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link to Johanna's Blog

              Victory for Student Speech Rights: Northeastern SJP To Be Reinstated

We Interview Amira Hass on the Month Anniversary of the Shawamreh "War Crime"

Obama and Kerry Send Apache Helicopters to al-Sisi

Published in New Haven Register - "U.S. Should Stop Killing by Remote Control"

Actions at 25 Ben and Jerry's Stores.....Description

for more headline stories (20K)

TV Show: "A War Crime"

a war crime shawamreh (27K)

The Israeli paper Ha'aretz says the killing of 14 year old Yusef a-Shawamreh was a crime **** conclusion of Miko Peled's talk at the Tree of Life *** a passover BDS greeting from JVP rabbis *** satire on Scarjo by Apartheid Adventures. The Struggle #533.

TV Show: "Miko Peled at the Tree of Life"

miko peled at tree of life (21K)
the whole show is the first part of the talk by Miko Peled at the Tree of Life conference in the fall of 2013. Peled is a strong supporter of Palestinian rights. He wrote "The General's Son". His father was the late Israeli General Matti Peled. The Struggle #532

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Recent Programs

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100 Women Denied Entry to Egypt (Show #528)

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Code Pink Pickets AIPAC (Show #527)

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Big Donors Did Not Like SJP on Camups
aslan (20K)
Reza Aslan author of 'Zealot': "There is No Two State Solution"

still of yarmouk jan 2014_sm (27K)
The Starving Line Up for Food in Yarmouk

soldiers-hamza4 (19K)
IDF Soldiers Accidentally Gas Themselves

podcast about it 2/7

checkpoint - rap1 (21K)
Checkpoint - Jisiri X

latuff interview1 (22K)
Interviews with political cartoonists including Carlos Latuff

eritrean march (28K)
Second Day of Eritrean/Sudanese Strike in Israel

projected wall in London (20K)
Cool Video of Bethlehem Projected on London Scenes

replica wall (45K)
Replica of Bethlehem Wall Built in London

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rubin_carter_2000_2 (13K)
The Late Rubin Hurricane Carter Speaks in CT (2000)

Interview: "Ben and Jerry" Get Told Off for Selling Their Ice Cream in the Territories

Will Neil Young and "Crazy Horse" Entertain Israel?

While Dreyfus Rotted on Devil's Island - Stanley Heller

Flyering Ben and Jerry's in Branford, CT

banner we did not vote kxl (45K)
400 Climate Activists Arrested in Washington D.C. - TSVN Video

Rachel Corrie Killed 11 Years Ago       2014 Facebook Tribute Event

did nothing on medea 2014_sm (44K)

A Sign the President Did Not See           NBC CT TV coverage

Egypt Cops Break Medea's Arm - State Department Does Nothing - CT Protest Planned

Women's Demands on Syria - An Interview with Ann Wright

5,000 Already Ask Neil Young Not to Entertain Apartheid-Land

Approves Open Letter to Iran on Yarmouk Starvation

Fax Our Courant Ad to Senator Blumenthal

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Israel Apartheid Week Events

Vanessa Redgrave's Courage at the Oscars - 1978

They Destroyed Her Career for Delivering Brando's Oscar Remarks on Indians

keep your poison2 (66K)
Intervew with Chuck Nelson about West Virginia Water

Podcast - Busted for Trying to Deliver A Peoples Protective Order

soda_scream1 (56K)
The "Sodascream" Commercial You Should Have Seen

Another View of Yarmouk - The Economist

cohn draper gibson (22K)
Stamford 14 on Trial for Defending Lives and Land in Appalachia

Shia in Syria are Being Starved, Too - Cockburn

Lenni Brenner on the PEW Report - Podcast

The Other "N" Word

Audio Interview Max Blumenthal - Israel, Tribalism and Racism

Indefinite Detention (of African Refugees) Needs to Stop

News and Action Ideas about Yarmouk Camp from Al-Awda         Video from Al-Jazeera, some horrible

Israeli Government Minister "A Jew always has a much higher [level] soul than a goy
even if he is a homosexual..."

Latuff Cartoons on the Death of Ariel Sharon

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Our Latest Podcasts

Interview with Medea Benjamin:
the Beating, AIPAC and her Upcoming Gandhi Peace Award

3/12 Interview with David Sheen of Apalling Racism Against Africans in Israel

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Upcoming Events

Shattering Images from Israel and Palestine: We Cannot Be Silent!

Featured Speaker: Mike Winterfield

Sponsored by Ct Citizens for Peace and Justice (CCPJ) - 4th Monday Programs

Quaker Meeting House, 114 South Quaker La., West Hartford

Monday 4/28/14 Program starts at 7:00 pm

Potluck supper begins at 6:00. Everyone welcome!!

Josh Ruebner - May 1 in Manchester

Preview Video


Stan Heller's Blog

The Corner Report - Gale Khoury

Popular Resistance - Mazin Qumsiyeh

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