Questions about Sturm Ruger Sales to the Israeli Government

Middle East Crisis Committee
P.O. Box 3626
Woodbridge, CT 06525

March 11, 2018

Dear CEO Chris Killoy:

In early December of last year 29 year-old Ibrahim Abu-Thurayya was killed in the Gaza Strip. He was behind the wall Israel built around the Gaza Strip demonstrating against President Trump’s decision on Jerusalem. The young man was taking part in the demonstration even though he had no legs. They had been amputated after an Israeli attack on the al-Bureij refugee camp in 2008. Despite being in a wheelchair an Israeli sniper shot him in the head and killed him. Was he shot by one of your rifles?

In examining your website it appears Sturm Ruger has sold weapons to Israel at least since the late 1980’s. After 2000 it was used for a time as a ” less lethal riot control weapon” and then after a number of Palestinian deaths its use was less, according to your article. Do you continue to sell sniper rifles and other weapons to the Israeli government?

On your website there is this claim, “Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility.” Do you regularly monitor how foreign countries are using your weapons? Did you investigate this notorious incident of the killing of Abu-Thurayya? Israel uses your rifles for so-called “riot control”, but is well-known for suppressing dissent, even demonstrations that are completely peaceful. Are you aware of this? In selling the Israeli government weapons have you considered that the Israeli state has violated numerous U.N. resolutions and important provisions of international law? Have you ever stopped selling weapons to a government because of its record of human rights abuses?

I’m Executive Director of the Middle East Crisis Committee (CT) and host of its TV program, The Struggle. It's on over 30 cable stations and at We are eager for your reply.

Stanley Heller

Correction 4/13/18: the letter above links to a webpage "ruger1022" which I thought was an official Ruger site. Apparently it's a "fan page".

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