Monarchy Watch

We have archives on Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Right now we'll collect articles on other Middle East monarchies here. One of the ways the empire sought to to combat Arab democracy and liberation was to dump the dictators, but to stand fast with the monarchs. That's why it's so important to keep a sharp on on them.


ADL Celebrates "Toleration" with UAE Ravagers of Yemen


A Body Count in Qatar Illustrates Consequences of FIFA Corruption - Washington Post


U.N. Investigation Claims Human Rights Abuse of Migrant Workers in the UAE - Dec. 3, 2104

Qatar's Showcase of Shame - Omer Aziz and Murtaza Hussain- New York Times

Demonstration in NYC Guggenheim Museum about Labor Exploitation in Abu Dhabi

Hundreds of Nepalis die on World Cup infrastructure projects in Qatar - Jan. 26, 2014

Qatar Losing Ground to Saudis - Vijay Prashad

Student Gets a Year in Prison for Twitter Insult

{Hilarious Headline in NYT} New Hope for Democracy in a Dynastic Land - Rod Norland

Slaves in Qatar - NYT - April 2013

Jordan: 5 Students Arrested for "Devil Worship"

Some Maids Work 100 Hours a Week

Will Jordan be the First Arab Monarchy to Fall? - January 8, 2013

Are the Arab Monarchies Next? - Hicham Ben Abdallah El Alaoui

Al-Ajami Sentence Reduced to 15 Years - Release Him Now - Amnesty

free al ajami2 (70K)

Qatar "Human Rights" Official Defends Life Sentence For Poet

Qatar Pushes for a Larger Role on the Global Stage

Qatar's Migrant Work Force - Democracy Now!

Jailed Qatari Poet to Appeal Life Sentence - Democracy Now!

Second Tweeter Jailed in Kuwait - Kuwait Times

Tweeter Gets 2 Years for Insulting the Emir of Kuwait - Kuwait Times

"60 Minutes" Story on Tiny Country A Giant Failure

Moroccans Fear That Flickers of Democracy Are Fading Dec/ 10. 2012

Qatar, Saudi Arms Going to Al-Qaeda in Syria

60 Minutes Hearts Qatar - Narrated by Bob Simon Jan. 30, 2012

GCC to Defend Monarchies June 1, 2011

Kuwait’s Freedom, Bush-style - Brian Cloughley 2005

The Staying Power of Arab Monarchies - New York Times