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Tribute to a Jewish Hero and South African Freedom Fighter - Gideon Levy

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Encouraged by International Criminal Court Move

Tufts' President Criticizes Award to Tufts' Students for Justice in Palestine

Ignorant U.S. Rabbi Waxes with Love for Israel Rabbi Gellman, New Haven Register. Send response


When Jews Praised Mussolini and Supported Nazis - Haaretz

12,000 Palestinians fought for U.K. in WWII alongside Jewish volunteers, historian finds


Murder on Shuhada Street - Richard Silverstein

Asking for $45 Billion More from the U.S. - Jerusalem Post

Hostile Intelligence: Reflections from a Visit to the West Bank - David Graeber

'Israel Would Be Embarrassed if It Were Known It's Selling Arms to These Countries' Ha'aretz

Roger Waters Sets the Record Straight, I Hate Apartheid, Not Israel - interview Gideon Levy

1,000 Black Activists Issue Statement in Support of BDS

Soldiers Storm into Palestinian Murder Site at 2 AM to "Gather Evidence"

Extremist Group Leader Calls for Torching of Churches - Haaretz

Saboteurs of Obama's Foreign Policy Orly Azoulay - Ynet News

A new, extremely dangerous kind of Jewish fanaticism Alex Fishman - Ynet News

No more condemnations; Jewish terror requires action - Nahum Barnea Ynet News - Aug. 2

State Department - We Won't Protect Israeli Settlements Against Boycott

Gaza Reconstruction Moving at a "Snail's Pace" - UNWRA Layoff Because of Lack of Funds - UNWRA

Time to End Israel's Impunity - Suha Abukhdeir -CNN - June 1

Israel's Charade of Democracy - Hagi El-Ad, Director of B'tselem in the NYT

Challenging Peter Beinart’s dishonesty about the inequality in Zionism - Ali Abunimah - Electronic Intifada

Beinart Tells Obama Anti-Zionism is Not Anti-Semitism - Haaretz

Israeli Troops Fired on Clinic to "Honor" Fallen Soldier - War Crime

Israel Wants $900 Billion "Compensation Package" from U.S. - Yedioth Aharanot

Amnesty - Hamas "Settled Scores" During Israeli Attack

U.S. Blocked NPT Statement over Israeli Objections - Haaretz

Israel Thanks Obama for Keeping Its Nuclear Secret - Eli Lake - Bloomberg News

US rejects nuclear disarmament document over Israel concerns No Review until 2020

Actually Jerusalem was Capital of Jewish Kingdom for a Very Short Time Juan Cole

Why the Ethiopian Israeli (Jews) are Angry

Israeli Help for Al-Qaeda

Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on Submarines Germany Sold them Der Spiegel

Not One Destroyed Refugee Home in Gaza Has Been Rebuilt - UNWRA - April 30

With Israel Not Objecting, U.S. Selling Gulf Arab Lots of Weapons, Fueling Lots of Wars

About of Half of Americans Would Support Israel Over U.S. Interests the Intercept

Poll: Deep Partisan Split on Israel and Iran - Bloomberg News

New Israeli Justice Minister Supported Call for Genocide of Palestinians July Post Got 1,000 Likes

Israel Posts its Demands on Iran Insists on "anywhere, anytime" Inspections

ISIS controls 90 percent of Palestinian refugee camp - Haaretz

Another Freedom Flotilla with Sail First Half of This Year - War is a Crime

Anti-War Trade Union Group Calls for U.S. to "Recalibrate" Relations with Israel - U.S. Labor Against the War

Embracing Israel Boycott, Jewish Voice For Peace Insists on Its Jewish Identity - Forward

972 Mag - It's Time for a One State Solution Yonatan Amir

Palestinian armed groups killed civilians on both sides in attacks amounting to war crimes - Amnesty International

