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Older TV Shows on Youtube from 2017

TV Show: "After the Giant Womens Marches"

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Photos of the NYC women's march along with an audio track of a women singing a song from Adalah-NY *** "How Israel Prevents Palestinians from Feeding Themselves" Laila El-Haddad's talk at Wheels of Justice Festival *** Notice of Swiss-Syrian activist Joseph Daher's appearance in CT *** Syria-American psychiatrist Dr. Ammar Traboulsi speaking out the traumas to the mind suffered by the Syrian refugees he treated in Jordan *** program #677

TV Show: "Shocking Executions in Bahrain"

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First execution of Bahrainis in 30 years, 3 tortured prisoners killed *** Obama shows clemency to Manning and Lopez, but not to Indian leader Leonard Peltier *** part of "Syria: We Want Action" meeting in Old Lyme, CT 1/15/17, a poem and singer Dylan Connor *** more of the Wheels of Justice Festival after the anti-racism tour of the South *** program #676

TV Show: "The Palestinian Teenager Denied a Visa "

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Featuring Ahed Tamimi of Nabi Saleh *** CODEPINK at the oh so polite hearings for Trumps men *** groups call for General Strike at 2 p.m. in New Haven for 1/20/17 *** Wheels of Justice Festival from Oct 2016, Rev. Steven Jungkeit, Travis Harden, Aliya Cycon *** program #675

TV Show: "His Son Shot in Front of Him"

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Featuring the second half of the talk by Iyad Burnat. He tells about the day soldiers shot and permanently injured his son Madjid *** opening with parts from interviews about Syria with Palestinian Nadya Tannous and Yasser Munif *** an Israeli judge finds a soldier guilty and Netanyahu wants a pardon *** program #674

TV Show: "10 Years of Resistance in Bil'in - Iyad Burnat Speaks"

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Featuring the first part of Iyad Burnat's talk at the IWW office in Providence Rhode Island about the weekly protests against the apartheid wall that steals land from Bil'in. *** Starting with a Hanukkah protest in New Haven with Jewish Voice for Peace and members of other beliefs and faiths standing against hatred of Muslims and Palestinians *** program #673

TV Show: "Last Chance for Pardon for Peltier"

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Ailing Leonard Peltier has spent 40 years in prison for his Indian activism. Amnesty Intl. thinks we have only weeks to persuade Obama to pardon him *** Protests for Syria after the fall of Aleppo Liverpool, NYC, at Standing Rock, and New Haven *** featuring a visit to the Lorraine Motel in Memphis where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed *** New Haven activists walk into Wells Fargo bank in support of Standing Rock *** holiday lights of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn *** program #672

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