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Saudi Arabia End Execution for Crimes Committed by Minors - Deutsche Welle, April 27

Saudi Arabia Bans Flogging as Punishment - Deutsche Welle, April 25

The U.S. needs to get its citizens out of Saudi Arabia’s jails now - Ali Al Ahmed, Washington Post, April 14

It's Time for the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to Break Up - Defense One


from January - The Kidnapping and Return of Buthaina - Middle East Eye

Bloomberg company details Saudi regime wealth Aug.12 (could be a $trillion)

A Happy Marriage Between God and Budget Deficits op-ed from a Pakistani novelist

What Law? - MBS Frees 2,000 Pakistani Prisoners with Stroke of his Pen

Khan Honors MBS with Highest Civilian Award

Khan Embraces MBS as Saudi Invests $20 Billion in Pakistan

Saudi Officials Says They Don't Know Where Khashoggi's Remains are Located

My Father Faces the Death Penalty Abdullah Alaoudh - New York Times

CNN - U.S. Sold Weapons to Saudis and Some Goes to Al-Qaeda and the Houthis


Prevent the Execution of Ali al-Nimr - Repreive

Executions in Saudi Arabia have doubled under Crown Prince

For Saudi Women, Challenges Go Far Beyond Driving (editor - Outstanding Article)

The U.S. needs Saudi Arabia, and vice versa - Tyler Cowen

Facebook Page of Group Trying to Defend Muslim Heritage Sites - Baqee

Wave of Arrests Targets Last Vestiges of Freedom in Saudi Arabia

Amnesty Internatioanl - Systematic Human Rights Violations

Saudi Women Can Drive Now. Will That Hurt Saudi Women? - Hala Aldosari

Why Are US Colleges Collaborating With Saudi Arabia? - Stanley Heller, The Nation, March

Saudi Arabia: Has the rate of executions doubled? (editor - since Salman became Crown Prince) - March, BBC

Executions double under Saudi Crown Prince - a study by the UK group Reprieve, March 7


Tom Friedman on Saudi Arabia's "Arab Spring" (edtior- revolting flattery of Salman)

Coaltion Calls for End of UNH-Saudi Partnership - Charger Bulletin (student newspaper of UNH)


One woman's furious response to Uber's new deal with the Saudi government

The Saudis Now Own Part of Uber and Profit Financially from Preventing Women Drivers.....Gushing Story about Uber from 2015

Mecca Goes Mega NY Times June 8

Yemen conflict: UN accuses Saudis of pressure over blacklist June 9 - BBC

The U.N. Report on Mistreatment of Children before the Saudis Muscled Ban Ki-moon into Removing Them April 20

Exclusive: Saudi's deputy crown prince to visit U.S. for talks - sources Reuters June 3

Saudis Lobby EU to Keep the Weapons Flowing to Monarchy

Saudis Use U.S. Cluster Bombs in Yemen

senator murphy saudi arabia yemen2 (29K)

Senate Democrat Says It's Time To Cut Off Support For Saudi Arabia's War In Yemen

Feb. 3. Murphy on Floor of the Senate on Saudi Arabia - Video

Senator Murphy Interviewed about Saudi Arabia and the "Gulf Lobby"
31 minutes into this podcast
Interviews with Zephyr Teachout, Chris Murphy, and Reid Ribble, Plus

At Council for Foreign Relations
Senator Wonders How Much Longer U.S. Will Blindly Support Saudi Arabia

U.N. Report on Saudi Airstrike and UK Role - Jan 27

Says U.S. Support Saudi Horrors Because "U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money

Facebook page of Sheikh Al Nimr Supporters

Iran Cleric Condemns Al-Nimr Execution

Saudi Bloodbath 47 Executed - The Struggle


Frances War on ISIS Won't Stand in the Way of Saudi Arms Deal

Saudi Arabia risks destroying OPEC and feeding the Isil monster The Telegraph (UK)

Saudi Arabia Paying Eritrea to Fight in Yemen

Saudi Hajj Disaster Worst Ever - 1,400 Dead Hundreds Missing

Saudi Arabia to Be a Failed State as Oil Revenues Decline

Boycott the Hajj Asra Q. Nomani

Time to boycott Saudi Arabia Asra Q. Nomani

Saudi Royal Calls for Regime Change in Riyadh

Over 100,000 Petition Against Execution, Crucifixion of Corpse of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr - Read/Sign

Saudi Arabia's Troubling Death Sentence Human Rights Watch

The Saudi royal family is protecting VIPs while letting ordinary pilgrims die -Vijay Prashad

The Collapse of Saudi Arabia is Inevitable Nafeez Ahmed Sept 28

The evil empire of Saudi Arabia is the West’s real enemy Yasmin Alibhai-Brown - The Independent

Amnesty Tells the US to Stop Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia - $90 Billion Sold 2010-2014 - Bryan Schatz