Time to Give Palestinians Their Country Back - Miko Peled - The Hill

When Jewish militants dug underground tunnels 1945-1948 - Edo Konrad

Conservative U.S. Rabbis Break Ranks and Criticize Netanyahu for his Anti-Arab Racism

Syrian Congratulates Netanyahu and Denies Israel Helps Al-Qaida Fighters

Israel Treats Nearly 2000 Wounded Al-Qaida Fighters Jerusalem Post, March 13

Israel Helping Al-Qaida Wounded - Wall Street Journal, March 12

Tiny Amount of Produce Exported from Gaza - First in 8 Years - Needed by Orthodox Jews

What Kristof Misses - the Big Picture

Winds of War in Gaza - Kristof - New York Times

Meet the Jews Who will Vote for the (Mostly) Arab List in the Election Ha aretz

Use of Dogs Official Policy - B'tselem

Yankee President Big Supporter of Israeli Dog Unit and Israeli Army (from 2013)

We Jews Must Face the Reality of Discrimination on the West Bank - Shaiya Rothberg - Jerusalem

AP Says 280 Palestinian Kids Killed by Israeli Air Strikes in Gaza

Gaza: UN says over 370,000 Palestinian children in need of 'psycho-social first aid'

370,000 Gaza Children Shell Shocked from Summer Israeli Attack

Israeli General Says Israeli Bombing of Syria is an Election Ploy

Anti-fascists take on far-right anti-Semites over London protest Ha'aretz

Soldiers Recall Their Crimes in '67 War Film Shown at Sundance

Why I Won't Serve in the Israeli Army - Op-Ed New York Times - Moriel Rothman-Zecherjan Jan. 11

The Israeli Guns That Took Part in the Rwanda Genocide - Uri Misgav - Haaretz


40 Years of Digging Produce No Evidence of Joshua, David or Solomon

Israeli Army Still Using Dogs Against Palestinians

Vanity Fair Interview with Khalid Mishal: Explains Tunnels, Excuses Killing Three Teenagers

The Jewish Virtual Library Blanket Defense of the Israeli State and its Governments

The PFLP and the Attack That Killed Five Israelis - Ramzy Baroud (originally in Palestine Chronicle)

Why I was Censored Talking about Israel in Germany - Max Blumenthal

Netanyahu Bringing Back House Demolitions as Collective Punishment for Palestinian Violence (and not Jewish Violence)

Jon Stewart blasts 'fascistic' right-wing Jewish pressure on dissident Jews

"Ordinary" Humiliations - Minority Life in Israel - Rula Jabreal - NYT

Discriminatory Laws in Israel - Adalah

The Death of Klinghoffer - The Complete Libretto

Lots of Jews Leaving Israel for...Germany - New York Times

Malala Gives $50,000 to Rebuild Gaza School

How the Israel Lobby Scared a Congressman "Right" - The Forward

Samantha Powers, Israel's Protector - Max Blumenthal

House Demolitons as Punishment - Netanyahu Revives the Practice

Smugglers Laughed as They Drowned Hundreds of Palestinians

In 2004 Benny Morris Justified Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians and the Annihilation of American Indians

About a Jewish Professor Leading the Defnese of Steven Salaita - New York Times

How Israel Silences Dissent - Mairav Zonszein - New York Times Op-Ed

Israel's NSA Scandal NYT 9/17

A Look at the Luxury Apartment Building the IDF Destroyed Near the End of their Latest Rampage - New York Times

Border Policeman Arrested in Case of Beating of Tariq Abu Khdeir

Do you Think A U.S. Newspaper Would publish this Graphic about the Killing of Palestinian Children? (from July 22)

Israel's War of Choice - Roger Cohen, NYT Sept 8

Col. Winter, Poster Boy for IDF's New Dirty War - Richard Silverstein

How We Grew Up - Yehuda Shaul of Breaking the Silence in "The New Statesman"

