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Breakthrough: New Haven Register Publishes Our Call for CT to Divest from Israeli Investments

march_rally_newark1 (94K)
Newark, July 25, Rally/March Against Police Brutality and Economic Inequality

Hey, New York! Is it Safe to Put a Methane Pipeline Near Indian Point Nuclear Power?

netanyahu wants us to make war on iran2 (48K)
Multimillion Dollar Ad Campaign to Destroy Obama Iran Deal

July 15 Interview with Spathis in Athens about Syriza Capitulation and Strike

Connecticut's Israel Exposure

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TV Show: "Fired for Letters to Mumia"

image for show 598 (419K)

Featuring a talk by Marylin Zuniga, an Orange, NJ teacher who was fired when her class wrote get well letters to Mumia abu Jamal *** portion of interview with Lawrence Hamm before Newark "Million Peoples March *** Yasser Munif on an important meeting in Istanbul in support of the Syrian revolution *** Eddie Conway on alternative media in prison *** program #598

TV Show: "A Methane Pipeline Near a Nuclear Plant?"

image for show 597 (36K)

Featuring the effort by towns near the Indian Point Nuclear plant to cancel plans to run a 42" natural gas pipeline a few hundred yards from the plant *** Paul Blanch press conference before he explains his petition to the Nuclear Regulator Commission *** TSVN interview with Paul Blanch *** program start with video from B'tselem showing the lie by an Israeli Colonel who killed a Palestinians *** also part of interview with Manolis Spathis in Athens about the twists and turns of Syriza and demonstrations against its deal with European bankers *** program #597

TV Show: "Million People's March on the 25th in Newark"

newark july 25_8 (111K)
Featuring outreach for Black Lives Matter protest coming to Newark, NJ, July 25 (Lawrence Hamm, Pam Africa, Larry Holmes and more) *** Hartford protest of police beating caught on cellphone *** Protesters Force 4 Israeli weapons factories to close *** Middletown, CT BDS protest ***The fight to resist banker austerity in Greece *** Program #596.

TV Show: "Flotilla Ship Marianne Seized on High Seas"

Marianne (48K)

The Marianne, part of Freedom Flotilla III, made it to withing 100 miles of Gaza before it was taken by Israeli commandos. Video in Portugal, Italy, Greece, interview with Lucas Stamellos *** Yusuf Khalil of the Global Campaign of Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution talks about the forces of Counterrevolution in Syria *** promo for Newark "Millions People's March" rally on July 25 *** celebration at NYC Gay Pride parade *** program #595

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ship to gaza from sweden3 (20K)
Marianne departure from Sweden to Gaza

image for mavi marmara2 2010 (24K)
All aboard. Witnesses of the Mavi Marmara attack (2010)

jerusalem day march kahane2 (13K)
Hate March in Jerusalem

they scream kill the arabs2 (12K)
They Scream in Hebrew "Kill the Arabs" - Police Guard Their March

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Medea Benjamin on the Flotilla 7/1/15       TSVN Interviews Ann Wright

Portrait of Greg Williams (Who Protested Friends of the IDF) in New Haven Register

Over a Thousand Sign Petition for Westport Protesters          Donate for Legal Defense

dror if you see (57K)

Today, July 9, Send a BDS Message to CT Treasurer Nappier

Split Among Democrat Leaders - Nearly Half Say Israel "Racist"        Mondoweiss Piece

BDS Resolution Passes Overwhelmingly at the UCC General Synod

new gaza flotilla (73K)
Interview with Spokesperson for Freedom Flotilla 3 - Drone is Over the Boats

Solidarity with Greece a Week from the Referendum - Memes

Freedom Flotilla Boat Captured - Passengers/Crew Still Imprisoned

MECC Endroses Newark March in July Against
Police Brutality, Racism and Economic Inequality

Video of "The Syrian Tragedy: Failure of the Left and the Need for a Movement of Solidarity"

hartford blm june 8 (95K)
Video of Hartford Black Lives Matter Protest **** Arrests

video of our saudi panel left forum 2015 (37K)
Our Panel on Extremist Saudi Arabia at the 2015 Left Forum

Friends of IDF Fail to Deny Yale Degree to Activist Over Westport Protest

Cases of Two Arrested in Westport Continued to July 21

climate march on stairs (38K)
Connecticut Climate March - May 31

Medea Benjamin on Korea DMZ Peace Attempt - JeJu Island

What Happened to the Humanitarian Aid Ship to Yemen - Audio Interview Tighe Barry

Obama Meets the Gulf Billionaires - Medea Benjamin

In Truthdig Heller Calls Out Blumenthal on Iran

Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, #Fail - Stanley Heller - New Haven Register

no nukes3 (54K)
Peace and Planet - Against Nuclear Weapons

The Censored Mural That's Too "Hot" for the 1%

turkey recognize3 (48K)
NYC March to Remember the 1915 Genocide of Armenians

Punished with Three Years in Prison for Blocking a Door at Berkeley

Armenian Genocide of 1915 Divides U.S. Muslims

Armenian Genocide Started 4/24/1915...Killers Not Punished Just Like U.S. Killers of Iraqis 1990-2003

Video of Solidarity Walk for Yarmouk

Despite all the Atrocities the Syrian Revolution is Still Alive - Interview Yasser Munif

Israel Demands "Anywhere, Anytime" Inspections of Iran (But Not of Israeli Nuclear Facilities)

al-ahmed (5K)
U.S. and Sudanese War Criminals Join Saudi Arabia in Attack on Yemen Interview

gaza after attack2 (37K)
Gaza Six Months After the Attack - Video

NYT Reporter Claims Saudi Arabia will "Step Up" Effort to Make Nuclear Bomb

Israeli Help for al-Qaeda

600 at Jewish Voice for Peace Baltimore Meeting - Videos

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