(If Ali is Executed) "there will be an uncontrolled reaction in the streets" - Ali Mohammed Al-Nimr's Father

from 2005, Saudi Prince Endows Two U.S. Universities with $40 Million

Yale Donor Comes Under Scrutiny

Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia, and Their Gift to Yale - Omer Aziz - Huffington Post

(British Labor Party politcian) Corbyn on Saudi Arabia

Says Islamic State Producat of "Zionist Freemasons" - Abdullah Al-Nasser - - Saudi Gazette

End of Iran Sanctions Would Cost Saudi Regime $40B a Year

Fareed Zakaria Dismisses Possibility of Saudi "Bomb"

Video - Panel "Extremist Saudi Arabia and How to Expose It" - Left Forum - 2015

Why Saudi Arabia's yemen War is Not Producing Victory

"Without US help, the Saudis simply could not sustain the air campaign" - Yemen - U.S. News and World Report

Israelis Saudis Reveal Secret Talks - Bloomberg

Saudi Arabia Keeps Pumping to Cut Iran and Russia Down a Notch - Foreign Policy magazine

BBC - "Saudi Arabia Winning the Media War" Arabic Al-Jazeera Pro-Saudi(U.S.) Attack

Saudi Regime Executes 88th and it's Only May!

Heller comment published on Hubbard article

New Saudi King Upends Status Quo - Ben Hubbard - New York Times

stepping into saudi arabia2 (38K)
Over 115 Children Killed in Yemen Says UNICEF

NYT Editorial Catastrophe in Yemen March 24

Journalist Group Says Saudi Arabia 3rd Most Censoring

Saudi Ambassador Does Not Say Kingdom Won't Build Nuclear Bomb,
Says Attacks in Yemen Protecting "Legitimate" Yemen Government

Gunfire in Saudi Town for Hours

Protest Called Off in Eastern Saudi Province

Saudis Blow Up Family of 9 - Haaretz

Charges of Decades Long Collaboration of "the West", the Saudis and Al-Qaeda

Saudi Leaders Have High Hopes for Yemen Airstrikes, but Houthi Attacks Continue - David Kirkpatrick

Turkey thinks Yemen is Part of Ottoman Empire 2.0

Swedish Minister Under Fire by Swedish 1% for Telling Truth about Treatment of Women in Saudi Arabia

Important News - Sweden Cancels Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia over Human Rights Issues - Jerusalem Post

Saudi Media Drools over Ben Hubbard Puff Piece - As'ad AbuKhalil

Saudi Justice, Harsh but Able to Spare the Sword

Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Now Big Issue in Sweden

Saudi's Like Netanyahu's Iran Speech Before U.S. Congress

Saudi Court Sentences Man to Be Beheaded for "Apostosy" for Ripping and Kicking Koran

Our Shameful Support for Extremist Saudi Arabia Stanley Heller, New Haven Register

In Court Testimony Moussaoui Calls Saudi Princes Patrons of Al Qaeda

Bad Saudi Vibes - Irfan Husain, The Dawn, Pakistan.

Prisoners of the Saudis - Ross Douthat

In Saudi Arabia the Social Media are a Tool of the Resistance

Compare and Contrast how Western Leaders React to Abduallah and Chavez

Flog Me Instead of Badawi Says Princeton Professor

Empire's Paper of Record Calls Late Saudi King "Modernizer", "Reformer" and "Force for Moderation"

Documents Show Saudi Arabia and Islamic State Have Near Identical Punishments

Four Men Hold Down Burmese Woman So She Can Be Beheaded

How Saudi Wahhabism is the Fountainhead of Islamist Terrorism - Yousff Butt - Academia

Saudis Postpone Second Round of Flogging

No, Nick Kristof, Saudi Arabia Cannot Lead Reform

Saudi Arabia's History of Hypocrisy Robert Fisk

Saudi Blogger Receives First 50 Lashes

State Department Asks Lashing Sentence be Cancelled
and then Obama's Pentagon Sends the Next Weapons Shipment to the Saudi Royals


87 Beheadings in Saudi Arabia in 2014

Goal of ISIS - Replacement of Saudi's as Shi'ite Leaders

latuff-woman saudi arabia (30K)

Saudi Court Sends Women Drivers to Terrorism Court

Why Would the Saudis Deliberately Crash the Oil Markets?

Saudi Regime Beheads 59 People So Far This Year...And U.S. is Mum

Interview with Saudi Dissident - Ali Al-Ahmed - The Real News

The Destruction of Mecca - Ziauddin Sardar - op-ed - New York Times

One of the Ugliest Anti-Semites of the 20th Century - King Faysal - As'ad Abu Khalil Sept. 24

Beheadings Very Much a Part of the Saudi (In)Justice System - Al Jazeera English

Do the Secret 28 Pages Implicate Saudi's in the 9/11 Attack? - the New Yorker

Ed Husain Denounces Saudi Extremism Now      But in 2012 He Thought Al-Qaeda Useful in Syria!

