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free Aleppo in its last hours *** Bilal Abdul Karem by cellphone from east Aleppo **** TSVN's Stanley Heller issues another call for airdrops to starving Syrians *** final segment of Ben Ehrenreich's talk on Palestine *** featuring the 400 strong march for "Jobs, Justice and a Livable Climate" in Hartford on 12/3/16 *** speakers include Martha Klein of the Sierra Club and Bishop John Selders and singer Ben Grosscup *** March stopped at TD bank and crowd was asked to remove their money from banks that finance the DAPL pipeline in Standing Rock and all banks that invest in fossil fuel pipelines *** program #671

TV Show: "SOS from Aleppo"

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Starting with a message from a doctor in the last part of Aleppo free from Assad *** veterans come to aid in Standing Rock *** more of Ben Ehrenreich's talk about Palestine in Nov 2016 in New Haven *** program #670

TV Show: "Ehrenreich on Nabi Saleh Resistance"

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solidarity in New Haven with Standing Rock *** segment from interview with Sam Farber about Fideo Castro *** featuring author Ben Ehrenreich on the Palestinians of Nabi Saleh ***program #669

TV Show: "Cruel Attack Against Standing Rock Protectors"

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Police attack Standing Rock water protectors with high pressure water, tear gas and bullets. *** simple act of protest, a couple takes their money out of Wells Fargo *** a visit to Selma Alabama *** Hundreds of Jews protest the Zionist Organization of America over Bannon invite *** Syria rescuse *** Amnesty Int video of Syria prison *** program #668

TV Show: "Alabama Lawyers Fighting for Rights of Death Row Prisoners"

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Why the U.N. Airlifts Food to Only One Syrian City *** In New Haven a street is blocked in support of Standing Rock protectors *** a group of Alabama lawyers fighting for justice for death row inmates *** Anthony Ray Hinton saved from death row after 30 years *** program #667

TV Show: "Change the Name of Yale's Calhoun College"

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Rally in New Haven against racism after Trump presidential victory*** Hundreds rally on New Haven Green calling on Yale to change the name of Calhoun residential college, named after John C. Calhoun anti-black, anti-Indian racist *** Christian Parenti to give the Shafer lecture 11/17 in New Haven *** program #666

TV Show: "Labor and Standing Rock"

union camp flag Oceti Sakowin (46K)

Union member Michael Letwin speaks from Standing Rock *** Syria protest in front of Russia's London Syrian *** trailer of "Briar in the Cottonpatch" about the Koinonia Farm of Americus George where blacks and whites lived together starting in 1942. Bren Dubay a current administrator of the farm answers questions *** Photo of solidarity rally with Turkish political party arrested by increasingly dictatorial Turkish government *** program #665

TV Show: "Machine Gun Pointed at Her Face, She Continued Shopping in Palestine"

cassandra_henderson_emory2 (432K)

featuring a riveting talk Cassandra Henderson a Black activist and former pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta speaking about her experiences in Palestine with Israeli soldiers and Palestinians. *** a new name for the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation, Yousef Munayyer explains *** Travis Harden talks about #NODAPL efforts in North Dakota *** program #664

TV Show: "The Assassination Complex"

scahill at btl event (45K)

Featuring the talk by Jeremy Scahill of www.theintercept.com and author of Blackwater and Dirty Wars. His new book is "The Assassination Complex" about how presidents have become judge and jury and executor. He spoke at a celebration for "Between the Lines" on its 25th year of broadcast. www.btlonline.org Scahill also talks about Syria and why it's dead wrong to think Assad should be supported. Also an award given from Between the Lines to the Dragonfly Climate Collective with Dan Fischer's acceptance comments.*** program #663

TV Show: "The Fruit of Obama's Arms Sales to the Saudis"

casualties funeral home strike (20K)
Over 700 reported killed and maimed in the Saudi attack (with U.S. weapons) on a Yemen funeral home *** Two Yemenis speak in CODEPINK video *** Syrian and Palestinian speakers at Tree of Life *** Palestinian violin and cello duo *** program #662

TV Show: "Opposing Obama's "Promise" for Puerto Rico"

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featuring interview of Melisa Vargas Echevarria and Fernando Betancourt about Puerto Rico as Obama's PROMESA bill puts control of the island up to an outside board *** gathering outside CT Senator Blumenthal's office opposing weapon sales to Saudi Arabia *** exposing a Russia Today lie about Syria *** program #661

TV Show: "Black Lives Matter from Brazil to the USA"

