Cowboys and Indians Against the Keystone Climate Killing Pipeline

Thousands marched with the Cowboy and Indian Alliance at “Reject and Protect” to Protest Keystone XL Pipeline Cowboy and Indian Alliance Present a Painted Tipi to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian as a Gift to President Obama Musician Neil Young and Actress Daryl Hannah join the protests Washington, DC These videos are TSVN footage on rally, interviews, speeches, music and prayers.

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Start of March (10K)
Start of March

Midmarch Keystone (11K)
Mid March Against Keystone

reject and protect (10K)
Reject and Protect Press Conference including Neil Young and Darryl Hannah

More of Cowboy (11K)
More of March Against Keystone

Indian Rapper against Keystone (10K)
Indian Rapper Against KXL

wearing polar bear (10K)
Wearing a Polar Bear to Make a Point

windmills not keystone (10K)
Windmills Not Keystone Banner

we will not let you build this pipeline (10K)
We Will Not Let You Build This Pipeline

Action Against Extraction (11K)
Action Against Extraction

Striking Keystone Banner (10K)
One Striking BAnner

Northwind Woman (9K)
Northwind Woman Speaks Against Keystone XL

Destroying the Land (10K)
They are Destroying the Land and the People

KXL Threatens (10K)
KXL Threatens

Tipis on the Mall (10K)
Tipis on the Mall

murphy plays flute (9K)
Michael Murphy Plays Haunting Music at Start of Rally

Ceremony to Four Corners (10K)
Ceremony to Four Corners of the Earth

praynokxl (10K)

Souix anti-Keystone (10K)
"Great Nations Like Great Men Should Live Up to Their Words"

on the frontline (10K)
Lakota, Dakota Speaker, Neil Young and More

family lucky pipeline (10K)
A Family's "Luck"

bullied (10K)
We've Been Bullied by Trans-Canada

banners_and_stills_keystone_cia (10K)
Banners and Stills

raging granny cia rally (9K)
A Raging Granny Interviewed