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Older TV Shows on Youtube from 2017

TV Show: "Martyrs: Sacco, Vanzetti, Heather Heyer"

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On the 90th anniversary of their execution TSVN goes to Boston to see an exhibit on Sacco and Vanzetti *** mother of woman martyred at Charlottesville *** Boston anti-fascist protest of 40,000, interview with Bishop John Selders *** Video Against Fascism Aug 28 in Hamden, CT *** David Rovics new song about then rotten anti-boycott bill in Congress *** program #707

TV Show: "Anti-Fascist Rally in New Haven"

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Featuring rally in New Haven after neo-Nazi killed Heather Haley in Charlottesville, (Cville) 8/14/2017 *** neo-nazis in Charlottesville send love to Syrian tyrant Bashar Assad *** notice of 8/28 "Videos Against Fascism" *** speakers in eastern CT criticize Congressman Joe Courtney over his sponsorship of the anti-boycott bill in Congress and his failure to speak out over conditions in the Gaza Strip *** program #706

TV Show: "Freeze for a Freeze"

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threat of nuclear war against Korea and a possible way out, Medea Benjamin leads CODEPINK protest in DC and earlier delegation to South Korea *** last ditch effort in Albany, NY to stop pipeline which would feed greenhouse gas methane to new power plant in Orange Country, NY, Pramilla Malik of the Wawayanda 6, Also Maya K van Rossum, Tim DeChristopher, James Cromwell, Ray Kimble, and a march to the governor's mansion *** program #705

TV Show: "In Raqqa Reporting on ISIS and the Regime"

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featuring the Syrian citizen media work of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently *** starting with tribute to Bassel Khartabil *** Hebron, Palestine where Israeli troops break up demonstration *** a house demolition in Jerusalem *** Jodi Vittori and Kathy Kelly talk about the idea of removing U.S. troops from Afghanistan *** 350 appeals to UNESCO about coal *** coal ash dumped in Puerto Rico *** program #704

TV Show: "Time to Get into the Streets Again for Palestine"

image of show 703 (46K)

Hartford CT demonstration for Palestine, (free access to Al-Aqsa, restore electricity to Gaza, defeat the anti-BDS legislation) in front of office of Sen. Joseph Blumenthal 7/2/5/2017 *** rally for Medicare for All in front of Cong. Rosa DeLauro who won't support it *** program #703

TV Show: "Confronting the Alt-Right"

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July 8, 2017 rallies against the Klan in Charlottesville and against the "Proud Boys" in New Haven *** reports from Gaza by Oz Katerji of TRT World about the electricity squeeze and about Gaza graffiti ***the bill in Congress that would make BDS a felony subject to huge fines and jail terms *** AlJazeera staff talk about working while Saudis demand shutdown of the network *** program #702

TV Show: "The Baqee Rally Against the Saudi Regime"

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Featuring a speech by Ali Moosvi at the rally protest the Saudi kingdom's destruction of the Baqee graveyeard and it repression and aggression *** Stanley Heller comments on the news that greenhouse gases are rising even though CO2 is stabilizing *** As James Cameron enters jail because of climate protest he's interviewed by Democracy Now! *** Huge crowd in in Istanbul after 250 mile walk to protest Erdogan taking on more and more power in Turkey *** program #701

TV Show: "Protest Says Stop All New Natural Gas Power Plants"

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James Cromwell's jail sentence and the fight against methane gas burning climate-ruining power plants *** the persecution of Issa Amro *** IMEU shows 50 years of Israeli occupation*** efforts to fight the Trump health care plan. Police rip woman from wheelchair *** the Yale Corporation tears down the union's protest home *** program #700

TV Show: "Oscar Lopez Rivera on Puerto Rico"

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Featuring the talk in Holyoke, MA by Rivera (right) who was released this year after 35 years in prison (Holyoke City Councilor Nelson Roman on the left) *** starting with gutless response to the hate mail against professor Johnny Williams at Trinity *** interview with Palestinian woman from Gaza about the big cutback in electricity *** Israelis use lanterns to demand electricity for Gaza Palestinians *** program #699

