministrator of Jenin's Khalil Suleiman Hospital, Jonathan of the Freedom Theater in Jenin camp and Juliano Mer Khamis, director of Arna's Children and [Israeli] resident of Jenin when he spoke at Yale University

Show #197 "New England Anti-War" The first part of the October 27 anti-war rally in Boston. Rapper Son of Nun, Iraq Veterans Against the War's Liam Madden, Annie Diamond of Military Families Speak Out, Dahlia Wafsi, American of Iraqi Arab and Jewish background.

Show #196 "Water is Life" Ariane Kirtley talks about her project to bring water to a provice in the the country of Niger, the poorest country on earth. Also a briefing about the situation in Jenin in the summer of 2007 by Qadoura Musa, the governor of that West Bank City. Proest in West Haven CT of CUFI, Christians United for Israel, a very dangerous group which wants an attack on Iran to literally bring on world war and the end of time, Armageddon and the extinction of most of humanity.

Show #195 "Incident in 2000" In Beit Sahour a man describes a brutal attack on himself and his wife as they backed away from an Israeli checkpoint. Interview in Ramallah with Neta Golan of the International Solidarity Movement. Kemora Herrington talks about the Jena 6.

Show #194 "Incident at a Checkpoint" In Beit Sahour in the West Bank of Israel/Palestine a man describes what happened to himself and his wife when they backed away from an ... all » Israeli checkpoint in March of 2000. Also an interview with Neta Golan in Ramallah in the summer of 2007. Kemora Herrigton on the Jena 6

Show #193 "Boston October 27 Rally Coming Soon" Thousands or tens of thousands are expected to crowd the Common on the 27th. Howard Zinn is a featured speaker. We feature a speech he gave on Mayday of this year on the New Haven Green. Also three spots advertising the Rally, a general one, one on Palestine and one on Iran.

Show #192 "Warschawsky in Jerusalem, Goodnight in Middletown" Israeli peace activist Michael Warschawsky interviewed in Jerusalem in July 2007 about growing Israeli apartheid. US veteran and member of Iraq Veterans Agaisnt the War Ted Goodnight talks about Afghanistan

Complete show #191 "Unrecognized - Israel's Invisible Towns" Muhammed Abu al-Haija’s of En Hud village talks about life for 120,000 Israeli Arab citizens who live in towns that Israeli governments refuse to give public services. Also Scott Ritter and then Stanley Heller talk about the false charges that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. PSA on the Oct. 27 anti-war rally in Boston. Dawn Terese sings at Hope out Loud. Interview with Dave Ionno about Bush's new use of Vietnam camparisons.

Complete show #190 "The Other Side of Israel" In Tamra Israel remarks by Susan Nathan, an Israeli Jew who lives in that Arab town about the apartheid conditions for Palestinian citizens of Israel. Also Stanley Heller answers General Patraeus with a new strategy: "Cut and Run"

Complete show #189 "Bil'in Against the Wall" In Bil'in on the West Bank demonstrators are attacked by Israeli soldiers. Interview with Eyad Bornat, leader of the Bil'in Popular Committee Against the Wall and with Ibrahim Bornat who was injured by soldiers. Also Dr. Mohammed Daud Miraki author of "Afghanistan After Democracy"
You can order Dr. Miraki's book for $25 at his site.
For an extended interview with Eyad Bornat click here

Complete show #188 "Free Said ......And this is Jerusalem" featuring the Free Zaid rally in Hartford, CT, supporting a Moroccan immigrant arrested by ICE. Also an interview with Salim Shawamreh of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions about the disgraceful conditions in Anata, Jerusalem and an ICHAD volunteer about eyewitness views of house demolitions.

Complete show #187 "House Demolitions" In Jerusalem Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee on House Demolitions speaks of the 18,000 houses the Israeli government has so far bulldozed and the tens of thousands to come. Leslie Angeline of Code Pink speaks of her trip to Iran and her hunger strike against Lieberman.

Complete show #186 "Prisoner Release in Ramallah" TVSN coverage of the July 20 release of 250 of the 10,000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails. Interview with released prisoner Nidal Rishmawi. See the whole show now at

Tanya Reinhart's complete speech during Apartheid Week Feb. 2007 Reinhart spoke at a church in Harlem, New York City. Reinhart died a month later.

From Show #185...At Birzeit University in Palestine Alla Nijin is interviewed about the obstacles to education

From Show #185...AFSC exhibitEyes Wide Open a collection of boots representing US war dead in Iraq. Reactions from passers-by and relatives of soldiers killed.

From Show #184...In Ramallah Neta Golan talks about the founding the International Solidarity Movement

#184 "Neta Golan" Our entire show was shot in Ramallah on the West Bank. It's an interview with Neta Golan an Israeli activist who was one of the founders of the International Solidarity Movement. Fascinating account of her development from someone who never thought about Palestinians to someone who was in Arafat's compound for a month during the siege of 2002. (see a clip from the show now at http://www.thestruggle.org/MediaP.htm

#183 "At the UFPJ Convention" From the Chicago convention of the largest national peace coalition in the US. Phyllis Bennis leading UFPJ theorist, Palestinian poet Ghihad Ali, Dr. Mona al-Farra of Gaza a representative of the Middle East Children's Alliance, Celia Zarate-Laun speaking about Colombia

#182 "Unfair Arrest" Interview with Ken Krayeske about his arrest in January for photographing Governor Rell

#181 "Occupation = Crime" The June 10, 2007 Washington, DC rally of thousands opposing the Israeli occupation and apartheid system.

Show #179 "Military Mom Speaks" a rare repeat from last year. Nancy Lesson of Military Families Speak Out. Also immigrant rights leader speaks at AFSC dinner (2006) and is interviewed by Fatima Rojas.

Show #178 "American Fascists" Chris Hedges talks about the Right Wing evangelicals who he says are fascists. Heller denounces Lieberman's call to expand the war.

Show #177 "Memorial Day '07" Veterans for Peace and the New Haven Peace Coalition and others picket at the West Haven, CT Veterans Administration in opposition to the war and to expose lack of benefits for returning Iraq veterans. Also speakers at the New London organizing committee of Iraq Veterans and active duty opponents of the war.

Show #176 "Zinn at the Church" Howard Zinn's talk on Mayday. Reflections on US history. Also AFL-CIO rep talks about why his union federation opposes the guest worker program. Heller blasts Bush's support for Al-Qaeda in Lebanon.

Show #175 "Arrest McNamara" Heller calls for the arrest for former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara for betraying the sailors of the USS Liberty. Video from "The Loss of Liberty". June 8 is the 40th anniversary of the Israeli attack on this ship.

Show #174 "Cagan and Zinn" Leslie Cagan the national coordinator of the UFPJ talks about the upcoming June 10 rally for Palestinian rights. Part of Howard Zinn's talk in New Haven's Center Church on the Green about his new book on Mayday

Show #173 "Iraq Solidarity Tour" Unionists from US Labor Against the War tour with Iraqi unionists and call for US pullout. Video is from their DVD "Meeting Face to Face". "Letter to Black America" from prominent African-Americans calling for support of June 10 rally in DC.