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Featuring an interview with Bishop John Selders about a Moral Monday trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to talk about mutual problems of police killings (In Brazil its even worse than in the U.S.) *** starting with another raid in Bil'in by Israeli soldiers *** U.N. airdrops food, but to only one area in Syria *** program #660

TV Show: "Opposing War and Warming"

IMG_6924 (207K)

*** as Russia and the U.S. deal 100 are killed in Syria *** Jeremy Scahill to speak in New Haven Oct 8, 2016 *** big rally in Middletown in support of Standing Rock protectors *** Pat Hynes speaks on "War and Warming" for 350CT and Promoting Enduring Peace *** program #659

TV Show: "Solidarity with Standing Rock Protectors"

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Scores come out in New Haven to support Native Americans in Standing Rock *** Dallas Goldtooth in Bismarck, North Dakota at a support action *** Martin Klein talks about his trip to Standing Rock *** concluding section of Medea Benjamin's talk about the Saudis*** program #658

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Victory, Textron to stop making cluster bombs *** photos of Saudi war on Yemen *** Medea Benjamin unfurls banner at luncheon to spur U.S.-Saudi business *** part 1 of Medea Benjamin's talk about the Saudi kingdom at the Hartford Unitarian Society *** program #657

TV Show: "Why They Had to Surrender"

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starting with IMEU video of 5 Americans let down by U.S. govt as when they tried to enter Palestine *** Daryya and Moadamiyeh Syria forced to evacuate to Assad forces *** 9/1/16 interview with Dani Qappani in Moadamiyeh ** Medea Benjamin leads chant "No U.S. Weapons for Saudi Arabia *** Khaled Quzmar, General Director, Defense for Children International ** program #656

TV Show: "Protesting U.S. Weapons for Saudi Arabia's War"

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Photos from a CODEPINK protest at the Saudi embassy in DC highlight the start of Medea Benjamin's book tour to talk about the Saudi "Kingdom of the Unjust" *** Yemeni woman speaks in first in a series of CODEPINK videos *** link to phone # for Congress *** Ali Al Ahmed at the Saudi Summit in March *** Last attacks on Darayaa, Syria before its fall *** solidarity action in New Haven with Standing Rock Souix in North Dakota who are opposing a pipeline *** program #655

TV Show: "Hell in Aleppo, Stadium Sprawl in Rio"

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remembering the Aug 21, 2013 sarin gas massacre of 1,400 in Syria *** testimony about Aleppo today in front of the U.N. *** sportswriter Dave Zirin in Rio *** Medea Benjamin coming to CT to talk about her new book on the Saudi-U.S. connection *** protest of Yemen war *** Bishop Selders "debriefing" 8/21/2016 in Meriden about his trip to Brazil to give Moral Monday advice on police brutality *** program #654

TV Show: "Aleppo: A Protest, A Martyrdom, a Victory"

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In front of the hapless United Nations a rally calling for help for the people of Syria. Chants of "Revolution" and "Drop Food Not Bombs" *** forces opposing Assad/Iran/Russia punch through siege *** Assad bombs kill Khaled Farah the White Helmets rescuer of the "miracle baby" *** Dr. Alice Rothchild a physician, feminist, author and producer of "Voices Across the Divide" answers questions about her support for Palestinian rights at a CT meeting *** program #653

TV Show: "The People's No-Fly Zone"

no fly with tires2 (37K)

Youth light tires on fire to throw off Assad/Russian planes *** Videographer killed *** Minnesota protest of Aleppo Siege *** Jewish Voice for Peace video about Nabi Saleh *** Medea Benjamin speaks at Clean Energy Revolution Summit *** Interview with James Cromwell at the meeting *** video of Philadelphia Anti-Fracking march *** program #652

TV Show: "The Philadelphia Anti-Fracking March"

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Featuring a look at the banners and signs used July 24, 2016 in the march against fracking in Philadelphia the day before the Democratic Convention. *** starting with coverage of the strike at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City by 1,000 workers in the Unite HERE union (www.UniteHereLocal54.org) *** Dr. Poune Saberi on Global Warming and violence *** Mark Lichty producer of "Groundswell Rising" *** Heller comment, "It's time to panic" *** program #651

TV Show: "We Have 13 Years, Stop Fracking"

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Featuring interview with top climate scientist Robert Howarth of Cornell and Food and Water Watch about THE climate battle of our time, the need to stop fracking *** Oz Katerji from Taksim Square during the attempted coup in Turkey *** CODEPINK speakers at the Baqee protests against the Saudi regime *** program #650