TV Show: "Father Talks about Son Shot by Police"

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Father of Rashamel Rogers speaks at a #BlackLivesMatter rally in Waterbury, CT along with Camele Scott-Mujahid and Bishop John Selders *** opening with call for trade unions to put people in the streets to oppose attacks on health care and to support government health care for all *** the electricity crisis in Gaza caused by Abbas and Netanyahu *** Sharon Dolev, Israeli anti-nuclear activist *** program #698

TV Show: "Protest of Anti-Muslim Hate Rally"

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Featuring June 12, 2017 rally in Waterbury CT of those defying fools claiming Muslims trying to take over America *** Dr. Reza Mansoor talks about Sharia *** starting with the outbreak of cholera in Yemen as a result of the Saudi-U.S. war that has devastated the country *** program #697

TV Show: "Annual Hate March in Jerusalem"

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Threatening march by Palestine haters in Arab Quarter of Jerusalem on "Jerusalem Day"*** 8 year old dragged through neighborhood by Israeli troops who want him to identify stone thrower **** a "thank you" by Dareeen Tatour, Palestinian poet on trial for poem *** Q and A with Iyad Burnat from his Providence RI trip *** Latuff cartoon on "Wonder Woman" *** Elizabeth Park roses *** program #696

TV Show: "Ralph Nader Accepts Gandhi Peace Award"

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Featuring Ralph Nader accepting his Gandhi Peace Award and the first part of his remarks. 4/23/2107 *** show begins with the victory of the Palestinian prisoners hunger strike just before Ramadan *** Amnesty International on civilians in Iraq killed by U.S. bombing *** satire about progressives for Israeli Apartheid *** program #695

TV Show: "Papers Get Huwara Killing All Wrong"

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Analysis of the 4 videos of the killing of Muataz Bani Shamsa in Huwara, Palestine, TSVN's video, interview with eyewitness Abraham Weizfeld *** Democracy Now! coverage of Turkish security personnel beating demonstrators in Washington DC *** Left Forum panel on Syria *** Thousands demonstrate at Yale for Local 33 UNITE HERE *** program #694

TV Show: "Yale has $25 Billion, Won't Bargain with Union"

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starting with news about prisoners hunger strike in Israeli prisons *** interview with Yousef Abdul Haq, **** a revelation about why Mahmoud Abbas is smirking during his meeting with Trump *** Israel Social TV interviews a Palestinian who talks about a successful hunger stike in the 1980's *** Featuring interview with 3 leaders of the Local 33-UNITE HERE union trying to get Yale to bargain with their graduate teachers union *** Stanley Heller comments about Trump's trip to the Kingdom of Horrors, Saudi Arabia *** program #693

TV Show: "Israelis Mock Hunger Strikers with BBQ"

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Starting with Mayday 2017 march in New Haven *** speakers at Mayday rally organized by New Haven Resists *** In Nablus Dr. Uri Davis talks about the hunger strike *** Some Israelis show off a cruel streak, mocking the Palestinian hunger strikers ** Ralph Nader talks about Palestinians at end of his Gandhi Peace Award speech *** Update on Yale hunger strike to win union recognition *** April 29 rally for the climate in New Milford, CT *** program #692

TV Show: "Hunger Strikes in Palestine and at Yale"

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starting with a report on the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners and one at Yale University by graduate student workers trying to get the Yale Corporation to bargain with their union *** White Helmet martyrs killed by Russian or Assad bombs *** Anand Gopal dismisses the tales that the carnage in Syria is a U.S. "regime change" war *** Maryam al-Khawaja on the sufferings of human rights activists in Bahrain *** Program #691

TV Show: "Barghouti's Gandhi Peace Award Speech"

gantz-presents-barghouti-300x225 (14K)

starting with a brief call for action on Mayday 2017, New Haven Green will see "general strike" activity *** featuring the talk by Omar Barghouti as he accepts the Gandhi Peace Award of Promoting Enduring Peace ** program #690