Show #172 "Mayday '07" Latinos on the New Haven Green on Mayday, Mariachi band, Charlie Fuentes, Kica Matos, Rev. Jose Champagne, and the March through New Haven. Also Stanley Heller interviews Howard Zinn about his new book. Opening remarks of Palestinian/Jewish film director Juliano Mer-Khamis about life now in the Jenin refugee camp.

Show #171 "Zinn on the Green" Anti-war activist Howard Zinn's speech on the New Haven Green. Video and news about Mumia abu Jamal. A critical court hearing, maybe the final decision on Mumia's case, will be made this month.

Show #170 "Protesting Pelosi" April 20 demonstration in Hartford against war enabler Nancy Pelosi. Full video of "The Easiest Targets" on strip searching of Palestinian women and children. Also infomercial from the Israeli group B'tselem about housing demolitions and Jonathan Hutto's answer to the question on whether criticism of the war harms troop morale.

Show #169 "Abuse Searches" Interview with Allison Weir of If Americans Knew about her report and video about the routine strip searching of Palestinian women and children. Portions of her video "The Easiest Targets". Interview with Paula Panzarella about Mayday. Video of Mayday 2006 "Die-in" Protest.

Show #168 "Amy Goodman II " More of Amy Goodman's talk in Connecticut College. Also Stanley Heller on Don Imus and his comments about Palestinians.

Show #167 "Amy Goodman" Amy Goodman, the award winning host of Democracy Now spoke at Connecticut College in March, also Stanley Heller talks about Anna Baltzer's reports from the West Bank and appeals to viewers to write Amy Goodman and ask her to interview Baltzer. mail@democracynow.org

Show #166 "Protesting ICE" Start of rally in Danbury protesting the ICE raids on immigrants. Jason McGahan of the Regional Coalition for Immigrant Rights gives an introduction. Immigrant worker Rosa Lopez. Plus more interviews from March 18 anti-war march in NYC, Daniel Strum on his visit to Iran. Also Peggy Marzell and high school student Mathew Zeltzer.

Show #165 "Troops Home" March 18 anti-war march in New York City, interviews with members of Adalah-NYC, and a member of the Jewish Workmens' Circle Ring and an activist in Code Pink, video of the march, final section of Jonathan Hutto's speech for CTUP. Stanley Heller comments on the death of Israeli activist Tanya Reinhart. Heller comments about the Israel practice of routinely strip searching Palestinian women, even small children.

Show #164 "Willimantic March" Peace march in Willimantic, Ct, interviews with marchers and members of Iraq Vets Against the War who had come up for the demonstration. Also part 2 of Jonathan Hutto's speech at Connecticut United for Peace in Middletown.

Show #163 "Appeal for Redress" Part 1 of Jonathan Hutto's speech at Connecticut United for Peace in Middletown. Video shot in the Gaza Strip in 2003 about the killing of Rachel Corrie (she was murdered on March 16 of that year).

Show #162 "Jonathan Hutto Speaks Out" A week before his "60 Minutes" appearance "Appeal for Redress" leader speaks to Stanley Heller about active duty soldiers who oppose the war. Featured video Tanya Reinhart, exiled Israeli professor and activist speaks in New York City during Israel Apartheid week

Show #161 "Joseph Massad" Outstanding talk by Palestinian-American Professor Joseph Massad of Columbia during the NYC "Israel Apartheid Week". Wry, sarcastic, biting not only of Israeli racism, but of the leadership of the PLO.

Show #160 "PLO Ambassador" Afif Safieh the PLO Representative to the US and unofficial Palestinian Ambassador spoke earlier this month at CCSU. He talks about PLO and Arab support for a two state solution, the futility of Israel's apartheid wall, Palestinian on Palestinian violence, and the talks that were ongoing in MECC for a Palestinian unity government Stanley Heller has a short comment.

Show #159 "DC Demo on Jan. 27" Stanley Heller warns on Iran, strikers at West Haven construction company, ex-Marine talks about Lt. Wahada (officer who refuses to go to Iraq), scenes of the Jan. 27 march in Washington, DC" Heller talks about the CT scandal concerning the Tobacco Settlement money

Show #158 "Congress: End the War" Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Jane Fonda as they spoke at the Jan. 27 massive Anti-War rally in Washington, DC. Stanley Heller as he spoke to the Contingent for Middle East Peace: Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon. Starting with the end of Elik Elhanan's (Israeli member of Combatants for Peace) talk in Orange, CT

Show #157 "Combatants" Elik Elhanan, an Israeli and Sulaiman Al Hamri, a Palestinian, former fighters who now are part of Combatants for Peace, talk about their histories. Then Stanley Heller reads a letter by the mother of Elik Elhanan about the murder of the 9 year old daughter of a member of Combatants for Peace.

Show #156 "Iraq Was No Threat" A 2005 interview of Cindy Sheehan, a few months before she became known world wide (interviewer Stanley Heller). The main piece is video Mariee Najimy the President of the Massachusetts chapter of the American-Aarb Anti-Discrimination Committee as she spoke at the CTUP conference in December. Also Stanley Heller's comment "Democracts - Stop Giving Bush Standing Ovations" You can see the comment right now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2HDSqvXbAY

Show #155 "Hamden on Bush" January 11 demonstration in Hamden, CT while the street was filled with people protesting Bush's speech and the cars honked on and on, also repeat of Scott Ritter explaining that there's no evidence the Iraq has a nuclear weapons program. More of famed educator Jonathan Kozol.

Show #154 "Peled on Israel" Conclusion of interview with Nurit Peled Elhanan (see show #153). Also famed educator Jonathan Kozol on why we should demand that schools not only be "productive", but that they should be pleasant and humane places and why we shouldn't settle for half measures Stanley Heller comments on the mafia hit of Saddam Hussein

Show #153 "What They Really Teach" Israeli Professor Nurit Peled Elhanan, daughter of the late Israeli Major General Matti Peled, whose only daughter was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber, is interviewed by Peter Viering of Council for the National Interest. Stanley Heller talks about the idiot plan to divide Iraq into 3 and the Bush plan to expend $100 million to spread civil war to Palestine. Show #152 "The Dark History of Oil" Michael Klare author of "Blood and Oil" talks about the influence of oil on U.S. history from FDR to Bush. Also coverage of the protest over the huge United Illuminating Company rate hike in the New Haven CT area. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Central Labor Council President Bob Proto, Marie Nottarino and a leader of the newly formed committee to stop the UI rate increase, Frank Panzarella.

Show #151 "Tree of Life" The town of Bethlehem is not just a name in a song. At the "Tree of Life Conference" in Old Lyme, Rev. David Good, Brother Jack Curran from Bethlehem University, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi of Israel on so-called Israeli democracy, Anna Baltzer, Cyrus Bina, and from a NYC protest of this year's invasion of Lebanon Norman Finkelstein and Palestinian poet Remi Kanazi.

Show #150 "Breaking the Silence" Yehuda Shaul leader of the Israeli soldiers group speaks at the First Congregational Church in Old Lyme. Also video about the exhibit his group held in Tel Aviv

Show #149 "Nablus Violence" Interview with Gale Courey Toensing about what she saw in Nablus, Palestine over the summer when the world was focused on Lebanon. Also Jack Mordente and N'goma on their experiences in the Vietnam war.

