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U.S. Intelligence Agencies Doubt Obama Afghan Surge Will Have Any Lasting Effect - Washington Post

460,000 Killed Due to U.S. Invasion of Iraq PLOS Medicine Oct 2013

Telephone diplomacy riles Israeli hawks and Iranian conservatives - Yassamine Mather

Iraq Executes 42 Right on World Day Against the Death Penalty - Oct 11, 2013

John Stewart Defends Egyptian Satirist

Who is Delaying the WHO Report on Iraqi Birth Defects? - June 10, 2013

Drone Pilot Regrets, Quits - The Hidden Cost of Drones - NPR - May 5, 2013

Condemning Frequent Rapes in Tahrir Square in Morsi's Egypt

Stephane Hessel Dies, Hero of French Resistance, and Occupy

Rebels Stand Alone - Chris Hedges

American Sniper - a review of Chris Kyle's book 6 months before Kyle's murder

A Horror - Rapists Taking Advantage of Revolution in Tahrir Square January 27

Who Says you Can Kill Americans, Mr. President? Vicki Divoll

How Team Obama Justifies the Killing of a 16-Year-Old American - By Conor Friedersdorf

The PSY scandal: singing about killing people v. constantly doing it - Glen Greenwald Dec. 8

Norman Finkelstein - Israel's Latest Assault on Gaza - What Really Happened

If Not Two States, Then One

Could the Anti-Nazi Boycott Have Won?

Impressions of Gaza - Noam Chomsky

New York Times Admits it's Useless to Go On in Afghanistan

Before Netanyahu Drew His Cartoon, He Thought About Using These Ideas

Connecticut and the Sabra-Shatila Massacre (Sept. 2012)

Scorpion Gets In Among the Good Guys - Robert Fisk - 9/18/2012

A Preventable Massacre - Seth Anziska New York Times 9/17/2012

"It is a Sunni Revolt against a Shi'a President" - interview Najib Saliba

What's Behind the Twists at Amnesty International - Ashley Smith

An Answer to Seymour on Syria - John Rees

Richard Seymour on Syria's rebels

The Ugly Truth about Yitzhak Shamir - Stanley Heller

Anarchists - the Most Important Activists on the Israeli Left - Noam Sheizaf, July 8, 2012

The Death of Yitzhak Shamir, pro-Nazi Zionist - Lenni Brenner

Tony Blair Reinvents Himself - Felicty Arbothnot

What It's Like to Live 5 Years Under Blockade - Najwa Sheikh (from Gaza)

Alice Walker's Letter - No Translation of "Purple" by Israeli company

Review of "The Who" - Stanley Heller

The Atzmon Conundrum - Seth Farber

A Critique of Finkelstein's Two State Fixation - Stanley Heller

The NYT’s Love Letter to Death Squads - Chris Floyd

The Dead Men are all Al-Qaeda Militants Unless Their Corpses Can Be Proved Innocent - Juan Cole

What if Kobe Bryant were an Imprisoned Soccer Player - Dave Zirin

Film Review - Restrepo - Soldiers in Afganistan - Stephen Kobasa

Forrest Gump Throws Away his Congressional Medal of Honor - Stanley Heller

"The General's Son" talk at Palestine Awareness Week - Miko Peled

Collection of articles about Iraq Genocide Memorial Day 2012

When the Zionists Brought SS Men to Haifa - Stanley Heller

Interview with Felicia Langer on the Attacks on Gunter Grass

The Disgusting Attacks on Gunter Grass - Tariq Ali

Günter the Terrible - Uri Avnery

From My Lai to Kandahar - Jeff Sparrow

Palestinian Political Prisoner Explain Goals of Prisoner Hunger Strikes - Ameer Makhoul

The Atzmon Affair

Inteview with Tony Greenstein on Atzmon

Group of Palestinians Denounce Atzmon Tour

Several Score Activists Oppose Atzmon Attacks on "Jewishness"

