Rejected Drafts for Netanyahu's Speech About Iran's Non-Existent Nukes

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Certain facts contradict Netanyahu's claim:

--Iran's nuclear material is all watched over by the International Atomic Energy Agency

--Iran is enriching nuclear material to 20%. If you want to make a bomb you need to enrich to at least 3 times higher and the IAEA would notice.

--Iran religious leaders have issued "fatwa" against nuclear weapons. These decrees are treated seriously in a country ruled by religious leaders.

--There's been a lot of fuss about what might have been at the Parchin site that Iran won't let the IAEA inspect, but as the Wall Street Journal reporter Jay Solomon writes, "IAEA officials believe the testing at Parchin was conducted nearly a decade ago, and likely ended in 2003."

--" Senior Obama administration officials say the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate remains accurate" according to the Wall Street Journal. This estimate says Iran ended its nuclear weapons program in 2003.

--Finally, Amy Goodman pointed out on her program this morning (September 17) the same dire warning was made by Netanyahu some time ago. He said Iran would have a nuclear bomb in 3 to 5 years. He made this prediction in 1992.