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Archive of Articles on Afghanistan


These are a mix, articles exclusive to this site or links to important articles on other sites.

U.S. (meaning Donald Rumsfeld) refused to negotiate a surrender with the Taliban in 2001 - New York Times 8-23

Afghanistan - A Turning Point in World History - Jonathan Nancy

Anand Gopal sums up what the US did in Afghanistan in 60 seconds He's author of "No Good Men Among the Living"

We Lost Everything - August 15, 2021 -

Afghanistan Meant Nothing - Veteran Laura Jedeed's bitter article, August 14, Medium

If You Had Bought $10,000 in Defense Stocks When the US War Started, it would be Worth $100,000 now - The Intercept

A Disaster of Imperialism Jose Vella - In Defence of Marxism

Afghans for a Better Tomorrow

Afghan Diaspora for Equality and Progress

And any U.S.-based attorneys interested in helping Afghans with SIV, P-2, and humanitarian parole cases are encouraged to fill this form

Afghanistan - The End? [Goff's answer is "No"] - Stan Goff [former Special Forces soldier] (fourth article down on this page) April


The Doves Were right. I Was Wrong. - Conor Friedersdorf - The Atlantic - Dec. 10, 2019

Yale Vigil on Afghanistan Killings - October 4, 2019

Protected by Soldiers, Youth in Afghanistan Join Climate Strike

40 Killed at Wedding Near U.S. Attack on Taliban

U.S. drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan

Afghan Women Struggle against Patriarchy, Imperialism, and Capitalism.

RAWA - Revolutionary Association of Afghan Women - Facebook Page

From 2009 interview with RAWA leader "Zoya" Interviewer TSVN host Stanley Heller

Trump Says Soviets Justified in Invading Afghanistan back in 1979

Life has Lost its Taste - The National

Trump Wanted to Bring the Taliban to Camp David - The Plan Unraveled - New York Times

The Taliban Roadmap to Peace - Foreign Policy

Solidarity with the Pashtun Defense Movement International Viewpoint (Marxist)


The Taliban Tried to Surrender, but the U.S. Refused - the Intercept - 2017 - Ryan Grim


An unfortunate article
"Afghan voters choose a better future" - Ralph Nader - 9/24/2014

Pakistani "Godfather" of Taliban Dies

Vast Human Tolls in the "Wars on Terror" - Physicans for Social Responsibility

NY Times Says No Reason to Delay Afghanistan Pull-Out - Trends are Bleak it Says

After a Billion Spent on Courts by Allies Many in Afghanistan Prefer Taliban Justice Azam Ahmed - New York Times

2014 and earlier

The Unspeakable in Afghanistan

Can't Shake Charge That He Killed 16, but Still Gets U.S. Hug - Telegraph 2/22/14

You Say You're There to Protect Afghan Women? - RAWA

Afghanistan War now Least Popular in U.S. History - CNN

Calls for a Complete Withdrawal from a War We Should Never Have Started

Who's Excited About Another Decade in Afgahnistan - David Swanson

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Doubt Obama Afghan Surge Will Have Any Lasting Effect - Washington Post

Malalai Joya in Boston for UNAC - Oct. 2013

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan - Independence, the first condition for the prosperity of our homeland and people

New York Times Admits it's Useless to Go On in Afghanistan

Has Amnesty International Lost Its Mind

Scorpion Gets In Among the Good Guys - Robert Fisk - 9/18/2012

The 25th Anniversary of Meena's Murder - RAWA

The Dead Men are all Al-Qaeda Militants Unless Their Corpses Can Be Proved Innocent - Juan Cole

Film Review - Restrepo - Soldiers in Afganistan - Stephen Kobasa

From My Lai to Kandahar - Jeff Sparrow

Active Duty Officer Sees Military Failure in Afghanistan - Lt. Col. Daniel Davis

C.I.A. Torture Got Hundreds of Thousands of American Soldiers Killed - Matthew Alexander, May 2011

Congress Lets Military Have U.S. Citizens

Will New Defense Act Lead to Tyranny? - Gale Courey Toensing

Revealed in the "White House Diaries" by Stanley Heller

A Cure for the Disease of Islamophobia - Rev. David Good

A Damned Good Assembly

Is Afghanistan a Narco State? - New York Times

Lenni Brenner on the Comeback of the Taliban in Afghanistan

The Unofficial Story of the al-Qaeda 14 - Torture Was Wrong in Many Ways - Ron Suskind

David Rovics on the 9/11 "Truth" Conspiracists

"It is time for the Workers of the World to stop building guns and start building bridges" Union leaders speech at the Kennebunkport demo

Letter from Pinter, Saramago, Chomsky and Berger

Brzezinski and Charlie Wilson's War - Stanley Heller - Counterpunch 2007

National Security Chief Zbignew Brzezinski Brags about Luring the Soviets into Afghanistan - 1998 Counterpunch

Teens Weigh In on Afghan War after Obama Escalation - New Haven Independent 2009

MECC Calls for Investigation into US Ties to Mujahadeen and Taliban December 2001 (with some 2021 comments)