The US and the Syrian Uprising - As'ad AbuKhalil

Fadi Quran "Young, Networked, Non-Violent" - Time Magazine

Active Duty Officer Sees Military Failure in Afghanistan - Lt. Col. Daniel Davis

Imperialism, despotism, and democracy in Syria - Joseph Massad

Libya at the Crossroads - Simon Assaf 1/2012

Numbers Show Israelis Safest During Hamas-Israeli Truce - 1/2/2012

Egyptian Socialists Throw Charges Back in the Face of SCAF - 12/24/2011

How I Became a "Terrorist" Abdelrahman Al Ahmar12/23/2011

101 Permits Govern Palestinian Ability to Travel 12/23/2011

Congress Lets Military Have U.S. Citizens

Will New Defense Act Lead to Tyranny? - Gale Courey Toensing

Why Islamists Won’t Win (Even If They Do)

No Greenwashing of Jewish National Fund - BDS South Africa

Seymour Hersh Doubts Latest IAEA Report

An Iranian Suggests Questions for a Corrupt Dictator

About the Open Letter to As'ad AbuKhalil Nov 2011

Called an Anti-Semite, He Sues

After the US Stops Palestine at the UN - Heller in New Haven Register

May 15, 2011 Fifteen Years After Albright Admits Mass Killings

Stanley Heller: Palestinians’ personal stories contradict Goldstone reversal - New Haven Register

MECC Resolution on Libya and Bahrain

Racist Israeli School Textbooks about Nurit Peled-Elhanan

Berlesconi Kissed Him and Now Will Bomb Him

Bin Laden was no hero: he was a terrorist Wahhabi - As'ad AbuKhalil

Five Photos of Our Pickup Truck – the Flotilla Mobile

Revealed in the "White House Diaries" by Stanley Heller

Murder Most Foul - Pakistan - Gulamhussein Abba

Collection of articles about Iraq Genocide Memorial Day 2011

Don't Trust the Military in Egypt - Stanley Heller, published New Haven Register Feb. 13, 2011

Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook Used in a Revolution - New York Times Feb. 17, 2011

Naomi Klein warns Arabs that the Uprising Could Turn Sour if they Let Washington "Help" with the Economy

Did the PA Kill the Goldstone Report? - Jared Maslin

Alison Weir interviews Noam Chomsky - sparks fly on BDS and more

Anna Baltzer - Palestinians' human rights key to peace

A Cure for the Disease of Islamophobia - Rev. David Good

Israel an "Anachronism" - Classic article by Late Tony Judt

The Elders of Anti-Zion by Uri Avnery

Dubious Palestinian Authority Arrests- Johanna Rivera

Egypt Complicit in Gaza- Johanna Rivera

A Damned Good Assembly

The End of Sicarii Zionism - Dov Yermiya

Time has devoted a cover story about the Soviet-Georgia war over Osseitia written by none other than Jimmy Carter's National Security Chief Zbignew Brzezinski. Never forget that Brzezinski and Carter were the two who deliberately lured the Soviets into occupying Afghanistan in 1979 and who helped turn Political Islam into a worldwide menace. See Bzezinski's proud admission in a 1998 article reprinted on Counterpunch.

I Renounce My Belief in the Zionism that has Failed - Dov Yermiyah

Scott Ritter "Acts of War" on Iran on July 29

Human Rights Group finds Fatah and Hamas Guilty of Abuses

Is Afghanistan a Narco State? - New York Times

Lenni Brenner on the Comeback of the Taliban in Afghanistan

Warschawsky "Suspend Israeli UN Membership Until it Complies with Right to Return Committment"

"I am returning your invitation" - Israeli Veteran Spurns Barak

A Critique of Uri Avnery's "Apology"

Compilation of 78 Security Council Resolutions Critizing Israel for Violating International Law - 2009

The Unofficial Story of the al-Qaeda 14 - Torture Was Wrong in Many Ways - Ron Suskind

Lenni Brenner Exposes Winston Churchill's Anti-Semitism

If Iran is Such an Enemy Why is Israel Secretly Trading with it?

