Video of Glen Ford

Glen Ford 2010 (39K)

The activist Glen Ford died on July 28, 2021. We covered a number of his speeches from 2010-2013. After that we differed too much on foreign policy issues (Syria, etc.). Glen had a great voice and a keen mind. He was an exceptional orator and was passionately concerned with his Black compatriots. He was a strong supporter of Palestinians.

Below is a selection of TSVN video of some of his speeches.

Imperialism is Hopping on One Leg

US Troops Should be Brought Home, Right Now - Rally NYC April 9, 2011

Should Thgere Be a Left/Right Coalition - 2010

At the National Peace Conference 2010 Albany, NY

Glen Ford at MIT part 1

Glen Ford at MIT part 2

Black Agenda Report audio on The Struggle Ford Blasts National (Congressional) Black Caucus Press Conference 2010

Black Agenda Report audio on The Struggle 2009

We have Learned who is for Real and who is Frontin West Haven, CT Oct 18, 2010

We Know What That Higher Form of Human Organization Will Be. It will Be Socialism

We are Against the People Who Perpetuate Wars 2010

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