Complete Video, Stills and Print Media of Gandhi Peace Award 2017

TV Show: "Chest Thumping on Korea"

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Judge grants Omar Barghouti travel permission from Israel *** 1,000 Palestinian prisoners go on hunger strike *** lots of chest thumping over North Korea - Bruce Cummings speaks **** Kafranbel father dies in Assad prison *** interview with Kathy Kelly about protest in front of the U.N. over war against Yemen *** hunger strike. *** program #689

TV Show: "The Gall to Call This Grieving Man an Actor "

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Bashar Assad says the videos of the Syrians killed by chemicals were fake - Interview with Abdulhamid Al-Yousef who lost over 20 in his family. *** starting the program with call to honor Nader and Barghouti *** interview with man whose son was killed by Israelis 15 years ago *** concluding with the Fast for Yemen in front of the U.N. in protest of the Saudi-U.S. war on Yemen *** program #688

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Featuring Sharif Abdel Kouddous about conditions of inflation and corruption in al-Sisi Egypt (Democracy Now! video) *** starting with beatings by an Israeli soldier and Zionist thugs caught on camera *** the chemical attacks by Assad on Syrians *** celebrating Native American efforts in Standing Rock *** notice of Mayday "general strike" in New Haven *** in the wake of Ken Livingstone's continued suspension from the Labour Party part of our 2016 interview with historian Lenni Brenner *** program #687

TV Show: "The Revolution Unites Us - Syria Washington Demo"

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Opening with news about the arrest of Omar Barghouti who is to receive the Gandhi Peace Award on April 23 ****Basil al-Araj killed by Israeli soldiers *** Rally in DC for Syria called "The Revolution Unites Us" *** conclusion of Joseph Daher's talk about Syria and ideas about what we should be doing *** program 686

TV Show: "How We Could Actually Get Single Payer"

health care is a human right (37K)

Stanley Heller suggests a "Medical Payments Strike" to force the politicians to adopt Single Payer health care *** more of Swiss-Syrian Joseph Daher on the Syrian revolution and the array of counter-revolutionary forces from Assad to ISIS to Nusra to the Saudis to the USA *** program #685

TV Show: "Joseph Daher Talks about Syria"

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Featuring the first part of the talk by Swiss-Syrian academic Joseph Daher about the Syrian revolution and the continuing efforts of civic control and democracy (Barnard College Feb. 2017)*** starting with notice of the upcoming Gandhi Peace Award ceremony (April 23, 2017) honoring Ralph Nader and Omar Barghouti *** talking about Israel's efforts to criminalize BDS (boycotts, divestment and sanctions) *** program 684

TV Show: "You Sat with a War Criminal, Twice"

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starting with a look at Trump's GREAT health care plan ***featuring interview with Hamid Imam who spoke up to member of Congress Tulsi Gabbard about her fawning visits to Bashar Assad *** Democracy Now video about U.S. connections to the soldiers who allegedly killed a wonderful Honduran activist *** program #683

TV Show: "Christian Parenti on Climate - It Could Have Been Good News "

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Back in November, weeks after Trump's victory, Christian Parenti talks about how the climate could be prevented from going terminal, but the measures needed are the opposite of what Trump wants *** starting with a message about fear from young immigrants in New Haven *** notice of rally against Tulsi Gabbard in central NJ *** program #682

TV Show: "Syrian Activist Recalls Days in Palestine"

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Starting with promo for WomenStrike Wednesday, March 8 *** Image for show from Feb. 2017 Bil'in rally on a day the Israeli soldiers didn't show and attack *** Featuring Interview with Joseph Daher, Swiss-Syrian activist and host of the website www.SyriaFreedomForever.wordpress.com He visited Palestine several times in the years 2010-2012. He emphasizes that Palestinians cannot be freed without help from people in all the surrounding countries, and that this will not come about until the defeat of the dictatorships and kingdoms that neighbor Palestine. Feb. 16, 2017, Barnard College, NYC *** program #681