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Featuring Chris Hedges keynote talk at the Left Forum 2016. Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, columnist and activist *** Also section of Medea Benjamin's keynote address at the Left Forum. *** Both are introduced by internet TV news host Laura Flanders www.lauraflanders.com *** two photos of hundreds who marched in Poland against the meeting of NATO *** reminder to attend the July 24, 2016 anti-fracking demo in Philly *** program #649

TV Show: "Tribute to Jo Cox"

jo cox (31K)

*** The White Helmets of Syria salute Jo Cox, the assassinated British MP *** Heller praises the White Helmets and denounces Tariq Ali for slandering them *** Stanley Heller calls for taking away guns from most police and other measures in the wake of latest police killings and lone wolf murders *** calls for support of striking hotel workers at the Trump Taj Mahal in AC *** Richard Wolff's talk at the Left Forum about Rosa Luxemburg and the relevance of questions of reform and revolution *** program #648

TV Show: "Vicious Lies Against Palestinians Not Working"

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Featuring Lamis Deek, attorney and longtime member of Al-Awda NY speaking at the Left Forum *** Tribute to Syrian cameraman Khaled al-Essa assassinated in Aleppo, Syria, age 24 *** Russians burning Syria and Syrians with illegal incendiary bombs *** program #647

TV Show: "Terrible Violence Against Syrians and Their Supporters"

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Journalists Hadi Abdallah and Khaled Essa almost killed in Aleppo, Syria, Jo Cox assassinated in Britain *** Mohammad Nabulsi speaking the 2016 Left Forum panel "Dissent: False Accusations of Anti-Semitism Against Palestine Solidarity" **** protest in Albany against Gov. Cuomo's anti-BDS executive order *** Stanley Heller reading from his article about the need for a big turnout at the July 24 Philly rally against fracking and the very bad news about methane *** program #646

TV Show: "Answer the Latest Anti-Palestinian Lies"

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Featuring David Letwin's talk at the Left Forum panel "Silencing Dissent: False Accusations of Anti-Semitism Against Palestine Solidarity" *** opening with photos of Hartford solidarity gathering for victims of Orlando massacre and comment by Stanley Heller on mutual support of gays and Muslims *** action in front of CT governor's mansion against his campaign to spend billions to build pipeline for methane in CT *** program #645

TV Show: "Cuomo Stomps on Rights of BDS Supporters"

Cuomo you can't stop2 (433K)

The ISM remembers Aqil Srour shot dead in Nil'in during a popular resistance action*** NY Governor Cuomo orders state officials to divest from entities supporting BDS against Israel *** Assad regime bombs hospital *** Protest at Newseum of Israeli military spokesperson who defended killing journalists *** Medea Benjamin speaking at the RPM, Revive the Peace Movement Network panel at the Left Forum, some comments from the audience, 5/21/16 *** program #644

TV Show: "Climate Activists Should be Anti-War Activists"

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Dan Fischer of Dragonfly Climate Collective speaks at the Revive the Peace Movement panel at the Left Forum *** He followed Nidal Bitari a Palestinian born in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria who talked about the war there and the double problems of Palestinians in Syria *** program opens with discussion of the failure of the great powers to do airdrops of food in Syria by June 1 as they promised ***notice of a www.350ct.org program on June 12 to discuss the problem of methane (so-called natural gas) and a big climate rally coming up in Philly on July 24 ***The Struggle #643

TV Show: "Revived Anti-War Movement Opposes All Imperialisms"

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Ashley Smith's penetrating examination of the state of the U.S. anti-war movement is featured on The Struggle #642. Medea Benjamin also spoke on this subject in the RPM panel at the Left Forum 2016 *** program begins with Danni Qappani's lesson on life in besieged Moadamiyeh, Syria *** Syrians use a projector to send a message right on the side of the UN building in NYC *** Latuff cartoon on Netanyahu and his new Defense Minister

TV Show: "The Medal the Zionists are Ashamed to Explain"

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Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone was suspended for "anti-Semitism" for mentioning a period of Nazi-Zionist collaboration, but Lenni Brenner tells the history of treacherous Zionist conduct *** opening with 3 reports from Brazil from sports writer and activist Dave Zirin *** Dani Qappani from Moadamiyeh, Syria *** program #641

TV Show: "Even Children Too"

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Featuring Sahar Francis on the mistreatment of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons *** starting with news about RPM workshop at Left Forum *** Joseph Daher on his dispute with Patrick Cockburn on Syria *** Apartheid Adventures satirical take on BDS *** program #640

TV Show: "How Assad Provoked Syrians to Violence"

