Workers at Israeli Checkpoints

al-taybe cage (78K)
Ephraim/Taybeh checkpoint, West Bank, Occupied Palestine (photo:David Heap/EAPPI)

There are hundreds of Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank and 11 checkpoints for those with Israeli government permission to work in the land that is regarded by most governments as Israel. They are excused as normal "border" control points or as ways to prevent terrorist attacks. About 40,000 workers have the "papers" that allow them to go throught the checkpoints. Conditions vary, but accounts of overcrowding and humiliation are common. U.S. trade unions have yet to speak out about the checkpoints and conditions at the checkpoints.

Interview about the Checkpoints with Ronny Perlman, Jeruslaem Coordinator of Checkpoint Watch

Israeli Eyewitness Report to the Death at the Checkpoint from Machsom Watch

Palestinian Man was crushed to death at the al-Tayba checkpoint on Dec. 31, Second Such Death in 2014

bethlehem checkpoint dec 2014 (45K)

Israeli Channel 1 TV showed this piece about the Bethlehem checkpoint a few days before Ahmad Samih Bdeir was killed at the al-Tayba checkpoint

59 Year Old Workers Crushed to death January 2014 at al-Taybe Checkpoint

The Israeli Human Rights Group B'tselem talks about one checkpoint in 2013

In Pictures, a Palestinian's Everyday Nightmare - EI 2013

Photos of checkpoints from a woman who worked on Machsom Watch, the Israeli group that observes what goes on at checkpoints

This women's line at a checkpoint.

Groups Working on This Issue

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B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

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