Show #148 "Life in the Territories" Anna Baltzer talks (in April) about what she saw in the Palestinian territories. Coverage of the Laundry workers demo of the Unite *** HERE union. Rally in New Haven in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca.

Show #147 "Veterans Day Parade" Veterans for Peace and friends marched in the Hartford Veterans Day Parade to a warm reception. See the moving panels of names of Americans killed in Iraq and the 40 foot long bus that came all the wary from Texas. Interviews with Veterans Fred Louis and Joe Calendrillo. Also rebroadcast of Iraq Vet Jimmie Massey's description of the 30 civilians his outfit killed. Show #146 "Joe Carr Interview" Joe Carr was with Rachel Corrie when she was murdered and Tom Hurndall when he was murdered. He went with the Christian Peacemaker Team to Iraq and was friends with Tom Fox who was murdered in Iraq. Also video of women in Oaxaca, Mexico taking over a TV station that refused to broadcast the views of the people behind the barricades

Show #145 "ANSWER Rally in New Haven" featuring remarks by Farid Faramond on Iran, Stanley Heller on Gaza, Chris Towne on the Danbury 11, and Victorya McEvoy on the murders in Oaxaca, Mexico. Also Simon Moshenberger recalls his friend Brad Will was was murdered in Oaxaca.

Show #144 "Exit Strategy" Charlie Richardson of Military Families Speak Out talks about how to get out of Iraq, scences of protests outside the last Senatorial debate in CT, Kit Gage of the National Committee Against Repressive Legislation talks about the important local actions that being taken to fight the shredding of the Constitution.

Show #143 "Najimy on Harassment of Arabs" Mariee Najimy, president of the Massachusetts chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee speaks about harassment of Arabs going back to the '70's. She highlights the 19 year government vendentta against the LA 8. Part of Norman Finkelstein's talk this spring at CCSU on Israel's woeful human rights record

Show #141 "Gitmo" Attorney Elizabeth Gilson talks about the Bush reign of terror on prisoners in Guantanamo on the rights of Americans. Ann Sapp of Military Families Speak Out tells what it was like for her family when her husband was in Iraq. Stanley Heller comments on the report that 650,000 Iraqis had died since the invasion.

Show #139 "Terror Victim's Mother" Dr. Nirit Peled Elhanan speech September 30 in New London. He daughther was murdered by a suicide bomber in Jerusalem in 1997. She's furious at her own Israeli government for the mistreatment of Palestinians that has spawned violence and counterviolence. Interview with Holly Khader about the increasing persecution of Palestinians in Iraq. Also a much needed repeat of part of an interview with Scott Ritter where he explains that there is no evidence the Iran had a nuclear weapons program.

Show #138 "About Richard Sitcha" Albert Moreau talks about the case of a Cameroon immigrant who received political asylum only to be imprisoned here when the State Department questioned some of his references. Also Justine McCabe's talk in Danbury in September. McCabe was in the Occupied Territories this summer.

Show #137 "Immigrants are Welcome Here" Last month's counter protest to the "Minutemen" anti-immigrant rally. Also Marela Zacarias on the big rally coming up on Oct 1 in Hartford uniting immigrant rights and anti-war folks. (note she mentions Sept. 30 as the date, but the rally date has been changed to Oct. 1) Andy Sapp of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Show #136 "Kozol on Schools" Reknowned education writer Jonathan Kozol speaks out against the resegreation of schools and critiques the practices in minority schools of rote and programmed learning. News about a joining of the immigrant rights movement and anti-war movement on September 30 in Hartford.

Show #135 "Military Family Mom" Nancy Lessin, co-founder of Military Families Speak Out, talks against the war and about her 3,000 member organization at a Boston meeting. Highlghts of Juan Jose Guiterrez speech at the New Britain, CT AFSC dinner. Fatima Rojas interviews Guiterrez.

Show #134 "Occupation is a Crime" Well over 10,000 march in DC on August 12 to protest the Israeli invasions and occupation. Hear Dr. Esam Omesh of the Muslim-American society, Brian Becker of ANSWER, Clovis Maksoud speaker for the ADC, minutes of the march with all the colorfull signs and banners. Also Lenni Brenner talks about the decline of religion in the U.S. (from a 2005 talk in CT)

Show #133 "Nature of the Resistance" Michael Schwartz concludes the very smart lecture he gave about the Iraqi resistance and the terrorist problem in Iraq. Recorded at the ISO convention in June. Also young women from BAMN talk about the danger to school integration reflected in new cases going to the Supreme Court. Stanley Heller reflects on Sy Hersh's warning about Bush, Lebanon and Iran.

Show #132 "Stop Israel Demo" Hundreds march in downtown New Haven, CT. Dr. Tony Snieh on Lebanon talks about his fears for his family and country. Featured is part of a excellent talk given in June in New York City by political writer Michael Schwartz about the origins of the Iraqi resistance.

Show #131 "Brooklyn Bridge Demo" 1500 people march along the Brooklyn Bridge in protest of the Israeli invasions of Gaza and Lebanon. Mazin Qumsiyeh and Anthony Arnove speak. Highlight: Ralph Nader's stunning remarks on Israel's "war crime" in Lebanon. Mustapha Ali on rising dissent in Egypt. Carol Caref on New Orleans.

Show #130 "Boston Anti-War" the July demonstration in Boston against the Israeli Invasions of Lebanon and Gaza. Interviews with Hana Khalil Ritscher, Mohsen Haidar, Margaret Mirada, John Harris and gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross. Also Nativo Lopez, national director of the Mexican-American Political Association and a key organizer of the first huge rally for immigrants in Chicago speaks harshly against the Hagal-Martinzez "comproise" bill.

Show #129 "Savage Invasion" Stanley Heller rips Israeli excuses for its invasions. Interview with Palestinian-American writer and activist Toufic Haddad (NYC, late June), and part of Norman Finkelstein's talk in New Britian, CT in the spring about how the international court decided Israel's wall was a lawbreaker.

Show #127 "Why Camilo Mejia Went to Jail" Ex-Army Sgt. Interview: Camilo Mejia talks about why he refused to go back to Iraq and why he went to jail. Also David Rovics sings several songs on May 1 in New Haven including his song about Cindy Sheehan's son Casey. Show #126 "Ex-Marine" Rob Serra talks about the events that caused him to give up his career in the Marines and join Iraq Vets Against the War. Ionna Gutas who visited Lebanon several months ago talks of the miserable conditions of Palestinians there. Reggie Marra reads anti-war poetry.

Show #125 "Visitor to Lebanon" Ioanna Gutas about current conditions in Lebanon. Also June 3 rally in New Haven against the sanctions against Palestinians. Mazin Qumsiyeh, Stanley Heller

Show #124 "Palestinian Women" interview with Leila el-Haddad Palestinian journalist, blogger and mother from Gaza City. Also interview with Samia Halaby, major Palestinian artist and organizer of the "Made in Palestine" art exhibit in NYC with scences of some of the artwork. Also an interview done last fall with Kathy Kelly about witnessing the "Shock and Awe" invasion and her new book, "From Baghdad to Pekin Prison"

Show #123 "The USS Liberty" Israeli jets and torpedo boats killed 34 US sailors and injured 172 on June 8, 1967. The survivors say the attack was deliberate. This show is based entirely on a documentary video made by the survivors. It includes video of retired Admiral Thomas H. Moorer former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Fouding Chairman of the USS Liberty Alliance.