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Featuring Robin Yassin-Kassab from his talk and interview at NYU in April 2016 *** May 12 Iraq Genocide Memorial Day *** protest at Textron in Providence over cluster bomb sales *** William Hartung on Obama's enormous arms sales *** show #639

TV Show: "Obama Meets with his BFF - The Saudis"

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Featuring Sunjeev Bery of Amnesty International at the Saudi Summit in DC in March. *** the CODEPINK video that got one million views (story of Ali al Nimr) *** head of U.S. Armed Services Committee disses Ali McKracken Saudi questions *** Heller blasts Obama for his visit to the Saudi tyrant *** 5 White Helmets killed by Assad forces *** Last Aleppo pediatrician in Aleppo killed in bombardment of hospital by Assad/Russia*** short tribute to Hedy Epstein who has received grave medical news *** Pastor Anthony Bennett of Bridgeport speaks about white privilege and confronting racism *** Show #638

TV Show: "'Turn Up' for Justice"

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Featuring Bishop John Selders explaining how direct action in Hartford successfully prevented the city from giving away control of its finances to "experts" *** Daraya, Syria facing starvation *** Killer of Akai Gurley gets no jail time *** women in Saudi Arabia, discussion at "Saudi Summit" Ebthial Mubarak and Kristine Beckerle ***program #637

TV Show: "Israel, Colonial Settler State"

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Featuring a talk by Israeli citizen Ilan Pappe, who teaches at Exeter College in Britain *** Raed Jarrar of the AFSC at the Saudi Summit about how to talk about Saudi crimes without encouraging Islamophobia *** promos for rallies on Yemen in New Haven and Providence *** program #636

TV Show: "Executing an Injured Palestinian in Hebron"

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A suspect was lying injured helpless on the ground until and Israeli soldier came up and shot him *** Aunt of Akai Gurley speaks about prosecutor who wants NO jail time for policeman who shot her nephew *** Dr. Sharat Lin on foreign workers in Saudi Arabia *** Ten years after Latino work "Boycott" *** program #635

TV Show: "Stop the Bloody Yemen War"

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Rally outside Yale Law School - "Stop the Bloody Yemen War" *** featuring speech by renowned Saudi dissident Ali Al Ahmed *** preview of Syrian architect/artist "Desperate Cargo" exhibition by Mohamad Hafez at Real Art Ways *** a government demands $3,000 to release body of homeless youth - program #634

TV Show: "Yemen, a Year After Saudi-U.S. War"

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Featuring Mohammed al-Shami speaking at the "Saudi Summit" in Washington D.C. *** also part of Vijay Prashad's talk "The Foreign Policy of the 1%" *** opening with protests of AIPAC, the public face of the Israel Lobby in Washington by ANSWER, al-Awda and CODEPINK

TV Show: "Bahrain: Arrests and Torture"

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Arrest of Zainab al-Khawaja and her infant in Bahrain on March 14*** Zainab's sister Maryam answers questions about Saudi Arabia and Syria *** Exiled member of the Bahrain parliament Matar Ebrahim Matar *** concluding section of interview with Rev. Allie Perry about her visit to Palestine/Israel ***program #632

TV Show: "Constant Harassment of Palestinians, Day In, Day Out"

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Comment on Turkish govt seizing Zaman, the biggest newspaper in the country, *** Syrians out in the streets again during truce *** Rev. Allie Perry talks about Tent of Nations, a Palestinian farm under huge pressure by Israeli authorities *** part 1 of interview with Allie Perry about her 4th trip to Palestine/Israel *** program #631

TV Show: "The Dam Could Collapse at Any Time, Killing Hundreds of Thousands"

mosul dam photo iraq civil society org (59K)

Dire warnings 3/1/2016 that immense Mosul dam could collapse at any time killing hundreds of thousands *** Daryaa, Syria under siege for years, *** Brian Tokar of 350 Vermont on the good things he found in Cuba, *** Apartheid Adventure on the Academy Awards swag *** memorial to Connie Piccioto ***show #630

TV Show: "Yemen, Bahrain, Talks at NYU"

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Bushra al-Fusail of Yemen and Maryam al-Khawaja of Bahrain give talks at NYC February 19, 2016. On March 26, 2015 Saudi Arabia launched military strikes against Yemeni forces that it opposes and created a coalition that includes the U.S., Sudan and Egypt to support its war. Bahrain is ruled by an absolute monarchy and uses all kinds of violent means to suppress its democracy movement. Al-Khawaja's father has been imprisoned by the monarchy and given a life sentence. The Struggle #629

TV Show: "The Agony of One Syrian Village"