Did Israeli Soldiers Execute Six Captured Islamic Jihad Fighters in Cold Blood? Jesse Rosenfeld The Daily Beast

Documents Released Show How Nixon Approved Israel as a Nuclear Power

BDS Support Growing in Europe New York Times

Is AIPAC Losing Influence? - New Yorker - Sept 1 Issue

1988 - NYT Columnist - Israel Lobby Terrifies Congress - M.J. Rosenberg (and Senator Levin Never Spoke Up Again)

End of Liberal Zionism (and the Need for Equal Rights in One State)- Antony Lerman - NYT

U.S. Has Given Israel $100 Billion

Deputy Speakers Calls for Concentration Camps in Gaza August 4

Says Israelis Generally and Some Rabbis OK with Exploiting the Poor for Organ Donations - New York Times

89 Gaza Families Wiped Out Haaretz - August 24

Transplant Brokers in Israel Lure Desperate Kidney Patients to Costa Rica - Kevin Sack, New York Times

At 91 He Returns his "Righteous Among the Nations" Medal on Account of Gaza

Terror Victim's Family Tears Up Condolence Letter from Israeli President

Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught - Phil Weiss, Adam Horowitz on Mondoweiss

Are Israelis and Zionists Really Talking about the Final Solution? - Juan Cole

The Full Shocking Post by Yochonan Gordon Wondering if Genocide of Palestinians is Necessary

Source is Right Wing, but Is There Any Possible Excuse for this Grotesque
Anti-Semitic Statement by Hamas Spokesman Hamdan?

History of the Blood Libel

On CNN, Hamas Spokesperson Does Not Deny He Said Jews Use Christian Blood for Matzah.
Instead He Talks about Call for Genocide of Palestinians

Chabad Rabbi Thinks Israelis are Facing Gas Chambers Times of Israel, August 1

Hamas Chances - Nathan Thrall

Some Israeli Arabs Can Get to Shelters, But Most Can't, Even in Schools

Beduin Citizens of Israel? No Shelters - Amira Hass

The Hannibal Protocol is Encouraging Israeli Soldiers to Kill Other Israeli Soldiers (from 2011)

Israel Annihilates Entire German Family

35 Killed in Two Families in Gaza

"Educator" Calls for 300 Foreskins, Later Regrets his "Poetic" Language

Member of Knesset Shaked's Call for Genocide Electronic Intifada July 7

A "Polite", but Ruinous Raid - Amira Hass

Where Was God When Israel Deported Africans?

The Palestinians, a Kidnapped Society - Avraham Burg

Hashtags - Lora Lucero

Goodbye Israel, Thanks for Nothing - Carol Daniel Kasbari Ha'aretz

Austrailian TV on UNICEF Report "children have been threatened with death, physical violence, solitary confinement and sexual assault"

Appreciating the Flavors of Palestine

Israel's double standard on reporters visiting enemy states Zvi Bar'el April 18

American Legion Brass Don't Want to Hear about the "Liberty" - Allison Weir

Term "Apartheid" Good Fit for Israel - Saree Mikdisi LA Times

Israeli Security Says "Price Tag" Killings Carried Out By Followers of Extremist Rabbi Ginsburgh

Ex-Shin Bet Head Says Israeli Government Covering Up for "Price Tag" Attackers

Israeli Soldiers Flood Social Media Defending Brutal Soldier - Uri Avnery

Are Israel and Iran Trading Places? - New York Times

Even Abbas' Son Doesn't Think "Two-State" is Possible

Who Set Up Medea? - Lawrence Davidson

Devastating Amnesty Intl Report on Israeli Killing of Palestinian Children

European Boycotts Starting to Bite - Christian Science Monitor

"A Conflict of Faith: Devoted to Jewish Observance, but at Odds with Israel"