Show #122 "To Be an Arab in Israel" Part of a speech by Fouzi al-Asmar, Palestinian-American writer, columnist and poet about discimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel. Also coverage of the "Justice for Janitor" 32BJ rally and march in New Haven featuring State Senator Toni Harp."

Show #121 "Ray McGovern on WMD" Ray McGovern put it to Rumsfeld and made national TV. We show a repeat of his comments on our show about the magical WMD. News about the killing of British filmmaker James Miller in Gaza including video of his murder. Interviews at April 29 NYC anti-war rally with Sandra Wolf of Veterans Against the War and Bekah Wolf of the International Solidarity Movement.

Show #120 "Mayday Immigrant Strike" May 1st in New Haven, festivities including the Maypole dance, 4,000 people in a die-in to protest the war, a speech by John Wilhelm the national president of the UNITE *** HERE union and the march of thousands of people though New Haven streets.

Show #119 "Massive NYC March" 12 minutes of the banners and signs of the April 29 anti-war march in New York City. On the spot interviews with a number of marchers including Madea Benjamin of Code Pink. Interview with Inea Bushnaq about a unique exhibit of Palestinian art on view in May in New York City. Interviews with two men from Farmers for Peace. Heller disses the New York Times for its lack of coverage of the rally.

Show #118 "Ambassador Safieh" The eloquent speech of Palestinian Ambassador to the USA Afif Safieh given in North Haven on April 22. Also the final section of the April 10 immigrant rally on the Green including Naveen Jaganathan and Mazin Qumsiyeh

Show #117 "Immigrant Mayday" Continued coverage of the April 10 immigrant rally including Mayor John DeStefano, Craig Gauthier, John Olsen, Roger Vann, Horge Barone, and Fatima Rojas. Video from last year's Mayday including musical acts, a performance poem by Ngoma and an interview I did with one of the days speakers Joe Urgo one of the founders of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Stanley Heller talks about $1.6 billion in stock options. #117

Show #116 "No Human Being is Illegal" Coverage of the beginning of the Immigrant Rights Demo on the New Haven Green. Interviews with and Gahodery Rodriquez and Raul Rivera. The speech of Kika Matos is featured. The first half of the show is an interview with Anna Baltzer who wrote a book "Witness in Palestine" about her visits to the Occupied Territories. It concentrates on her descriptions of the sufferings of daily life.

Show #115 "Seth Farber on Jewish Dissidents" an interview with Seth Farber, author of "Rabbis, Radicals and Peacemakers: Conversations with Jewish Critics of Israel", also a critical look by Stanley Heller at the March 19 COW anti-war demonstration in Hartford, video of State Rep. Andy Fleischman, Iraqi feminist Houzan Mahmoud, Democratic Majority leaders Chris Donovan.

Show #114 "Bring them Home" more coverage of the New Haven anti-war rally, Peter Knowlton of the US Labor Against the War, James Washington, CORD, Dimiti Gutas Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies at Yale University, a statement by a striking Teamster worker at Sikorsky read by his son Jay Poppa, Farid, an Iranian-American talks about Iranians killed during the days of the Saddam-US alliance, and Al Marder, President of the US Peace Council. Stanley Heller compares proposed anti-immigration laws to the Fugitive Slave Act of the 1850's.

Show #113 "March to the Green" 1,000 plus march to the New Haven Green in an anti-war protest on March 18. On the Green speeches by Jason McGahan, Rev. Alvin Johnson Jr. of Bethel AME Church of Bllomfield, Jeremy Brecher and Lina Valencia. Stanley Heller comments on the price of gas and the layoffs of teachers.

Show #112 "CTUP News Conference" Eman Ahmed Khamis of Iraq and Jessica White from Military Families Speak Out highlight the CTUP News Conference on March 15. Also Marie Lasch or UE, Mary Compton, CT Now, Fatima Rojas of Unidad Latina en Accion, and Meg Scata from CT United for Peace.

Show #111 "Rachel Corrie Remembered" Corrie was killed 3/16/03. You will see video of Gaza the day after Rachel Corrie was murdered from a British documentary maker including the home she was defending. Also Jason McGahan on Saturday's big anti-war demo in New Haven and interviews with striking Teamsters at Sikorsky

Show #110 "March 18 is Coming" Activists involved in planning the great New Haven rally talk about what's coming. Rally in Middletown to protest the war caps Activism 103 training. Scott Ritter talks about Bush and Iraq. Dahr Jamail tells about accounts of torture told to him during his months in Iraq.

Show #109 "Why Hamas?" At Yale professors Ellen Lust-Okar, Riaz Hassan, and attorney Hassan Jabareen speak about why Palestinians in the Territories have rejected leadership of the Palestine Authority in favor of the Islamic Hamas. Also more video of last year's March 18 anti-war march.

Show #108 "The Settlers' Reign of Terror" Shocking video of settlers in Hebron attacking Palestinians and human rights workers. Also interview with Professor Hazza Abu Rabi about his exhibition of rare photos of old Jerusalem. Announcement of March 18 demo in New Haven and some video from last year's march

Show #107 "Mocking Bush" Drive Out the Bush Regime demo in New Haven, interview with Paula Panzarella who attended the Drive Out the Bush Regime demo in DC. Featuring a portion of Scott Ritter's January talk in West Hartford. This section on lies during the Clinton years, in particular Ritter claims the assassination attempt on Bush I never happened.

Show #106 "The Harvard Interviews" Interviews with Munir Germanus of Friends of Sabeel, Alice Rothchild, Daniel Moss, and Israeli army officer Rami Kaplan at the "Israel-Palestine 'Where Do We Go From Here'" conference at Harvard in Dec. 2004. Featuring Kathy Kelly's harrowing account of her attempt to rescue Palestinians in Jenin in 2002.

Show #105 "Ritter Again Denies Iran Nukes" Interview with Scott Ritter before his talk on Jan. 24 in West Hartford. Featuring a talk by Major Rami Kaplan, Israeli Defense Forces (Res.) on organizing military resister in Israel

Show #104 "Palestinian-Israeli Lawyer" Hassan Jabareen, lawyer from Haifa speaks about Mahmoud Darwish, and about conditions for the other Palestinians, the Arab citizens of Israel.

Show #103 "Collaboration with Fascists" In time for Jan. 27 UN Holocaust Remembearnace Day, Lenni Brenner's talk at the New Haven library in 2003 in which he told about Zionist leaders making deals with fascists and Nazis in the interwar period and how one group, the Stern Gang even tried to collaborate witht the Nazis in 1940! [Brenner's full talk is already online at thestruggle.org ] Also Scott Ritter saying categorically that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program.

Show #102 "She Won't Let Bush Hide her Son's Death" Nadia McCaffrey talks about her son's death in Iraq and her decision to call the press when his coffin was flown back to the U.S. Ray McGovern, retired CIA agent, on how Saddam changed from the "contained" column back to "meance" overnight.

Show #101 "Kathy Kelly in Baghdad" Anti-war hero Kathy Kelly talks about what it was like to be in Baghadad during the Shock and Awe invasion, Angela Goldstein talks about the desperate conditions of Palestinians in her home for 24 years, Israel.

