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The Palestinian Right to Return

The right to return to your home is a basic human right. Over 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes in 1948 and thousands more in 1967. They've never been allowed to return despite over 100 UN resolutions. The politicians in the state of Israel insist that there's no safety or possibility of Hebrew culture in Israel unless Jews are the overwhelming majority. This racist assumption leads to their hysterical rejection of this human right.

The Middle East Crisis Committee campaigns for the Palestinian right to return and for rights of Palestinianian refugees to work and exercise human rights in all the countries in which they live.

Watch this page for material on this issue.

About ten years ago MECC launched a project get Jews to support the Right to Return. We amassed a list of over 500 supporters before we ended the campaign. Click here to see the names on the Jewish petition on the Palestinian right to return

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