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Union Support for Palestinian Rights Could be a Game Changer

Machinists report: CT AFL-CIO Resolution Calls for BDS to Pressure Israel - passed 10/29/2015. See resolution (pdf))

Connecticut Union Leaders Visit Palestine-Israel Sept 2015(pdf))

UAW Grad Students Local Votes for BDS in Landslide

How Easy it Was to Get the AFT to Say How Much it Owned

300 Unionists Say Stop the Attack on Gaza (2104)

Little Known Fact: In 1985 the AFL-CIO Considered Breaking Ties with Israel

Arab Auto Workers Strike, Outraged over UAW Israel Bond Purchases - True U.S. Labor History

Palestinian Labor Leader Speaks at CT AFL-CIO Convention

Why We Picketed NY AFL-CIO Pres Hughes

Shameful 2007 Statement by U.S. Union Chiefs on Palestine

Dump Israel Bonds Banner

Labor Council Calls on CT Treasurer to Dump Bonds

After Gaza Massacre CT Treasurer Increases Stash of Israel Bonds

Washing Away Labor's War Stain - Dumping $25,000 of Nasty Bonds

CT AFL-CIO Cleanses Itself of Bonds

Palestinian Trade Union Movement Unanimously Confirms Support for BDS

Israeli Histadrut Union Ignores $2 Billion Ripoff

New Haven Central Labor Council Calls for Sell-Off of Bonds (2009)

AFT Has $300,000 in Tainted Bonds

Over 50 Call for CT AFL-CIO to Sell its Israel Bonds (2009)

Union Members Scorn Trumka Over Anti-BDS Statement (2009)

Palestinian Civil Society BDS Call 2005

Unions Owning Israel Bonds 1986

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