Understanding the Boycott of Israeli's Universities - Vijay Prashad

Sodastream Boycott Gets AP Attention - Jan. 26

Theses on Zionism - Joseph Massad

Sometime "Nazi" is the Right Word - Etgar Karet - NYT

The Truth about Israel's Secret Nuclear Arsenal - Julian Borger 1/15

Eritrean Writes in the New York Times about Israeli Refusal to Treat Refugees Decently

From Gay Jews Down to Goys - Ha'aretz

Final Words on Sharon - Miko Peled, author of "The Generals's Son"

"Redwashing" Panel in Beirut - Indian Country Today

ASA President Explains Why the Joined the Boycott in the Chronicle of Higher Education

The Einstein Letter at 65 - Stanley Heller

Israel Has Allowed in Only 200 Non-Jewish Refugees in 65 Years - Shmarya Rosenberg

When the Jewish Establishment Supported Sanctions

Facts on the Blockade and the Power Situation - Amnesty Intl - Norman Finkelstein

American Studies Association Votes to Join Academic Boycott of Israel - New York Times Dec. 16

from 2005 AAUP Union Opposes Academic Boycott of Israel, but Will Boycott if Profs Miss Pay

"Have You Seen Fisk's Marbles?" - As'ad AbuKhalil on Robert Fisk

He Talks About Jewish Wealth (and Laughs about Israeli Fence)

How Come Uri Avnery Knows So Little About Israel? - Jonathan Cook

It's Not Apartheid - Uri Avnery

Solidarity against the indictment of Palestinian-American activist Rasmea Odeh - Stop FBI Repression group

Last Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Survivor Speaks Out Against Israeli Occupation

Indictment Against Chicago Palestinian-American Activist Detailed Federal Indictment

Rabbis Helping to Harvest Palestinian Olive - Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 22

U.S. Jewish Attitudes Towards Israel - PEW Research 2013

On the Way to Gaza They Were Caught and Thrown Into an Egyptian Prison

Major Article about Anti-Zionist Michel Warschawski in Ha'aretz

More on Ovadiah from Uri Avnery

(Racist) Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in His Own Words

The Israeli Flyover of Auschwitz - Yahuda Bauer

1597 Palestinians Killed Since Start of Revolution in Syria

Ten Years Ago Edward Said Died - Vijay Prashad - September 25, 2013

Nakba in the Negev - Christian Science Monitor

Israeli Use of Palestinians as Human Shields - IMEU with B'tselem references 2012

The Two-State Illussion - Ian Lustick - Op-Ed - New York Times

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters on Why He Supports BDS

Right Wing Jewish Paper Outraged that JCC Film Fest Director Supports BDS

Reasons Unclear Why an Israeli Elite Army Unit Tried to Go Into Lebanon

"Israel once again was humiliated by a band of resistance volunteers"

The Bizarre Story of Ami Popper of Israel

Warning Lebanese "He?s the first US president who has imposed no restrictions on Israel" - Noam Chomsky

NYT Tom Friedman Talks Frankly About Power of the Israel Lobby

The Strange History of the Anti-Defamation League - Jeff Blankfort

Davidson Defends Hass's Article on Stone Throwing

The Innter Syntax of PalestinianStone Throwing - Amira Hass

Israel and the Politics of Boycott - Jospeh Massad

Is This Where the Third Intifada Will Start? - Ben Ehrenreich

Qana Massacre Maker Now Israel Defense Minister - Mitchel Plitnick

Ich Bin Ein Bil'iner - Uri Avnery

Bil'in, the Scene of 5 Broken Cameras

Biased new study skirts around racism in Israeli school books - Nurit Peled-Elhanan

Palestinian Textbooks Do Not Incite Hate Jewish Week, 2/5/13

"The Gatekeepers" - An Analysis of the Film by Lawrence Davidson

Norman Finkelstein - Israel's Latest Assault on Gaza - What Really Happened

If Not Two States, Then One

Impressions of Gaza - Noam Chomsky

Before Netanyahu Drew His Cartoon, He Thought About Using These Ideas

Connecticut and the Sabra-Shatila Massacre (Sept. 2012)