Show #100 "Sports and Protest" features a talk given by sports columnist David Zirin who spoke at Southern CT State University in December. He talks about the most hated man in sports in the 1960's (Muhammad Ali), the disgrace of the construction of the New Orleans Superdome, and athletes today who buck the system like Eitan Thomas who spoke at the Sept. 24th demo in DC.

Show #99 "National Guard Solider Speaks Out" We start with the march of hundreds of New Havener' organized by CORD asking the Yale Hospital Corporation to bargain a community agreement. The bulk of the show is a talk given by Patrick Resta, a member of the National Guard, who tells shameful stories of incompetent training, shoddy equipment, and brutal acts by US soldiers in Iraq in 2004. Resta is now a leader of Iraq Vets Against the War.

Show #98 "The Lieberman Demo" Mini-demo in front of Joseph Lieberman's home that we're told even was mentioned on national news. Also a large portion of Dennis Kyne's talk at SCSU. Kyne is a 15 year army veteran, fought in Desert Storm, partially disabled from deplete uranium and determined foe of the radioactive poison. Heller ridicules Lieberman's fantastic claim that Bush's Iraq war is supported by 25 million Iraqis. Proposes the war be called the Bush-Lieberman war.

Show #97 "Norman Finkelstein: The Main Event" Finkelstein demolishes Alan Dershowitz. Also Brenden Smith co-editor of "In the Name of Democracy, American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond" talks about horrors in Iraq

Show #96 "Soldiers and Uranium" Interview with Dennis Kyne at SCSU in November about the DU he says injured him and is sickening others in the '91 and '03 invasions of Iraq. Also Norman Finkelstein disputes the New Anti-Semitism. Also Bruce Martin on the court decision ordering a new trial for the Cuban 5.

Show #95 "Irish Anti-War Trial" Kathy Kelly back from Ireland talks about the Plowshare Pitstop trial where activists used hammers to disable a U.S. plane that was being used in the aggression against Iraq. She talks about their trial. Also Norman Finkelstein about how the facts of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict are really not difficult to understand or controversial at all.

Show #94 "The Gaza Show" Israeli activist Sergio Yahni talks about the fake drama of the settler withdrawal from Gaza. More of Norman Finkelstein talk at Yale on Oct. 20. In this section he talks about his first expose, that of the Joan Peters book that had claimed there were almost no Palestinians living in Palestine until the Zionist settlers developed the land!

Show #93 "Bush's Invasions of Fallujah" Interview with Dahr Jamail, American journalist who has spent 8 months in Iraq, more of Norman Finkelstein's talk at Yale, in this section he talks about the much hyped Israeli "disengagement" in Gaza, Heller talks about the resolution "Not Another Penny for the War" that was proposed by MECC at the CT United for Peace Conference

Show #92 "World Court on the Wall" Norman Finkelstein on why the World Court opinion against the Israeli "security" wall was so important, Lucey on the suicide of her son after coming back from Iraq, CT AFL-CIO president John Olsen at the 9/18 anti-war demo in New Haven, Chris Jenks on the menace of depleted uranium.

Show #91 "Military Voices Against the War" Other voices on the Cindy Sheehan "Bring the Troops Home Now Bus Tour", Sept 18 in New Haven speakers from Military Families Speak Out, Mike Hoffman from Iraq Veterans Against the War and a speaker from Veterans for Peace.

Show #90 "The CIA Lied" Scott Ritter's Speech at the United Church on the Green in New Haven on September 17 in which he explained that the US was never interested in the weapons of mass destruction, but in overthowing Saddam Hussein's government. It wasn't intelligence failure. Ritter says the CIA lied.

Show #89 "Taking on the Vigilantes" The 150 strong protest of the anti-immigrant meeitng in West Haven, interviews with protesters Jim Pandaru, Arianna Freeman, Pauline Evans, Orlando Bolanos, Henry Fernandez,and key organizer of the event Latinos United in Action leader John Lugo. Also from Washington DC, an interview with Joshua Ruebner on the staff of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and a talk on the Right to Return by steering committee member of that group Mazin Qumisyeh. Also Curtis Mohammed of New Orleans Community Labor Alliance and a song from the "Raging Grannies"

Show #88 "Protest Rock DC" Video of the Sept. 24 in Washington where 200,000 of your friends protested the war. See Cindy Sheehan, Geoge Galloway, Congresswoman Cythia McKinney, ISM leader Arraf and the march through the streets!

Show 87 "Ritter Says Iran has No Nukes" featuring our interview with Scott Ritter 9/17/05 in New Haven. He warns that Bush is still determined to oust the Iranian government through military means and that the reasons for the war are bogus. Also Cindy Sheehan in New Haven, her entire speech on the 18th

Show #86 "The Speaker of the Palestinian Authority" Exclusive interview at Yale with Salim al-Zaanoun, the Speaker of the Palestinian National Council, [the equivalent of the Speaker of the House in the US]. We talk about his role in the founding of al-Fatah, the slow investigation into the mysterious death of Yasser Arafat and the reasons why PA leaders are not leading the non-violent resistance to the Wall. Also demo at Southern CT State University by food service workers who are unhappy with contract violations by the company. Stanley Heller talks about the brutal ethnic cleansing going on now in the city of Hebron on the occupied West Bank.

Show #85 "Sheehan Bus Tour is Coming" Announcements about Sheehan and Ritter, Heller blasts Bush for turning down Cuban aid. Demo in New Haven denouncing US failure on Katrina, interview with the director of the Al-Rowwad Palestinian Children's Theater. Heller talks about Powell's non-apology for his pack of lies to the UN.

Show #84 "Vietnam Vet Joe Urgo" Joe Urgo one of the leaders of Vietnam Vets Against the War explodes the myth that war protestors were anti-soldier and talks about the brave protests of VVAW. Also drumming and Afro/Brazilian martial dance. Stanley Heller reads Paul Craig Roberts piece which begins "Chalk up the city of New Orleans as another cost of Bush's Iraq war…"

Show #83 "Cindy Sheehan Interview" Zuhair Ashqar talks about how checkpoints and wall are dividing Palestinians as never before, Dave Ionno's speech at the July 30 Manchester anti-war rally, interview with Cindy Sheehan. Her views on the war, how recruiters went after her son, the Downing St. memos. Stanley Heller talks about NYT article that predicts war will cost $1 trillion. Show #82 "Main Street Manchester" The July 30 anti-war protest in Manchester, CT with more than 100 folks marching up Main St. Speeches by WWII Veteran Nicholas LaPenta, State Senator Mary Ann Hanley, labor leader Stephen Thornton, Mary Prado of Latinos Contra La Guerra, and Stanley Heller

Show #81 "Gerry Adams in Connecticut" The IRA decision to lay down its arms is being taken under the leadership of Gerry Adams head of the Irish political party Sein Fein. See part of Adams speech at Quinnipiac University in 2004. Also union and community groups flooded the New Haven City Hall to try to ward off a plan to give Yale New Haven Hospital a "medical zone" and avoid meeting community demands. Hear Jerry Brown, New England President of 1199, ex-hospital worker Luz Vega, and New Haven Green Party co-chair Allan Brison.

