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Flyers to Download and Distribute

half page flyer -There's More To It (Jan 9, 2020) download (pdf))

flyer - Why Does CT Continue to Invest in Israel? download (pdf))

flyer "From Selma to #BlackLivesMatter" download (.pdf file)

flyer Shame on our Senatorsdownload (.pdf file)

Points to Consider as the President Calls for an Attack on Syria download (.pdf file)

23 Essential Websites download (.pdf file)

Report on "Honor" Killing download (Word file .docx)

Don't Let Them Guilt Trip You about the Holocaust download (Word file .doc)

Short Answers to Questions on Israel/Palestine download (Word file .docx)

We Should Have Nothing to Do with Israel (download Word .docx) file

"Are you Anti-Semitic if You Criticize Israel download Word .docx)

Unemployed? .... It's Time You Paid your Taxes for Israel download (Word document .docx))

We Can't Afford War with Iran download (Word document Word .docx))

Israel and the War (revised June 2008) download (Word document Word .docx))

Palestinians and the US Labor Movement download (Word document Word .docx))

Which Union Leaders are Bucking the Tide? download (Word document Word .docx))

Discrimination Against Palestinians download (Word document Word .docx))

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