tolef logo 2014 conf (67K)

karkashian old lyme2 (48K)
Israeli Soldiers Think They Can Get Away with It - Ivan Karkashian

tamer and alber (36K)
"In Spite of Separation" - Tamer Sahouri and Alber Basil

rev crosby2 (28K)
Rev. Rebecca Crosby Introduces the Conference

lubin old lyme (26K)
The Haters Couldn't Stop the Exhibit of Palestinian Children's Art - Barbara Lubin

after 27 years (27K)
After 27 Years I See Change

danielle2 (25K)
Israeli Resisters - Danielle Yaor

junkeit2 (27K)
Some Very, Very Good News about the CT Church of Christ and BDS - Imam Mansour, Rev. Jungkeit

beautiful eyes (32K)
Beautiful Eyes - Nadine Shomali

sahar2 (24K)
The Relentless Campaign to Make Israeli Youth Afraid and Brutal - Sahar Vardi

gopher1 (25K)
One of the Very Scarce Integrated Schools in Israel - Uri Gopher

good3 (21K)
Be a Lever to Bring Justice to Palestine - Rev. David Good


harden2 (32K)
A Native Voice at a Conference on Palestine - Travis Harden

sahar vardi cape cod (34K)
Five Months in Prison Didn't Stop Her

karkashian cape cod2 (28K)
How They Get Confessions from Palestinian Children

nassar (25K)
Soldiers Ripped up 1,500 of His Trees

danielle3 (24K)
Israeli Protest During the Latest Rampage on Gaza - the Shministim Group