Scorpion Gets In Among the Good Guys - Robert Fisk - 9/18/2012

A Preventable Massacre - Seth Anziska New York Times 9/17/2012

The Ugly Truth about Yitzhak Shamir - Stanley Heller

Anarchists - the Most Important Activists on the Israeli Left - Noam Sheizaf, July 8, 2012

The Death of Yitzhak Shamir, pro-Nazi Zionist - Lenni Brenner

Tony Blair Reinvents Himself - Felicty Arbothnot

What It's Like to Live 5 Years Under Blockade - Najwa Sheikh (from Gaza)

Alice Walker's Letter - No Translation of "Purple" by Israeli company

Review of "The Who" - Stanley Heller

The Atzmon Conundrum - Seth Farber

A Critique of Finkelstein's Two State Fixation - Stanley Heller

The NYT?s Love Letter to Death Squads - Chris Floyd

What if Kobe Bryant were an Imprisoned Soccer Player - Dave Zirin

"The General's Son" talk at Palestine Awareness Week - Miko Peled

When the Zionists Brought SS Men to Haifa - Stanley Heller

Interview with Felicia Langer on the Attacks on Gunter Grass

The Disgusting Attacks on Gunter Grass - Tariq Ali

Günter the Terrible - Uri Avnery

Palestinian Political Prisoner Explain Goals of Prisoner Hunger Strikes - Ameer Makhoul

The Atzmon Affair

Inteview with Tony Greenstein on Atzmon

Group of Palestinians Denounce Atzmon Tour

Several Score Activists Oppose Atzmon Attacks on "Jewishness"

The US and the Syrian Uprising - As'ad AbuKhalil

Fadi Quran "Young, Networked, Non-Violent" - Time Magazine

Active Duty Officer Sees Military Failure in Afghanistan - Lt. Col. Daniel Davis

Imperialism, despotism, and democracy in Syria - Joseph Massad

Libya at the Crossroads - Simon Assaf 1/2012

Numbers Show Israelis Safest During Hamas-Israeli Truce - 1/2/2012

How I Became a "Terrorist" Abdelrahman Al Ahmar12/23/2011

101 Permits Govern Palestinian Ability to Travel 12/23/2011

No Greenwashing of Jewish National Fund - BDS South Africa

About the Open Letter to As'ad AbuKhalil Nov 2011

Called an Anti-Semite, He Sues

After the US Stops Palestine at the UN - Heller in New Haven Register

Stanley Heller: Palestinians? personal stories contradict Goldstone reversal - New Haven Register

Five Photos of Our Pickup Truck ? the Flotilla Mobile

Revealed in the "White House Diaries" by Stanley Heller

Did the PA Kill the Goldstone Report? - Jared Maslin

Alison Weir interviews Noam Chomsky - sparks fly on BDS and more

Anna Baltzer - Palestinians' human rights key to peace

A Cure for the Disease of Islamophobia - Rev. David Good

Israel an "Anachronism" - Classic article by Late Tony Judt

The Elders of Anti-Zion by Uri Avnery

Dubious Palestinian Authority Arrests- Johanna Rivera

Egypt Complicit in Gaza- Johanna Rivera

A Damned Good Assembly

The End of Sicarii Zionism - Dov Yermiya

Time has devoted a cover story about the Soviet-Georgia war over Osseitia written by none other than Jimmy Carter's National Security Chief Zbignew Brzezinski. Never forget that Brzezinski and Carter were the two who deliberately lured the Soviets into occupying Afghanistan in 1979 and who helped turn Political Islam into a worldwide menace. See Bzezinski's proud admission in a 1998 article reprinted on Counterpunch.

