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Medea Benjamin RE/MAX Cashes in on Israelís Illegal Settlements

Photos and Interview - Demonstrations Break Out over Rasmea Odeh Conviction

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15 Videos of the Tree of Life Conference

Not Only U.S. Used Nazis, So Incredibly Israelis Did Too - Interview Shraga Elam

Tomas Young Dies after a Decade of Agony, Injured Iraq War Vet and Protester

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Too Embarrassing for the Jerusalem Post

Amnesty Intl Accuses Israel of War Crimes

Treasurer's Office Rejects Groups' Plea to Cancel Israel Investments

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TV Show: "Worse Than Apartheid"

Palestinian_state_proposal_by_Latuff2 (82K)

*** Program starts with Latinos and others protesting Obama policy on immigrants *** Featuring Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee on House Demolitions talking about Apartheid Israel and the even worse direction its headed *** interview with Daud Nasser about Tent of Nations and the destruction of a fruit orchard by Israeli troops this year *** The Struggle Video News #560

TV Show: "Home Demolitions in Israel: One Family's Experience"

bulldozer over shawamreh house (69K)

*** Featuring Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions talking about the Shawamreh family.**** also "routine" tear-gassing of kids in Hebron *** Vijay Prashad remarks on Saudi Arabia ----The Struggle Video News program #559

TV Show: "Israel's 'One State'"

show 558-2 (42K)

***Jeff Halper of the "Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions" tells how the Israeli government destroyed the "Two-State Solution" and explains the important role of demolitions of Palestinian housing in the occupation. Also a note on American Mohammad Soltan who has been in an Egyptian jail and who has been on hunger strike since the start of the year.

TV Show: "Mohammed Omer Speaks at the Russell Tribunal"

omer tribunal3 (54K)

*** Palestinian Journalist Mohammed Omer speaks at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Brussels, Belgium Sept 2014. He talks about several little known horrors of Israel's Gaza attack - The Struggle Video News #557

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Interview with Hajo Meyer 2007

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Zionist Tells Black Woman "Get Your Ebola Self Out of Here"

prashad3 (18K)
Vjiay Prashad on the US, Turkey, the Kurds and Saudi Arabia

salaita on pbs (24K)
Steven Salaita on PBS

shut the coal plant down bport oct 6 (24K)
Shut the Coal Plant Down!

lenni oct 2 2014 (24K)
Served Three Years for Blocking Door during the Free Speech Movement

mohammed omer (21K)
Mohammad Omer at the Russell Tribunal

flood wall st  eleven thirty a.m.3 (36K)
Dan Fischer Reports

blood bucket challenge4 (65K)
Blood Bucket Challenge

stop wars stop warming sept 2014 (35K)
Interviews and Marchers at the Massive, Massive People's Climate March

naomi_klein6 (22K)
23 Videos of Climate Convergence Rally

george galloway sm (18K)
George Galloway, First Interview after he was Badly Beaten by Fanatic IDF Supporter

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Interview: Judge Won't Let Rasemea Say Her Confession Was Forced Under Torture

Sodastream To Pull Out of West Bank...Claims BDS Not Reason

Palestinian-American Shot to Death by Israeli Soldier

Groups Send Letter to CT Treasurer Calling for Divestment from Israel

Solidarity with Kurds Under Attack

No One Can Be an Israeli

just because headline (5K)

tolef-children-2014 (41K)
Tree of Life Conferences Continue

climate anti-war protest2 bport oct 15 (95K)

Obama Cancelled, but Banners Raised Along Lafayette Blvd.

stop the wars stop the warming2 (60K)

Miko Peled Salutes Palestinian Resistance after Receiving an Award

Russell Tribunal Considers "Genocide Charge"

Our Answer to Obama's Latest War Speech
Video Response by MECC Chairperson Heller

prof-steven-salaita-fired-for-israel-criticism-middle-east-monitor2 (52K)

Trustees Refuse to Hire Prof. Steven Salaita       Support Salaita

salaita (17K)
If Salaita's Tweet was so Bad, What about Mark Twain?     

Good for You Charles Blow, Oppose More U.S. War

shame on delauro3 (180K)
Photos and Video of Picket at DeLauro Office

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Jess Sundin on the Trial and Conviction of Rasmea Odeh

Oct. 1 U.S. Bombing Aiding Islamic State Recruitment and Assad Forces

Jeff Halper - "30,000 Palestinian Homes Demolished"

Interview with David Sheen of Apalling Racism Against Africans in Israel

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Tree of Life Starts Weeks of Confernces

Israeli Writer, Journalist to Speak in CT. Wed. Oct 29 in New Haven


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Recent articles by Medea Benjamin

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