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The Middle East Crisis Comittee (MECC) is a group of activists in the struggle for peace and justive that have been fighting for the rights of Palestinians and oppressed people of the Middle East since the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. Currently we are engaged in several projects.

We run a weekly TV program called The Struggle. You can access our content on the home page here. We campaign for boycotts and divestment from Israel and are especially concerned with U.S. unions and their ownership of Israel bonds. We are currently calling on state governments, unions, institutional investors, and others to divest their funds from the state of Israel. We are avid supporters of Palestinian Rights and oppose the current blockade of Gaza.

Middle East Crisis Committee (MECC) is also a 501c3 Non-profit organization. We appreciate and accept donations via the paypal button in the sidebar of via check sent to "MECC". Our address is MECC, Box 3626, Woodbridge, CT 06525.


Chairperson - Stanley Heller
Vice-Chairperson - Nancy Latif
Treasurer - Patrick Kearney
Secretary - LouAnn Villani

elected for a two year term January 2018

From 1984 to 2004 we published the journal, "The Struggle".
In 2003 we started “The Struggle” as a weekly TV news program

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The Middle East Crisis Committee, P.O. Box 3626, Woodbridge, CT



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