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The Sabra Shatila Massacre

A Brief Overview

Two Videos of New Haven March on 30th Anniversary of the Massacre
First One          Second One

Photographer Returns to Follow Up on His Iconic Photos

MECC Plans for Marking 30th Anniversary of the Massacre

Banner Marking 30th Anniversary

An Account by a Defender and Survivor of Shatila Camp

Ralph Schoenman on the Massacre

Review of Bayan Nuwayhed Al-Hout's Book that Names 1300 Dead or Missing

Sabra Shatila Images

Poster - "We Will Not Forget"

Fisk on Sabra Shatila in 2001

Sabra-Shatila and Literature

French Author Jean Genet "Four Hours at Chatila"

Franklin Lamb's "Letter to Janet"

Bayan Nuwayhed Al-Hout's "Sabra and Shatila September 1982" complete

In 1999 Barak Appointed War Criminal to High Post

U.N. General Assembly Resolution Comdemns it as an "act of genocide"

2012 Al-Jazeera Film: Gaza Hospital: Beirut

Eyewitness Don Wagner of Sabeel Recommends Al-Jazeera Film

To the IDF soldiers who were at Sabra and Shatila - Ellen Siegel

Podcast: Ralph Schoenman - Coming to Sabra and Shatila in 1982

More from Ellen Siegel "Shared Memories"

A Preventable Massacre - Seth Anziska New York Times 9/17/2012

The Forgotten Massacre - Robert Fisk 2012

They shot my Father in the Head

Connecticut and the Sabra-Shatila Massacre (Sept. 2012)

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