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Medea Benjamin in CT to talk about the Saudi-U.S. Connection

"End the Sieges, Protect the Syrian People",
Heller Column, New Haven Register

New York Times Calls for Halt in Weapons to Saudi Arabia

The West Cannot Stand Back - Janine DiGiovanni

nader-and-barghouti-520x330 (32K)

Omar Barghouti and Ralph Nader to Receive Gandhi Peace Award

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TV Show: "Hell in Aleppo, Stadium Sprawl in Rio"

image for show 654 (36K)

remembering the Aug 21, 2013 sarin gas massacre of 1,400 in Syria *** testimony about Aleppo today in front of the U.N. *** sportswriter Dave Zirin in Rio *** Medea Benjamin coming to CT to talk about her new book on the Saudi-U.S. connection *** protest of Yemen war *** Bishop Selders "debriefing" 8/21/2016 in Meriden about his trip to Brazil to give Moral Monday advice on police brutality *** program #654

TV Show: "Aleppo: A Protest, A Martyrdom, a Victory"

image for show 653 (44K)
In front of the hapless United Nations a rally calling for help for the people of Syria. Chants of "Revolution" and "Drop Food Not Bombs" *** forces opposing Assad/Iran/Russia punch through siege *** Assad bombs kill Khaled Farah the White Helmets rescuer of the "miracle baby" *** Dr. Alice Rothchild a physician, feminist, author and producer of "Voices Across the Divide" answers questions about her support for Palestinian rights at a CT meeting *** program #653

TV Show: "The People's No-Fly Zone"

no fly with tires2 (37K)

Youth light tires on fire to throw off Assad/Russian planes *** Videographer killed *** Minnesota protest of Aleppo Siege *** Jewish Voice for Peace video about Nabi Saleh *** Medea Benjamin speaks at Clean Energy Revolution Summit *** Interview with James Cromwell at the meeting *** video of Philadelphia Anti-Fracking march *** program #652

TV Show: "The Philadelphia Anti-Fracking March"

image for show 651b (89K)
Featuring a look at the banners and signs used July 24, 2016 in the march against fracking in Philadelphia the day before the Democratic Convention. *** starting with coverage of the strike at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City by 1,000 workers in the Unite HERE union (www.UniteHereLocal54.org) *** Dr. Poune Saberi on Global Warming and violence *** Mark Lichty producer of "Groundswell Rising" *** Heller comment, "It's time to panic" *** program #651

TV Show: "We Have 13 Years, Stop Fracking"

image show 650b (44K)
Featuring interview with top climate scientist Robert Howarth of Cornell and Food and Water Watch about THE climate battle of our time, the need to stop fracking *** Oz Katerji from Taksim Square during the attempted coup in Turkey *** CODEPINK speakers at the Baqee protests against the Saudi regime *** program #650

image for show 649b (40K)
Featuring Chris Hedges keynote talk at the Left Forum 2016. Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, columnist and activist *** Also section of Medea Benjamin's keynote address at the Left Forum. *** Both are introduced by internet TV news host Laura Flanders www.lauraflanders.com *** two photos of hundreds who marched in Poland against the meeting of NATO *** reminder to attend the July 24, 2016 anti-fracking demo in Philly *** program #649

TV Show: "Tribute to Jo Cox"

jo cox (31K)

*** The White Helmets of Syria salute Jo Cox, the assassinated British MP *** Heller praises the White Helmets and denounces Tariq Ali for slandering them *** Stanley Heller calls for taking away guns from most police and other measures in the wake of latest police killings and lone wolf murders *** calls for support of striking hotel workers at the Trump Taj Mahal in AC *** Richard Wolff's talk at the Left Forum about Rosa Luxemburg and the relevance of questions of reform and revolution *** program #648

TV Show: "Vicious Lies Against Palestinians Not Working"

image for show 647a2 (43K)

Featuring Lamis Deek, attorney and longtime member of Al-Awda NY speaking at the Left Forum *** Tribute to Syrian cameraman Khaled al-Essa assassinated in Aleppo, Syria, age 24 *** Russians burning Syria and Syrians with illegal incendiary bombs *** program #647

TV Show: "Terrible Violence Against Syrians and Their Supporters"

image for show 646b (18K)

Journalists Hadi Abdallah and Khaled Essa almost killed in Aleppo, Syria, Jo Cox assassinated in Britain *** Mohammad Nabulsi speaking the 2016 Left Forum panel "Dissent: False Accusations of Anti-Semitism Against Palestine Solidarity" **** protest in Albany against Gov. Cuomo's anti-BDS executive order *** Stanley Heller reading from his article about the need for a big turnout at the July 24 Philly rally against fracking and the very bad news about methane *** program #646