I Renounce My Belief in the Zionism that has Failed - Dov Yermiyah

Human Rights Group finds Fatah and Hamas Guilty of Abuses

Warschawsky "Suspend Israeli UN Membership Until it Complies with Right to Return Committment"

"I am returning your invitation" - Israeli Veteran Dov Yermiyah Spurns Barak

A Critique of Uri Avnery's "Apology"

Compilation of 78 Security Council Resolutions Critizing Israel for Violating International Law - 2009

Lenni Brenner Exposes Winston Churchill's Anti-Semitism

If Iran is Such an Enemy Why is Israel Secretly Trading with it?

Bush's Attempt to Launch a Gaza Coup the Vanity Fair article

Rice Uses the S-Word by Lenni Brenner

"It is time for the Workers of the World to stop building guns and start building bridges" Union leaders speech at the Kennebunkport demo

From Kit's Blog June-August

Israel Doesn't Want Peace - Gideon Levy

Danger to the State - Uri Averny, April 7

Strip Searching Palestinian Children - Allison Weir

Poem on the Birthday of the Martyr Shaden Abu-Hijleh

Mazin Qumsiyeh - The Israeli lobby and the endless wars

Mazin Qumsiyeh - Holocaust Deniers and the Iraq Study Report

Tony Karon: In Defense of Jimmy Carter

One of the Israelis Soldiers Looked Down at the Blood and Laughed
Pregnant Women at Checkpoints

Sorry, Wrong Continent - Uri Avnery

The First Israeli Settlement in Syria was Secular - July 1967

Robert Fisk on Those Who Ignore Holocausts of Jews (and Armenians)

Chris Floyd Demolishes Thomas Friedman

Boycotting Myself - Juliano Mer Khamis

Academic Boycotts - Rights and Wrongs - Moshe Machover

LA Times Article About Israeli Cluster Bombs in Lebanon

Jenin Denial

Amazing Speech by Mother of Woman Killed by Palestinian Suicide Bomber

Why "Disengagement" in Gaza Ended in Violence - George Bisharat

Ralph Nader's Stunning Remarks on Israel's "War Crime" in Lebanon

The New York Times Distortions about Israeli Sentiment toward their War

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Lebanon, Israel by Gabriel Ash

A Note from Lebanon - Rania Masri

Letter from Pinter, Saramago, Chomsky and Berger

The Nakba in Palestine

Five Year Old Arrested and Terrorized by Israelis

Who's the Dog and Who's the Tail - Uri Avnery

Appeal to Europe published in Israeli papers

Redgrave Means Courage

Why You Shouldn't Talk to Police

Link to Gideon Levy's article on Tel Rumeida... Republished on Counterpunch

Take Off the Rose Covered Glasses - Op-Ed in the Register

Anti-War Groups Set Program for March Demo

"Son of a Bitch General" - an ex-Israeli soldier's view

Benny Morris a Bigot

A Searing Review of the Movie "Munich"

Israel's Plan to Attack Iran...and What it Will Mean for US Troops

Dancing Around the Problem

Yaalon and War Crimes

Israel's Corruption was Inevitable

Throw it Right Back at Lieberman

Answers UCONN Newspaper Article

Fresh Air - Henry Lowi

Letter to Newsweek

Human Rights Watch Writes to Clinton about the Wall

Earthquake - Uri Avnery

Letter Published in the New Haven Register

Radicals, Rabbis and Peacemakers- Michael Steven Smith

Proof they Lied

Letter Published in the Yale Daily News

I Endorse Polarization Israel Shahak

12 More Years

Chabad Rabbi: Jews Should Kill Arab Men, Women and Children During War 2009

Rabbi OK's Killing Civilians

No, the Romans Didn't Exile the Jews - Jerry Haber - The Magnes Zioniost - Sunday, July 29, 2007

Palestine and the anti-war movement- Toufic Haddad

Falling into Sharon's Trap - Stanley Heller

International Terrorism: Image and Reality - Noam Chomsky 1991

The Einstein Letter to the New York Times Warning about Zionist Fascists - 1948