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"Ahmed", a coordinator of the Yemeni organization Dar al-Salaam

Petros Constantinou of the Greek group ANTARSYA

Ecosocialist Joel Kovel on Pope's Francis' ecological vision

Ben Begleiter, spokesperson for the union at the Trump Taj Mahal

Tighe Barry of Code Pink on the humanitarian ship to Yemen

Sherrie Anne Andre, anti-methane pipeline activist

Yasser Munif, Syrian activist

Fida Qishta, Gaza's first filmmaker

the parents of Rachel Corrie

Iannis Delatolis, Greek-American activist

Alli McCracken denies the Code Pink Citizen's Arrest Threatened Kissinger

Ioanna Gutas in Athens about the Greek Election

Richard Greeman on Charlie Hebdo and the Killings of the Jews in the Supermarket

David Sheen on the High Court decision on African refugees

Mark Colville, Drone Protester

Hedy Epstein on Ferguson and on Its Connection to Palestine

Jerry Lembcke about the lies that Vietnam era protesters spit on soldiers

Shraga Elam on Israeli Government Collaboration in the '40's with Former Nazis

Jess Sundin of the Rasemea Odeh Defense Committee

Ofra Yeshua Lyth on Jewish nationality laws

Professor Yaseer Munif on Syria

Michael Dabroski, violinist, who has been doing benefit concerts for Gaza

Steve Zeltzer about the Picket Against Zim Lines

Najwa Sheikh interviewed July 15, 2014 in her home in Nuseirat camp during Israeli rampage

Jeff Halper, Coordinating Director, Israeli Committee against House Demolitions

Hatem Abudayyeh, Executive Director of Arab American Action Network

Ernie Gallo, head of the USS Liberty Association

Amira Hass, famed Israeli journalist

Mike Winterfield, CT activist recently back from Palestine/Israel

Ann Wright on Syria

Eran Efrati - Israeli IDF Veteran

Nidal Bitari - Syrian-Palestinian on Yarmouk

Steven Salaita on the decision of the American Studies Association to support the academic boycott

Johanna Rivera on Iraq ten years after the U.S. invasion

Phil Donahue on his film "Body of War"

Wesam Sabaaneh about the total siege of Yarmouk Camp in Damascus

Maurice Carney about the Congo

Avner Gvaryahu of "Breaking the Silence", a dissident Israeli soldiers group

Rania Masri about the conflict in Syria and the spillover into Lebanon

Francis Boyle about Obama's proposed attack on Syria and the U.S. Constitution

Baris Erdem Gürkan of Turkey on the new kinds of protests upcoming

Mazin Qumsiyeh on his August talk in Nagasaki, Japan

Jesse Chang Qumsiyeh about her talk in Nagasaki

Medea Benjamin Back from Yemen

Diane Wilson on her Two Month Hunger Strike

Ralph Pointer on Lynne Stewart

Ioanna Gutas on Turkey 6/2/2013

Medea Benjamin - "Why I Interrupted the President"...."Back from Yemen"..."Thrown to the Ground in DC"

Gabriel Shivone - "Says 300 Israelis Helped Genocidal Rios Montt into Power"

Bruce Fein "The Constitution has Been Torched"

JJ Mitchell "It's Harassment…its Humiliation"

Johanna Rivera "Iraq Government Shoots Intro Crowd and Violence Spreads"

Ali AlHamed "Seven Executed … World Silent"

Mikael Lofgren "Swedish Ship on its Way to Gaza"

Ralph Schoenman "The Massacre and Afterwards"

Craig Corrie "Interview with Craig Corrie About Judge's Decision"

Huwaida Arraf "Arraf Rebuts Slander Against ISM"

George Rishmawi "Activists on Way to Palestine Border"

J Kehaulani Kauanui "Shatila Camp Now"

The letter from Moshe Silman "Just Before Setting Himself on Fire"

Johanna Rivera "New Threats to Iraq Marshes"

Ioanna Gutas "Greece in Shambles"

A Plea from Two Hunger Strikers read by Stanley Heller

Sabah al-Mukhtar "An Iraqi Remembers the Days of the Sanctions"

Joel Finkel "Thousands of Young People Turning Out"

Tokuji Yakamoto "Just Before the NATO Rally"

Bill Chambers "The Connection Between NATO and Palestine"

Aaron Hughes "Anti-War Veterans Say No Guard Troops to Chicago"

Ioanna Gutas "Greeks Upset the Austerity Applecart"

Najla Said "A Talk with Najla Said"

As'ad abuKhalil "The Angry Arab"

Remi Kanazi "The Poems and Tweets of Remi Kanazi"

J. Kehaulani Kauanui on the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Yassamine Mather "The Iranians Will Deal with their own Despots"

Dr. Hatim Kanaaneh "I Am Subjected to Unequal Treatment Because of My Race" - May 8, 2012

older ones (2008 and earlier)

Sandor John, Richard Wolff, Mohammad Jaradat, Ghassan Bannoura, Chris Towne, Kamora Herrington, Leslie Angeline and Ann Wright, Leslie Cagan, Sunny Miller, Jonathan Hutto, Anna Baltzer, Conn Hallinan, Noam Chomsky, Benjamin Beit Hallahmi, Jennifer Loewenstein, Adnan Abu Hasna, Dr. Joseph Algazy, Uri Avnery, Juliano Mer Khamis, Ralph Nader, Gary Leupp, Patrick Connors, Lenni Brenner, Haida abu Shakra, Michel Warschawsky, James Petras, Mark Colville, Dave Zirin, Uri Avnery, Jeff Halper Interview, Kathy Kelly Interview, Mazin Qumsiyeh, Patrick Resta, Gilbert Achcar, Norman Finkelstein, Faried Esack