TV Show: "Answer the Latest Anti-Palestinian Lies"

image for show 645 (33K)

Featuring David Letwin's talk at the Left Forum panel "Silencing Dissent: False Accusations of Anti-Semitism Against Palestine Solidarity" *** opening with photos of Hartford solidarity gathering for victims of Orlando massacre and comment by Stanley Heller on mutual support of gays and Muslims *** action in front of CT governor's mansion against his campaign to spend billions to build pipeline for methane in CT *** program #645

TV Show: "Cuomo Stomps on Rights of BDS Supporters"

Cuomo you can't stop2 (433K)

The ISM remembers Aqil Srour shot dead in Nil'in during a popular resistance action*** NY Governor Cuomo orders state officials to divest from entities supporting BDS against Israel *** Assad regime bombs hospital *** Protest at Newseum of Israeli military spokesperson who defended killing journalists *** Medea Benjamin speaking at the RPM, Revive the Peace Movement Network panel at the Left Forum, some comments from the audience, 5/21/16 *** program #644

TV Show: "Climate Activists Should be Anti-War Activists"

image for show 643b (52K)

Dan Fischer of Dragonfly Climate Collective speaks at the Revive the Peace Movement panel at the Left Forum *** He followed Nidal Bitari a Palestinian born in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria who talked about the war there and the double problems of Palestinians in Syria *** program opens with discussion of the failure of the great powers to do airdrops of food in Syria by June 1 as they promised ***notice of a www.350ct.org program on June 12 to discuss the problem of methane (so-called natural gas) and a big climate rally coming up in Philly on July 24 ***The Struggle #643

TV Show: "Revived Anti-War Movement Opposes All Imperialisms"

image for show 642 (317K)

Ashley Smith's penetrating examination of the state of the U.S. anti-war movement is featured on The Struggle #642. Medea Benjamin also spoke on this subject in the RPM panel at the Left Forum 2016 *** program begins with Danni Qappani's lesson on life in besieged Moadamiyeh, Syria *** Syrians use a projector to send a message right on the side of the UN building in NYC *** Latuff cartoon on Netanyahu and his new Defense Minister

TV Show: "The Medal the Zionists are Ashamed to Explain"

image for show 641b (72K)
Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone was suspended for "anti-Semitism" for mentioning a period of Nazi-Zionist collaboration, but Lenni Brenner tells the history of treacherous Zionist conduct *** opening with 3 reports from Brazil from sports writer and activist Dave Zirin *** Dani Qappani from Moadamiyeh, Syria *** program #641

TV Show: "Even Children Too"

image for show 640c (55K)
Featuring Sahar Francis on the mistreatment of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons *** starting with news about RPM workshop at Left Forum *** Joseph Daher on his dispute with Patrick Cockburn on Syria *** Apartheid Adventures satirical take on BDS *** program #640

TV Show: "How Assad Provoked Syrians to Violence"

image for show 639b (55K)
Featuring Robin Yassin-Kassab from his talk and interview at NYU in April 2016 *** May 12 Iraq Genocide Memorial Day *** protest at Textron in Providence over cluster bomb sales *** William Hartung on Obama's enormous arms sales *** show #639

TV Show: "Obama Meets with his BFF - The Saudis"

image for show 638 (411K)
Featuring Sunjeev Bery of Amnesty International at the Saudi Summit in DC in March. *** the CODEPINK video that got one million views (story of Ali al Nimr) *** head of U.S. Armed Services Committee disses Ali McKracken Saudi questions *** Heller blasts Obama for his visit to the Saudi tyrant *** 5 White Helmets killed by Assad forces *** Last Aleppo pediatrician in Aleppo killed in bombardment of hospital by Assad/Russia*** short tribute to Hedy Epstein who has received grave medical news *** Pastor Anthony Bennett of Bridgeport speaks about white privilege and confronting racism *** Show #638

TV Show: "'Turn Up' for Justice"

image for show 637 (34K)

Featuring Bishop John Selders explaining how direct action in Hartford successfully prevented the city from giving away control of its finances to "experts" *** Daraya, Syria facing starvation *** Killer of Akai Gurley gets no jail time *** women in Saudi Arabia, discussion at "Saudi Summit" Ebthial Mubarak and Kristine Beckerle ***program #637

TV Show: "Israel, Colonial Settler State"

image for show 636 (63K)