TV Show: "Mass Hangings at One Syrian Prison"

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Democracy Now's full report and interview with Nicolette Waldman about Assad's hangings of thousands at Saydnaya prison *** criticism of Glenn Greenwald about his claim that CIA main priority was to overthrow Assad *** New Haven protest of Trump's anti-Muslim order *** The "Valentine 4" shut down a bank over #NoDAPL *** program #680

TV Show: "Snipers Shooting Palestinian Children"

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Featuring interview with Murad Ishatawi about the shooting of children in the demonstrations to open the Kufr Kadoum-Nablus road *** starting with march of many hundreds in New Haven organized by IRIS *** signs held in Brooklyn in memory of children killed by U.S. commandos in Yemen *** photos of protest in Tel Aviv against home demolitions *** Famecia Ward sings at Wheels of Justice festival *** program #679

TV Show: "Let Them In"

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Over 1,000 demonstrated inside Bradley Airport, near Hartford CT, in support of Muslims and immigrants after Trump signs an Executive Order barring people from 7 countries from entering the U.S. *** starting with remarks about Yemen after Trump's raid where "everything went wrong" *** conclusion of Leila El-Haddad's talk about Israeli government attacks on Palestinian farming and fishing *** program 678

TV Show: "After the Giant Womens Marches"

image for show 677 (70K)

Photos of the NYC women's march along with an audio track of a women singing a song from Adalah-NY *** "How Israel Prevents Palestinians from Feeding Themselves" Laila El-Haddad's talk at Wheels of Justice Festival *** Notice of Swiss-Syrian activist Joseph Daher's appearance in CT *** Syria-American psychiatrist Dr. Ammar Traboulsi speaking out the traumas to the mind suffered by the Syrian refugees he treated in Jordan *** program #677

TV Show: "Shocking Executions in Bahrain"

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First execution of Bahrainis in 30 years, 3 tortured prisoners killed *** Obama shows clemency to Manning and Lopez, but not to Indian leader Leonard Peltier *** part of "Syria: We Want Action" meeting in Old Lyme, CT 1/15/17, a poem and singer Dylan Connor *** more of the Wheels of Justice Festival after the anti-racism tour of the South *** program #676

TV Show: "The Palestinian Teenager Denied a Visa "

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Featuring Ahed Tamimi of Nabi Saleh *** CODEPINK at the oh so polite hearings for Trumps men *** groups call for General Strike at 2 p.m. in New Haven for 1/20/17 *** Wheels of Justice Festival from Oct 2016, Rev. Steven Jungkeit, Travis Harden, Aliya Cycon *** program #675

TV Show: "His Son Shot in Front of Him"

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Featuring the second half of the talk by Iyad Burnat. He tells about the day soldiers shot and permanently injured his son Madjid *** opening with parts from interviews about Syria with Palestinian Nadya Tannous and Yasser Munif *** an Israeli judge finds a soldier guilty and Netanyahu wants a pardon *** program #674

TV Show: "10 Years of Resistance in Bil'in - Iyad Burnat Speaks"

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Featuring the first part of Iyad Burnat's talk at the IWW office in Providence Rhode Island about the weekly protests against the apartheid wall that steals land from Bil'in. *** Starting with a Hanukkah protest in New Haven with Jewish Voice for Peace and members of other beliefs and faiths standing against hatred of Muslims and Palestinians *** program #673

TV Show: "Last Chance for Pardon for Peltier"

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Ailing Leonard Peltier has spent 40 years in prison for his Indian activism. Amnesty Intl. thinks we have only weeks to persuade Obama to pardon him *** Protests for Syria after the fall of Aleppo Liverpool, NYC, at Standing Rock, and New Haven *** featuring a visit to the Lorraine Motel in Memphis where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed *** New Haven activists walk into Wells Fargo bank in support of Standing Rock *** holiday lights of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn *** program #672

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