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UN Predicts Famine Not Seen in 40 Years Due to Pompeo Yemen Policy

U.S. to Declare Houthis a Terrorist Group

Starving Children Don't Cry - Nickolas Kristof


Yemen Airport (Aden) is Attacked as New Government Arrives

the world say no war on yemen (54K)
Call for Worldwide Action Against War on Yemen 1/25/21

Yemen on Brink of Losing an Entire Generation of Children


As War in Yemen Hits Year 4, A Brief History of U.S. Involvement - Shireen Al-Adeimi - March 25

from January - The Kidnapping and Return of Buthaina - Middle East Eye

who controls what _sm (26K)

Who Controls What - Al Jazeera

A Primer of Violence and Anti-Violence

CNN - U.S. Sold Weapons to Saudis and Some Goes to Al-Qaeda and the Houthis


85,000 Children May Have Starved to Death - Save the Children

Southern Separatists Call For Independence Referendum October

Southern Separatists Call for Uprising in Aden Oct 3

"Nearly every child in Yemen’ in need of humanitarian aid" Says U.N.

How the U.S. is Making the War Worse - Nicolas Niarchos, New Yorker

Yemen "Officially Recognized" PM Flees Aden

No Honor Among Thieves - IDM Feb

Aden Captured by Southern Separatists Aligned with UAE


Saudis Kill 68 Civilians in One Day - December

Blockade Will Kill "Untold Thousands"


Saudi Wars on Houthis and Al Qaeda Grows Much Stronger

The New York Times Dances Around War Crimes - Who is to blame when bombs kill civilians?

Saudi Coalition Used US Bombs in Obliterating Yemen Market - ABC News Terrible Picture of Baby who Died at 5 Months - The Independent

Over 10,000 Child Deaths Because of the War - UNICEF

Saudis Use U.S. Cluster Bombs in Yemen

Senate Democrat Says It's Time To Cut Off Support For Saudi Arabia's War In Yemen


Saudi-Led War in Yemen Frays Ties With the U.S. Dec. 22

ISIS Growing in Strength in Yemen

Peace Talks Do Not Succeed, New Round Set for January - Yemen Post News

Islamic State Gains Strength in Yemen, Challenging Al Qaeda

Urgent Need for Peace in Yemen NYT editorial

152 Feared Dead in Yemen Ballistic Missle Strike

Michael Karadjis Criticizes UNAC Statement about Houthis and Yemen

Westerners on Iranian Boat to Yemen

Saudis Announce Halt to Bombing Campaign No Sign of Houthi Retreat

U.S. Generals Criticize Yemen Strategy CNN

What Saudi Arabia is Up to In Yemen - CNN Interview - Ali Al-Ahmed

A Statement by Yemen Specialists on the Attack

U.N. Security Council on Yemen April 2015

Iraqis Criticize Saudi Attack on Yemen

UN Security Council Put Weapons Embargo on Houthis and Russia Only Abstains

Six Socialist Groups in Middle East Denounce Saudi-U.S. Yemen Aggression and Houthi Attacks, Too

Hadi Justifies War Against Yemen

Pakistan Rejects Saudi Call for Help in Attack on Yemen

The Yemen War Spectacularly Bad Today - Elias Groll - Foreign Policy

Who is Threatening the Holy Mosques? Not the Houthis - Ayaz Amir (from Pakistan)

Security Council Res. 2216, Imposes Sanctions, Does Not Authorize Saudi or U.S. Violence

Your Nobel Peace Prize Winner Tawakkol Karman - As'ad AbuKhalil

Yemen's Women Revolutionaries Dissent Magazine

Second Bahraini Arretested for Criticizing War on Yemenis

Is Yemen America's Fight? - Debate in the New York Times

"Foreign states that go to war in Yemen usually come to regret it" - Patrick Cockburn

What’s Really Behind the Saudi Attack on Yemen - Juan Cole

Houthi's Stage Mass Rally in Sana'a After Saudi Attack - Russia Today

It's a "Pre-emptive" attack
The Saudi Explanation for Their Invasion of Yemen in Al-Arabiya

It is Not a Sectarian War - Stacey Philbrick Yadav - -Washington Post

Obama Administration Cringe-worthy Quotes - Vox

Obama Administration Supports Saudi Bombing - The Guardian, March 26, 2015

The War on Yemen - How to Read It - As'ad AbuKhalil

March 25, 2015

Saudis Bomb Yemen - Houthis Attack Air Base Formerly Used by U.S. Forces New York Times

Yemen Bombing: It’s Not the Islamic State Group, and It’s Not a Sunni-Shiite Conflict - Juan Cole, March 25

Yemen Was Washington’s Counterterrorism Success Story.
Not Anymore
- Sean D. Naylor - Foreign Policy

U.N. Extends Asset Freeze and Travel Bans with Security Council Resolution #2204

Security Council Resolution #2201 Makes Demand on Houthis, "Calls on all Member States to refrain from external interference"

National Front in Yemen

Persecution Defines Life for Yemen’s Remaining Jews New York Times

U.S. Loses Track of $500 million in Weapons it Gave to Yemen - Washington Post

2014 and earlier

The Houthis and their Anti-Jewishness - Angry Arab Blog

Re-Emergence of the Yemeni Left - Farea al-Muslimi - Al Monitor 2013

Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Karman's Award and Speech at CAIR-LA Banquet 2014

Nobel Prize Winner Gives Away All the Money to Yemeni Wounded

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barred from Entering Egypt - 2013

Tawakkul Karman, Nobel Peace Prize Speech - selection on Democracy Now!

Unhappy Yemen - Tariq Ali (includes history of Egypt-Saudi war in Yemen)

The Class Struggle in South Yemen - In Defence of Marxism - Jan. 2010

Yemen Ratifies Merger with Marxist South - New York Times 1990

Osama Bin Laden Funds Fight Against Leftists in Yemen

Critical Marxist View of South Yemen - 1986 Ted Grant