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*** Featuring one man describing what happened to his village in Syria when attacked by Russian or Assad bombers *** Beginning with an Israeli border cop kicking over a Palestinian in a wheelchair *** Obama want to up Israel's welfare payment by 33% *** BDS call by Roger Waters and Gideon Levy *** More of talk by Robin Yassin-Kassab at the launch of his new book on Syria written with Leila al-Shami "Burning Country *** program 628

TV Show: "Senator Says 'No' to Aiding Saudis in Yemen War"

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Featuring Senator Chris Murphy's statement calling for the U.S. to stop sending weapons to Saudi Arabia *** More of Robin Yassin-Kassab's talk at the launch of a book he wrote with Leila al-Shami , "Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War" *** new satire from Apartheid Adventure *** program #627

TV Show: "Unsettled Nostalgia"

image for program 626 (110K)

Featuring the art work of Syrian Mohamad Hafez and his talk at the opening of his exhibit "Unsettled Nostalgia" which features streetscapes amid models of the rubble. *** news about a sentence reduction for Palestinian-Jordanian Amer Jubran *** a short look at Gaza a "Year Later" *** the Yemen war and notice that Senator Chris Murphy opposes U.S. participation in the Saudi attack *** Robin Yassin-Kassab talks about the start of the Syrian revolution at meeting of Amnesty UK *** program #626

TV Show: "Pressure Builds to End Syria Sieges"

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Dani Qappani under siege in Moadamiyeh, Syria talks about the one basic demand of the people *** Letter in NYT, Petition to Airdrop food to break sieges *** interviews by Abraham Weizfeld in Jerusalem on evictions of Palestinians *** Melinda Tuhus about a DC demonstration against an agency that never says "No" to methane gas projects *** Latuff cartoon about Al-Sisi's fears *** program #625

TV Show: "No Coal, No Gas, Go Green"

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What if a company offers to close down a coal burning plant provided the city where it's housed allowed a methane burning plant to replace it? That's what Bridgeport, CT residents are debating. *** Boston climate march *** Bridgeport speak out on PSEG proposed deal including 10 year old Jaysa Mellers.*** interview with Michael Karadjis about UN's lack of help to Syrians under siege *** petition calling for air drops of food and medicine to Syrians *** Bob Gelbach speaks about Jewish Voice for Peace and the BDS Coalition in CT and its call for CT Treasurer Denise Nappier to sell off Israel Bonds *** program #624

TV Show: When I See Them I See Us

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Featuring video showing connections between treatment of Blacks in the U.S. and Palestinians under Israeli Apartheid produced by this site. *** starting with eulogy to a college student shot in Beit Jala *** from DN! Tavis Smiley on how Blacks in U.S. are faring under the first Black president *** rally and march in Manhattan for those suffering starvation from siege in Syria *** Continuing DN! coverage of the methane disaster in Los Angeles *** program #623

TV Show: The Starvation Weapon in Syria

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Tens of thousands starving in Syria and a plan for U.N. air drops of food *** Ali AlAhmed about his friend Sheikh Nimr al Nimr who was executed in Saudi Arabia *** The case of the Palestinian boy who you saw bent and bloody *** musical performance by Aleen Murad Masoud and Naseem Alatrash *** program #622

TV Show: Volcano of Methane

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Starting with Israeli use of "skunk" in a Hebron neighborhood *** featuring Democracy Now! coverage of massive methane leak in Los Angeles *** DN! on Bowe Bergdahl *** program #621

TV Show: Paris Climate Agreement #Historic ? #Fail

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*** Program begins with Israeli human rights group showing scenes from West Bank mistreatment and settler attacks ***Brief look at new banner from Syrian town of Kafranbel ***TSVN host Stanley Heller comments about the Paris Climate Agreement "progress" that spells disaster. *** Rally in Hartford CT calling for 100% renewable energy *** program #620

TV Show: Say "Yes" to Syrian Refugees

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Defying wishes of a few dozen misguided folks, hundreds rally at the Hartford, CT Capitol on 11/29/15 to support bringing refugees to CT *** Also part of Sharif Koddous' 12/18/15 report on the (Saudi-U.S.) war against Yemen Democracy Now! *** The Struggle #619

Among the speakers at the Hartford rally we have video of parts of the talks of Mongi Dhaouadi of CAIR, Attorney Peter Goselin, Syrian refugee Wael Faraj, Dom Gryzbko of the Party for Socialism and Liberation and TSVN host Stanley Heller.

relevant website www.democracynow.org www.saudius.org www.thestruggle.org

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