David Rovics on the 9/11 "Truth" Conspiracists

Bush's Attempt to Launch a Gaza Coup the Vanity Fair article

Rice Uses the S-Word by Lenni Brenner

"It is time for the Workers of the World to stop building guns and start building bridges" Union leaders speech at the Kennebunkport demo

From Kit's Blog June-August

Israel Doesn't Want Peace - Gideon Levy

Danger to the State - Uri Averny, April 7

"A Monstrous War Crime" Lancet Editor Richard Horton on number of Iraqi Dead

Norton Mezvinsky on Syria in the Hartford Courant

Strip Searching Palestinian Children - Allison Weir

Poem on the Birthday of the Martyr Shaden Abu-Hijleh

The Folly of War with Iran - Stanley Heller

Mazin Qumsiyeh - The Israeli lobby and the endless wars

The United States of America Has Gone Mad - by John le Carré

Mazin Qumsiyeh - Holocaust Deniers and the Iraq Study Report

Tony Karon: In Defense of Jimmy Carter

One of the Israelis Soldiers Looked Down at the Blood and Laughed
Pregnant Women at Checkpoints

Surge - A Bendib cartoon

Sorry, Wrong Continent - Uri Avnery

The First Israeli Settlement in Syria was Secular - July 1967

Robert Fisk on Those Who Ignore Holocausts of Jews (and Armenians)

Chris Floyd Demolishes Thomas Friedman

Boycotting Myself - Juliano Mer Khamis

Academic Boycotts - Rights and Wrongs - Moshe Machover

LA Times Article About Israeli Cluster Bombs in Lebanon

Jenin Denial

Amazing Speech by Mother of Woman Killed by Palestinian Suicide Bomber

Why "Disengagement" in Gaza Ended in Violence - George Bisharat

Ralph Nader's Stunning Remarks on Israel's "War Crime" in Lebanon

The New York Times Distortions about Israeli Sentiment toward their War

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Lebanon, Israel by Gabriel Ash

A Note from Lebanon - Rania Masri

Letter from Pinter, Saramago, Chomsky and Berger

Link to video of Ray McGovern confronting Liar Donald Rumsfeld

Link to video of Daily Show satire of the Rumsfeld lie

The Nakba in Palestine

Incriminating Interview with Madeleine Albright, May 12, 1996

Five Year Old Arrested and Terrorized by Israelis

Who's the Dog and Who's the Tail - Uri Avnery

Appeal to Europe published in Israeli papers

Letter to the Yale Daily News on the Visit of Madeleine Albright

Redgrave Means Courage

Why You Shouldn't Talk to Police

Link to Gideon Levy's article on Tel Rumeida... Republished on Counterpunch

Take Off the Rose Covered Glasses - Op-Ed in the Register

Anti-War Groups Set Program for March Demo

"Son of a Bitch General" - an ex-Israeli soldier's view

Benny Morris a Bigot

A Searing Review of the Movie "Munich"

Israel's Plan to Attack Iran...and What it Will Mean for US Troops

Dancing Around the Problem

Yaalon and War Crimes

Israel's Corruption was Inevitable

Throw it Right Back at Lieberman

Answers UCONN Newspaper Article

Ramsey Clark Justifies Saddam Massacre - Jeff Blankfort

Congressman Murtha says "Bring the Troops Home"

Fresh Air - Henry Lowi

Letter to Newsweek

Human Rights Watch Writes to Clinton about the Wall

Earthquake - Uri Avnery

Letter Published in the New Haven Register

Radicals, Rabbis and Peacemakers- Michael Steven Smith

Proof they Lied

Letter Published in the Yale Daily News

Union Resolutions Reject the War

Make Levees Not War, The DC Rally

I Endorse Polarization

12 More Years

Scott Ritter "We are at War with Iran"

Rabbi OK's Killing Civilians

Palestine and the anti-war movement- Toufic Haddad

Falling into Sharon's Trap