Show #80 "Westmoreland's End" General Westmoreland, the war criminal who led the genocidal war against Vietnam died peacefully at 91. Heller comments and shows video of Ngoma, Vietnam war vet and poet. Also Cindy Sheehan whose son was killed in 2004 in Iraq. Hear how the recruiters reeled in her son with lies of bonuses and free education.

Show #79 "Waterbury Immigrant Rights Rally" video of the march and picket. Interviews and speeches of Blair Bartaccini, Jayson Percy, Dan Zarrella, Khalid al-Qaddumi, Phillip Bern, Catherine Salazar-Smith, Katherine Golub interviews Hernando, Mazin Qumsiyeh, John Lugo, Dennis Finnegan. Also outstanding Israeli activist Michel Warschawsky spoke at Central this spring, excerpt from his talk.

Show #78 "Civil Rights", part of Wilson Hernandez comments at the Immigration Forum. Interview with David Truskoff on Martin Luther King, Jr. and his fateful speech on Vietnam, Barry Sheppard talks about his book on the SWP and the radicalism of the '60's, interview with Gulamhussein Abba about his labor work in India, Heller talks about Scott Ritter's declaration that the US is at war with Iran.

Show #77 "Palestinian Children's Theater" interview with Abdel Fattah Abu-Srour, director of the al-Rowwad Children's theater of Aida camp. Also interview with two of the young actors of the theater company. Stanley Heller comments on Rumsfeld's newest lie.

Show #76 "Hanan Ashrawi at Yale" Part of the talk given by Hanan Ashrawi, a leading spokeswoman for Palestinian human rights. Madea Benjamin of Code Pink denounces war talk about Iran. Stanley Heller comments on how Karl Rove got it wrong, both conservatives and liberals helped our 9/11 attackers. He also defends Senator Durbin's descriptions of the tortures at Gitmo as being something you'd expect from Nazis.

Show #75 "Danbury Unity March" Wilson Hernandez at the press conference, interviews with Sandy Ward, Gulamhussein Abba, Dennis Bouffard, scenes of the march, speeches at the park rally with Rev. Phyllis Leopold, and Edwin Vargas. Featured interview Cindy Sheehan, founder of Gold Star Mothers for Peace who was in the national news this week for her appearance at the hearing about the Downing Street Memo.

Show #74 "Soldiers Who Quit the Iraq War" demo in New Haven to protest the trials of two US soldiers who refuse to go back to Iraq. Hear Leela Yellesetty, Pranav Jani, Milly Guzman-Young. Inteviews with Rhonda Hanson a leader of an anti-war caucus in the National Education Association, Monique Dols, Campus Anti-War Network. Speech given by Mike Hoffman one of the founders of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Show #73 "SEIU and Wycliffe Jean" Jack Sibbold, peace activist who is on a peace walk across the entire country. SEIU rally in support of organizing at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Deborah Dimbo, hospital worker, Andy Stern, National President of AFL-CIO, Heller interviews Andy Stern and Willie Tart [who is on the organizing committee for the hospital drive] Heller comments: Join the union, but questions why the unions still are pouring money down the Democratic Party rathole.

Show #72 "Warschwarsky Interview --- March in West Hartford" Interview of renowned Israeli activist Michel Warschawsky by Chris Gauvreau and Emily Chasse. Hear his comments about poverty among Israeli Jews! May 25 march and rally against vigilante haters of immigrants in West Hartford. See Rochelle Smith, Marela Zacarias, Philip Berns.

Show #71 "The Second Civil War" David Truskoff, veteran fighter for civil rights talks about struggles he took part in from 1948 to the middle '60's. He knew King, Carmichael, Hammer, and Leroy Moton who was the car when Viola Liuzzo was murdered by the Klan. Also a bit of Gene Bruskin's talk about the April 28 Labor event. Heller expresses admiration for George Galloway's drubbing of US Senators who tried to slander him. As the Post put it, "Brit Fries Senators in Oil"

Show #70 "Labor Speaks Out on Iraq" Speakers at the April 28 gathering of unionists in New Britain's AFSCME meeting hall. CT AFL-CIO President John Olsen, Jose La Luz an AFL-CIO assistant director for organizing, Dave Ionno a Vietnam Vet and member of AFSCME. Interview with Bill Shortell, Political Director, Local 700 Machinists. The unionists who voted at the meeting all supported the resolution to "Bring the Troops Home".

Show #69 "Free Tali Fahima" Michel Warschawsky speaks about Tali Fahima, an Israeli Jew who has been in jail for a year because she journey to Jenin. Also interviews with folks going on the Peacetrain to the Mayday anti-nuclear and anti-war demo in NYC. Mark Coville talks about a trial of folks in Ireland who damaged US bombers. A bit of drumming by Brian Jarawa Gray

Show #68 "The Wall" More of the rally at SCSU on April 20, angry workers and anti-war folks, video of the Israeli Apartheid Wall slicing up the West Bank, interview in Nablus, Palestine, interview in New Haven with Michel Warschawsky of Jerusalem, activist for over 35 years, Heller comments on the what Sharon is up to with his wall.

Show #67 "Yale Graduate Teachers' Strike" strike rallies of April 20 and 21. Also the anti-war and anti-union buster rally at Southern CT State University. See Nazimah Kadir, Michael Yarborough, Pat Marchitto, Jennifer Seaich, Gabriera Rodriquez, featuring Jesse Jackson At SCSU Stanley Heller Becca Lewis, Bransly Barnaby, Nicholas McDonald. Karate demo along with announcement for Mayday 2005..

Show #66 "Scott Ritter's Warnings" exclusive interview with former Marine major and UN arms inspector Scott Ritter. He blasts the Iraq election and warns about a possible massive bombing attack against Iran this June. Also more of the Pat O'Connor interview. This segment about continuing wall building and land stealing during the Palestinian cease-fire. Also part of Jamilah Rasheed's comments on March 19 and a plug for May Day on the New Haven Green.

Show #65 "Expelled for Protesting the Wall" Part 1 of an interview with Patrick O'Connor of the International Solidarity Movement who was jailed and later expelled by Israel for peaceful protest in the Occupied Territories. He talks about the protests against the apartheid wall and interviews he did with Palestinians who were jailed and tortured by the Israeli government. Also an interview with James Washington of CORD which is a New Haven community group trying to get Yale New Haven Hospital to agree to a deal. Yale wants to build a medical facility. The community wants jobs and rights to join a union.

Show #64 "The Barnard Park Rally" Highlights of the start of the rally of 1,000 anti-war folks in the park on March 19, See Luz Santana, Todd Dewey, Francis Davila, Cornell Lewis, Marela Zacarais, Mazin Qumsiyeh, Pat O'Connor, Sam Goldberger and Charlie Pruitt Show #63 "The March 19 Anti-War Rally in Hartford" Highlights of the first hour, Stanley Heller, Wayne Coste, Al Marder, Justine McCabe, Paula Panzarella, Rebecca Lewis, Frank O'Gorman speak at Minuteman Park, scenes of the march through Hartford streets. Mary Prado and Rev. Scott Marks rouse the crowd at Barnard Park.

