Preface: A Syrian refugee family in Buffalo, New York, has close family members "living" in Daraa Balad, I happened to visit this family on my birthday last week. We were supposed to be having a little party but I could not laugh, or feel good, or eat cake...the tears I shed were not tears of joy.

Assad's Syrian government forces actually used loud-speakers to say to the people of Daraa. that the government wants the land, not the people and the people will and must die so the government can plant potatoes.

THE YEAR OF POTATOES…a poem, by Nancy Latif

So what!! Ya waad!! Oh Daraa Balaad!!!
........ Hear this:
We want to plant potatoes on your graves!!
You and your offspring.
We can wait until the spring.
It will be better for us.
We do not have to waste any bullets
and your blood and bones will make good fertilizer.
We only want the land.
And a potato is better than your head!
Daraa Balad you must die!!

Daraa Balaad is a small section (about 250 families) of the city of Daraa and it is completely surrounded by government troops who have created a blockade against food, medicine, and electricity, in an attempt to starve the people. And, it is working...

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