Featuring a talk by Israeli citizen Ilan Pappe, who teaches at Exeter College in Britain *** Raed Jarrar of the AFSC at the Saudi Summit about how to talk about Saudi crimes without encouraging Islamophobia *** promos for rallies on Yemen in New Haven and Providence *** program #636

TV Show: "Executing an Injured Palestinian in Hebron"

image for show 635 (35K)

A suspect was lying injured helpless on the ground until and Israeli soldier came up and shot him *** Aunt of Akai Gurley speaks about prosecutor who wants NO jail time for policeman who shot her nephew *** Dr. Sharat Lin on foreign workers in Saudi Arabia *** Ten years after Latino work "Boycott" *** program #635

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Obama Follows Putin's Lead in Syria

Next Act in the Witchhunt against Ken Livingstone

BDS Resolution Loses in Razor Thin Vote in Anthropological Association

Medea Benjamin "Planning for the Next Memorial Day"

Avaaz Petition: World Leaders: Refugees are Welcome in Our Countries

Video of Revive the Peace Movement network at the Left Forum 2016

rpm-red (8K)

Brenner Speaks about Mayor Ken Livingston Witch Hunt

Tell Sec. Kerry. Tell Israel to Allow Omar Barghouti to Travel

Democracy Now Comes Through and Interviews Syrian Yasser Munif

President Obama Can Help Save Saudi Youth Facing Beheading - Medea Benjamin

Amputation Common as No Doctors Left in Yarmouk Camp

New Haven Register Report on our Yale Law School, Yemen Protest

CT Petition to Support Sen. Murphy on Call to Stop Arming Saudis

aunt of akai demands justice (14K)
Aunt of Akai Gurley Demands Justice

Groups Praise Senator Murphy's Call to Suspend Arms Sales to Saudis

stop saudi war march 26 nyc (79K)
Video of NYC Protest March 26

Things You Can Do About Yemen as the Saudi-U.S. War
Nears its One Year Anniversary

Five Reasons Why Presidential Candidates Should Not Speak at AIPAC

After 5 years in Moadamiyeh the People Still Scream "Freedom"

syria 5 years uprising_2 (54K)

Syria, Five Years After Uprising Against the Assad Dictatorship

"Powerless and Purposeless" - E.J. Nabi and Laila Atshan

Turkish Party Call for End of Massacre in Sur

Senate Democrat Says It's Time To Cut Off Support
For Saudi Arabia's War In Yemen

NBC National News Gripping Video of Siege in Moadamiyeh, Syria

Political Stagnation, Youth Frustration and the Recent Protests - E.J. Nabi

Starvation Death of Malik Assad in Madaya Feb. 1 Looking is the Least We Can Do

Hunger Striking Palestinian Journalist Can No Longer Speak - EI
Letter Calling for Airdrops of Food and Medicine to Syria in New York Times

United Nations, Air drop Food to Starving Syrians Under Siege

drop food2 (30K)

MECC's Open Letter to Congress - Hold Public Meeting on Saudi in Every District

Where MECC Stands on Syria            New Articles in Syria Archive

Charlie Hebdo embodies liberal Islamophobia Sam Charles Hamad

About the Report that Assad will Let Food into Madaya

palestinian prisoner slated for Saudi Execution (39K)

Palestinian Prisoner Slated for Saudi Execution - Will Obama/Kerry Even Notice?

Sheikh Nimr4 (31K)

saudi bloodbath headline (14K)

free frame of video stabbing photo sm (34K)
Israeli Fascists Stab Picture of Burned Baby at Wedding Celebration

A Reply to Kyle Orton in the New York Times - Sam Charles Hamad

Two Palestinians Killed Outside the Home Where She was Staying - Video Interview

RZaitouneh (41K)
Two Years Ago Syrian Razan Zaitouneh Abducted

Defend U.S. Unions from Israeli Government Attack

Hysteria Over Syrian Refugees

Ann Wright - Will Obama Give Israel Even More Money to Kill Palestinians?

Connecticut Union Federation Calls on AFL-CIO to Support BDS

Netanyahu, Do you REALLY Want to Bring up the '30's and '40's?
Lenni Brenner Interview... Youtube ... Podcast

Audio Interview - Mobs and Soldiers Attack Palestinians

Audio Interview - In Weeks Amer Jubran's Appeal May be Decided

Audio Interview - Kathy Kelly on Afghanistan and Kunduz Bombing

Take Action to Prevent this Execution and Crucifixion

Update: Petition to Tell Obama Not to Give Israel $45 Billion in Military Over 60,000

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