Show #62 ""Fallujah Eyewitness" Heller interviews: Fred Mason, AFL-CIO head in Maryland and DC and a leader of US Labor Against the law. Plus Rahul Mahajan who was in Fallujah in 2004 talks about atrocities and analyses the various groups in Iraq resisting or fighting the occupation. Heller talks about Lebanon and why most Lebanese oppose Bush's grandstanding. Show #61 "Educators to Stop the War" speakers from the amazing NYC conference on March 5. Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Global Exchange. Mike Hoffman one of the founders of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Jackie DiSalvo, conference organizer on the promise of an alliance of activist educators and militant students. Stanley Heller makes a short comment about Lebanon "Bush Butt Out!"

Show #59 "Brenner on Jefferson" Lenni Brenner gives us ammunition to take on those who would make the US bow down to the fundamentalists. Mitzi Bowman talks about how the Feds want to make it easier to recycle nuclear waste into your home, Lowendorf on the Mayors' plea to get rid of nuclear weapons. News about the March 19 demo.

Show #58 "Bulldozing Homes and Lives" video of Israeli anti-housing demolition leader Jeff Halper who will be in CT on March 5. Witnesses to Rachel Corrie murder March 16, 2003. David Rovics sings of Rachel Corrie. Activist Mary Johnson on Coalition for People. Milly Guzman Young on March 19 rally.

Show #57 "Everybody out for March 19" Marela Zacarias tells about the big Hartford rally in English and in Spanish. Other comments from activists planning the march and rally. Michel Khleifi and Eyal Sivan talk about the file they directed "Route 189". Mazin Qumsiyeh talks about what he hope to learn on his trip to the Occupied Territories. Kyle Haven talks about a Senator backwards statement. Stanley Heller talks about the new Abu Ghraib scandal and the sexual humiliation techniques at Guantanamo.

Show #56: "Abolitionists Speak Out" Jan 31 at the Hearing on a Bill to Abolish CT's Death Penalty, Robert Nave, Bishop Peter Rosazza, Joshua Rubinstein, Rep. Bill Dyson, Paula Panzarella, Joan Cavanaugh, Lyubza Azbel, Hillary Smith, Claire, Hogenauer. Interview with Mazin Qumsiyeh about the land grab in Jerusalem. Stanley Heller raps Daniel Pipes. Video of the great NYC demo in March 2003. Heller comments on the Iraq Elections

Show #55: Title "A Soldier's Account" former Marine Jimmy Massey continues his description of his activities during the invasion of Iraq. This week he talks about the 30 plus civilians he killed. Heller comments about the "option" being discussed to engage in mass assassinations of Iraqi civilians. Some sound bites from the Jan 20 counter-inauguration protest in New Haven. Heller comments on a lousy NPR report of the attempts by 23 prisoners at Guantanamo to commit suicide.

Show #54 Title "The Quagmire Expands" former Marine Jimmy Massey who left his military career out of disgust for what he did in the Iraq invasion, video about the home Rachel Corrie defended in Gaza with her life, Heller comments about Sy Hersh's warning that we're about to attack Iran

Show #53: Title "Antoinette Bosco - Mother of Murder Victims". Interview with Antoinette Bosco, mother whose son and his wife were brutally murdered ten years ago. She is opposed to the death penalty and she wrote a book called "Choosing Mercy". Heller says that government has to get out of the killing business.

Show #52 Title "Robert Nave 'We Should Abolish the Death Penalty". Interview with Robert Nave of the CT Network to Abolish the Death Penalty, Also interviews at the New Haven Board of Aldemen meeting where they voted to call on the US to bring the troops home!

Show #51: Title "Should We Kill Prisoners?" the final section of Sister Helen Prejean's talk at Yale on the death penalty (an executioner's regrets why the death penalty doesn't deter, an executioner's regrets). Bill Hill, Vietnam Vet talks about Vietnam and Iraq, Stanley Heller explains why former Defense Secretary McNamara belongs in prison, Rev. Don Wagner on the Presbyterian decision to study whether to divest from Israel, Heller mentions plans for counter-inaugural

Show #50: "Misery in the Occupied Territories" Brian Buckley of Wheels of Justice on what he saw in the Israeli Occupied Territories, new developments in the murder of Tom Hurndall. Also, friends of Hiram Marrero who was killed by New Haven police ask why he had to die, Stanley Heller wonders why Americans willingly sacrifice their sons and daughters in Iraq

Show #49: "The Wheels of Justice" interview Brian Buckley about his trip to Najah, Iraq. More of Sister Helen Prejean's talk about her book "Dead Man Walking", Heller comments about how the US army intends to make Fallujah into a giant prison

Show #48: "Sister Helen Prejean on the Death Penalty", Prejean, who wrote "Dead Man Walking", made this speech at Yale in the mid-'90's. Also Mazin Qumsiyeh and Brian Becker [of A.N.S.W.E.R] at the Nov. 20 conference.

Show #47: "The Wall Between Church and State", interview with Lenni Brenner about his new book on how Madison and Jefferson built the wall and why we should defend it. Tanya Mayo of Not in Our Name. Also more of Bill Fletcher, Jr. Heller comments

on we should not honor Tom Brokaw.

Before show #47 we're kind of fuzzy on order and numbers

"Where do We Go From Here?" Speakers at the big conference at Central on Nov. 20. Rob Serra on why he left the Marines and became an anti-war activist, keynote speaker Bill Fletcher, Jr. analyzing the present situation. Stanley Heller talks about how the Gaza Pullout plan is a total fraud and new developments in the murder of Iman al-Hamns.

"Dual Occupations - The MIT Conference" Noam Chomsky talks about the Gaza disengement plan. Interviews with Robert Jensen, media expert and UT prof, Hannah Murmmelstein, and Mark Lance. Heller compares our victory at Fallujah with the Serb atrocity at Sbrenicia

"The End of the Arafat Era", interview with Naseer Aruri at the Nov. 8 "Dual Occupations" conference. Also interview with Chris Gauvreau on the amazing reception Vets for Peace got at the Veterans Day March in Hartford. Heller's comment is about Fallujah.

Latinos lead the Hartford Anti-War Rally, March to the capital, 300 rally against war and occupation, Mothers Against the War, Rev. Eunice Santana, Sal Luciano, Mazin Q umsiyeh, Guzman-Young interviews Sonia Santiago, Heller blasts Clinton'new book

The June 26 Anti-War Rally in New Haven, Chris Allen Doucot, Kathy Jackson, Hassan Fouda, Barbara Fair, Conscious, 100 march through New Haven streets****Christians who Criticize Christian Zionists, Missionarys Marthame and Elizabeth Sanders

Show #30 "RNC2DNC comes to New Haven", the march to Skull and Bones, Starhawk talks about the occupied Territories, David Rovics sings, "Who Would Jesus Bomb?", Heller comments on Grieder's Debtor Nation.

Show #33 "Half a Million Bash Bush in NYC", march highlights: the Republican Freak Show, Church Ladies for Choice, interview with Peter Camejo. Also interview with Na'eem Jeenah a South African. He compares apartheid with conditions in Israel/Palestine.

"Lenni Brenner on Zionist Collaboration", Interview with Lenni Brenner about his book "51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis", how the Zionists scabbed on the anti-Nazi boycott, how Likudnik predecessors offered to fight on the Nazi side in WWII.

