TSVN Video from the "Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline" Rally 2/17/2013

What if Obama Approves the Keystone XL Pipeline? Interview with Bill McKibben

Keystone XL Pipeline: A Million Barrels Per Day of the Dirtiest Oil on the Planet - Interview Michael Brune, Sierra Club

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"This is the Last Minute of the Last Quarter of the Most Important Game in History" - Van Jones

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"Congress is Sleepwalking Through this Crisis and it's Time to Wake Up" Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

Latinos Get it - "Clean Air Protections are Lifesaving Measures"

I'm Ashamed My Country is Knocking on Your Door With Dirty Oil

No Frakking, no Tar Sands

When Disaster Strikes it's Not Going to Know Race, Color or Creed"

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