Saudi King Condemns Gaza War, but Not Israel - Times of Israel

Man Sentenced to three years and 450 Lashes for Meeting Men

Saudi Government Mishandled MERS

Saudi Arabia's Dubious Legalism - Eman Al Nafjan, NYT, June 19, 2014

Three Arrested After You Tube Appeal to King about Living Standards

Atheists are All Declared Terrorists

Saudi's Flex Their Fanaticism - Davidson

Saudi Preacher Freed from Jail - Killed 5 Year Old Daughter
He Thought had Lost her Virginity
International Business Times 3/12

Saudis Send Egypt Another $2 Billion

Saudi Government Cleric Says Shia Saudis are Non-Muslim

Contract Labor in Saudi Arabia - Vijay Prashad - Dec. 26

Saudi Blogger May Face Death Penalty for "Apostasy" Russia Today

A Film Joins the Fight Between the Syrians and the Saudis

Mass murder in the Middle East is funded by our friends the Saudis Patrick Cockburn Dec. 9, The Independent

A modern-day tale of Romeo and Juliet

Saudi video "No Women, No Drive" Goes Viral

New Website - Saudi Women Driving

Driving May Harm Ovaries Says Gulf Psychological Association Consultant

Manal Al-Sharif: The Drive for Freedom

Fearing Crackdown, Foreign Workers in Saudi Arabia Face Long Delays to Leave

U.S. "Moderate" Ally Beheads 5 Men, Display Bodies and Heads - CAUTION Revolting Picture

Man Sentenced to 300 Lashes for Helping Convert Escape

Blistering Letter of "Advice" to Saudi King

Saudi Woman Given Lashes For Texting Stranger by Mistake - International Business Times

Men Banned From Fair for Being too Handsome

Saudi Religious Police Outlaw Tempting Eyes

A Saudi is Sentenced to be Paralyzed

Saudi Prosecutor Asks for Crucifixion of Jailed Shia Cleric

Saudi Prince Jailed for Murder Flies Home from Britain

Audio interview about the Executions with Ali AlAhmed

Ali AlAhmed Writes about World Indifference to Saudi Executions

The Seven are Executed...No Word on Crucifixion (See March 5 article)

Saudis Bust Up Human Rights Group, Convict Two for Sedition

It's Worse than the NYT Reported...Alleged Robber Slated to Be Crucified (March 5, 2013)

Saudi Billiionaire Says Forbes List Unfair to Middle East Billionaires

Mass Executions for Armed Robbery Postponed

Saudi Arabia Beheading Nearly Two People Per Week - Amnesty International

Will Saudi Arabia Every Change? - Hugh Eakin

Saudi Virtue Police Worried About Dinosaurs - But Why?

Brookings' Bruce Riedel urges intensified US support for Saudi despots - Glenn Greenwald

In View of Latest Execution Petition Asks for Cancellation of $60 Billion U.S.-Saudi Arms Deal

Rights Group Protest Whipping and Imprisonment of Egyptian Lawyer

45 Maids on Death Row in Saudi Arabia

MECC Press Release on Execution of Rizanna Nafeek

Growing Problem of Poverty in Saudi Arabia

Saudi detains dozens for "plotting to celebrate Christmas"

Saudi Police Shoot Protester Dead - Dec. 28

Prince Bandar and Weapons Deals - Democracy Now - (read halfway down page)

Prominent Saudi Writer Arrested for Tweet

Rights Activist Faces Apostasy Charge Dec. 17, 21012

Poverty in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Human Rights First Society

Saudi Women Monitored Electronically Nov. 22, 2012

Human Rights Watch on Saudi Arabia October 2012

Huge Breakthrough - Non-Muslims Can Be Buried in Saudi Arabia - Will Reform Never End?

New York Times Says Twitter Gives Saudi Arabia a Revolution of Its Own

"Bold Reform" - Women Allowed to Vote in Municipal Elections

Saudi Woman to Be Lashed for Driving Car

Cleric Says Letting Women Drive would Mean End of Saudi Women Virginity

Saudi Dissent - Only in Private

Saudi Arabia and the Emirates Crackdwon - Vijay Prashad

When Gulf Institute Head Was 14 He was the Youngest Saudi Political Prisoner - Video

‘Mujtahidd’ Tweets Shake Things Up In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Man Beheaded for Witchcraft and Sorcery

Amnesty International on Saudi Human Rights

The Long Day Closes

Saudi Revolutionaries - An Interview - June 2012

Malaysia Detains Saudi Over Twitter Posts on Prophet

Prince Says Saudi's May Want Nuclear Bomb

U.S. Government Still Quiet about Saudi Grand Mufti Call to Destroy All Churches

Saudi Arabia Opens Airspace so Israel can Attack Iran

Not a Single Trade Union in Saudi Arabia

National Peace Group in U.S. Denounces Saudi Regime

U.S.-Saudi Arms Deal Biggest Ever

Saudi Arabia Invades Bahrain

Saudi King Pardons Rape Victim

Woman's Punishment Increased to 200 Lashes

Saudi Police Stopped 'Fire' Rescue - BBC - 2002

Hypocrisy about Liquor