"Justice for Woody" An interview with Steven Monroe Tomczak. His close friend was shot dead by police in a Brattelboro Church. Howard Dean was governor and fits in the story. Heller comment about little frauds (CBS) and bigger frauds (Bush - uranium yellowcake)

"Hope out Loud" Music and interviews at the Hope Out Loud celebration in Harford. Brian Kavanagh about his arrest at the RNC.

"Rachel Corrie - Justice Still Denied" Eyewitness Accounts of the Killing of Rachel Corrie from the awesome video Dispatches: The Killing Zone, my 2003 interview with the parents of Rachel Corrie, Storyteller-Singer David Rovics sings his song about Rachel Corrie, The simple solution to the health care mess: Get Rid of the Health Care Insurance Companies

"Eyes Wide Open" the AFSC exhibit of boots of the soliders who died in Iraq, the man Israel refused to let into the Territories

"Hartford Anti-War" march part 2, Horton Sheff, Elizabeth Aaronson, Stan Heller, and more!

Boston Anti-War Demo. Thousands demonstrate against the Democratic Convention and the "free speech" pen. Also two ISM volunteers talk about what its like in the territories

Nader at BAR. Ralph Nader's in mid-July at BAR in New Haven. Also the DNC2RNC march and the Stonewalk march

"Resolve an Iraq Pullout" Testimony by former Marine Sgt. Jimmy Massey supporting proposed resolution in New Haven calling for Iraq pullout, VP Candidate Peter Camejo talks at Southern, Heller comments about the fourth anniversary of the Palestinian uprising and the shooting death of a little girl in her classroom.

Show #43 "Israelis and Palestinians Rebuild Home" Video from the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions. Salim Shawamreh who has lost his home four times narrates. Heller comments on news that 100,000 civilians has perished in Iraq since the US invasion.

"Mazin Qumsiyeh talks about his new Book, Sharing the Land of Canaan" Part of Qumsiyeh's talk 9/11/04 at the West Haven Library.

"Mike Alewitz, Muralist and Agitator" Interview with Michael Alewitz about his murals, from Belfast to Chernobyl to Palestine. Interview with Scott Ritter, former Chief UN arms inspector. Comment about the clearing of the Israeli army officer implicated by his own death in the murder of Iman al-Hams.

Show 42 "Jimmy Massey" Extensive coverage of former Marine and Iraq war vet Jimmy Massey, his talk at the Summerfield Church, the phony war, violations of the Geneva Convention, also Peter Camejo on the Patriot Act and Heller on the next war...Iran

Show 44. "Mazin Qumsiyeh talks about his new Book, Sharing the Land of Canaan" Part of Qumsiyeh's talk 9/11/04 at the West Haven Library.

"The June 26 Anti-War Rally in New Haven" Chris Allen Doucot, Kathy Jackson, Hassan Fouda, Barbara Fair, Conscious, 100 march through New Haven streets

"Christians who Criticize Christian Zionists" Missionaries Marthame and Elizabeth Sanders

"Using Saddam's Laws" David Bacon on Why the US uses Saddam's Laws Against Iraqi Labor, part of Adam Shapiro's talk at Activism 102, Stanley Heller defends John Kerry [the 1971 version of John Kerry] from rightist Joel Mowbry.

"Palestinian Children's Theater" It will include interviews with Jess Ghannam of the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, and AbdelFattah Abu-Srour director of an exciting children's theater and cultural center, scenes of the civilian carnage accompanying an assassination of a Hamas leader, Vladislav Davidzon of the ISM and an interview with Meir Vanunu.

"CWA Workers Show Their Muscle". Demonstration in New Haven of SBC workers. Interview with CWA President. Stanley Heller comments on the slogan "Outsourcing the CEO". Coverage of the May 21 demonstration about the outrages in Rafah and Iraq. Alison Weir talks about her group "If Americans Knew" Heller reports on Marine Sgt. Jimmy Massey who left the service out of disgust for what he and other troops were doing to civilians in Iraq.

"Joe Lieberman Closed his Eyes". 'Mayday 2004' on the New Haven Green. Martial arts, Music, in your face poetry and the Maypole. Coverage of the Southern Connecticut State University anti-war rally in April. Heller talks about Seymour Hersh's new New Yorker article that claims that Rumsfeld approved of the use of sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners. Heller proposes to call the Iraq conflict the Bush-Lieberman war.

"All Out for February 22nd!" This is a 28 minute news program about anti-war activities by Connecticut activists. It includes footage of demonstrations in Stamford on the day Senator Lieberman announced his candidacy, and scenes of the Washington, DC demonstration on January 18. It features the February 9 talk by Ralph Nader in New Haven. It concludes with comment by Stanley Heller of "The Struggle" video network.

"Don and Joe Should Go". Stanley Heller calls for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld and Joe Lieberman. A talk with historian and activist Lenni Brenner about the Presidential campaign and winning support for the Palestinians. Heartbreaking video of the wounding of Huda Darweesh

"November Anti-War" coverage of the November 23, 2003 Anti-War rally in New Haven. There are also interviews with Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom of the Israeli group Rabbis for Peace and Dr. John Battista who leads a group fighting for an overhaul of the U.S. medical system.

"Christmas 2003" On Christmas night, Thurs. Dec. 25--Bethlehem Christmas 2003, protest of Israeli Ambassador in Litchfiel, interview with ISM volunteer Abraham Weizfeld, poetry of Abraham Schwartz, Happy Isaac Newton Day!

Show #1 (the first of weekly shows starting Nov. 2003) "Chomsky at Yale" video of the terrible results of an Israeli raid, eyewitnesses to Corrie's death, interview with Craig and Cindy Corrie, exclusive interview with Noam Chomsky last week at Yale

"Solidarity" This is a 28 minute news program about solidarity efforts with the Yale strikers and with an American-Palestinian woman. It features the community march on March 3 in support of the Yale strike and interviews with member of local 34, GESO and SEIU-1199.

"Stop Shooting" the March 2003 NYC anti-war march and the killing of Rachel Corrie by an Israeli bulldozer in the Occupied Territories. It includes interviews with members of the International Solidarity Movement, the group Rachel belong to, which tries to support Palestinians. It includes video shot in Rafah of ISM volunteers seeking to protect houses from demolition.

"There it Is" the June 28 protest in New Haven to restore bus stops, an interview with Amer Jubran, a political activist whom the government is trying to deport, news about the House resolution trying to get a U.S. investigation into the murder of of Rachel Corrie, an American killed by an Israeli bulldozer in the Occupied Territories, part of a talk given by famed film director Constantin Costa-Gavras [Z, Missing, State of Siege] about his new film on the Holocaust, "Amen"

"The First Intifada" interview with an activist organizing for a universal health care system, an interview with Teresa Younger of the CCLU about the Patriot Act, and a portion of a talk by a Palestinian named George Rashmawi talking about the intifada of the late 1980's.

"Immigrants Have Rights" a rally in New Haven in preparation for the October 2003 Immigrant Freedom Ride. It has has footage of a demonstration in Hartford in front of Congressman Larson's office in which 40 protestors called for him to support the Rachel Corrie Resolution and a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.

"No Blood for Oil". It's a 27 minute video made up of 15 minutes of video from the Oct. 26 anti-war demo in Washington and 12 minutes of commentary by Stanley Heller, MECC chairperson concerning "Myths about Iraq".